My Friend Rabbit

Season 1 Episode 23

Catch Me If You Can;The Snow Geese

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Thunder is trying to help Hazel catch acorns before they roll into the creek and drift away. But his inability to focus on the task at hand frustrates Hazel and Hazel?s frustrations make it even harder for Thunder to concentrate. Mouse and Rabbit help both of them to successful work together ? and they are further delighted when the Gibble Goose Girls announce that the ?missed acorns are now floating on their pond;The Gibble Goose Girls are having a tough time adapting to their first winter. It?s cold, everything is covered in snow and their pond is frozen. So Rabbit, Mouse, Edweena and Thunder show them how to live and have fun in winter. They clear the pond for skating, they travel through the forest to see how other creatures adapt, they slide down a hill on pieces of birch bark and they build a giant snow-rabbit.moreless
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