My Friend Rabbit

Season 1 Episode 21

The Mysterious Acorn Mystery;Frog On A Log

Full Episode: The Mysterious Acorn Mystery;Frog On A Log


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Hazel, Rabbit and Mouse are totally confused when Hazel's acorns disappear from one place and appear in another. But even more mysterious things happen when Mouse and Rabbit help Hazel collect more acorns. Meanwhile Thunder and Edweena are helping an acorn-collecting squirrel named Sheldon whose acorns are also disappearing. As confusion mounts on both sides, each need a hop-think to solve the mysteries caused by there being two squirrels (Hazel & Sheldon) trying to collect the same acorns;Emmett, a large Bullfrog has decided to make his home in the pond. But his favourite game of leaping from lily to lily pad creates waves that disturb the Gibble Goose Girls water dance. And when Emmett tries to nap he is disturbed by the noisy honking and splashing that the Gibble Goose Girls make when they have pond races. They all ask Rabbit and Mouse to help them find a way to share the pond, and after a variety of attempts, they finally comes up with a clever way for the Bullfrog and the sisters to signal each other when they need to nap, or dancemoreless
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