My Friend Rabbit

Season 1 Episode 1

Little Dutch Rabbit / Fishing For The Moon

Aired Unknown Oct 05, 2007 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Thunder: Jasper, do you like water?
      Jasper: Oh yeah. Nothing better than swimming in the water.
      Thunder: And do you have big teeth?
      Jasper: Are these big enough? (He chuckles and shows off his teeth)
      Thunder: And you have a flat tail.
      Jasper: Thanks. It matches the teeth.

    • Rabbit: (with his ear in the hole in the beaver dam) I stopped a leak using my very own ear. (Another leak appears and Rabbit sticks his other ear in it) Make that ears.

    • Thunder: I found a beaver.
      Beaver: Yup. And I got the fur, big teeth and flat tail to prove it.

    • Gibble Goose Girls: (singing) We paddle over here / And we paddle over there / And we like to dunk our heads with our tails in the air.

    • Jasper: What are you fishing for?
      Thunder: Hi, Jasper. Rabbit's fishing for the moon.
      Jasper: The moon? That's a big catch.

    • Hazel: That dam has more holes in it than a tree after a woodpecker party.

    • Rabbit: The moon fell into the pond.
      Mouse: Great rolling rutabagas. I snapped the moon out of the sky and sunk it.

    • Rabbit: Bye-bye, moon! snaps his fingers) Disappear! Disappear! Disappear! Disappear! Disappear!
      Mouse: I have to help Rabbit figure this out or he'll snap himself silly.

    • Rabbit: Uh oh. I made the hill leak.
      Mouse: Oh, my whiskers. That's not a hill. That's the beaver dam! It's what beavers build to keep the pond on the other side. Quick, put the stick back!

  • Notes

    • Karen Moonah is the writer for "Little Dutch Rabbit" and Dimitri Kostic is the storyboard artist, credited as Dimitrije Lostic. Katherine Sandford is the writer for "Fishing For The Moon" and James Caswell is the storyboard artist. Jason Groh is the director for both stories.

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