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My Friends Tigger & Pooh

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Welcome to the My Friends Tigger & Pooh guide at! A Winnie the Pooh series targeted towards preschool audiences, My Friends Tigger & Pooh encourages curiosity, problem-solving, teamwork and imagination. The first-ever CGI Pooh series, it features several new elements, but many things, including Pooh's fondness for honey and Tigger's love of bouncing, remain the same. My Friends Tigger & Pooh features many of your favorite classic Winnie the Pooh characters and two new friends as well --- the girl Darby and her dog, Buster. Together, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Darby and Buster are the Super Sleuths, an investigative team that springs into action when someone sounds the Sleuther Siren. They "Think, Think, Think" about the problem, but sometimes find that the solution is something unexpected. They may help with anything from Piglet's fear of a dark cave to Lumpy the heffalump's worries about a sleepover with Roo. My Friends Tigger & Pooh premiered in Spring 2007. It no longer airs in the United States at this time, but may still be seen in some non-U.S. markets.moreless
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  • This is the best Winnie the Pooh shows ever!

    These are my favourite shows ever! I don't understand why Disney canceled it. But please bring it back!
  • bring this back!

    My oldest son who is 5 loved this when he was little (show went off when he was 2) but we still had the DVDs of the movies. My youngest son now also loves the movies I wish the series was still on! It's my friends Tigger and pooh not Winnie the pooh. I thought the show taught good lessons in friend ship and problem solving and I would much rather both of them watch my friends Tigger and pooh over other cartoons on today! Alsoy now 5 year old will stop what he is doing and watch this with my younger son, so it has a good age range in interest!moreless
  • put it back on

    they need to put this show back on tv my son loved this show then they take it off I thought it was good and people need to remember its called my friends tigger and pooh not Winnie the pooh so its goanna be different but it was not bad for what it was and the young kids liked it and that's who it is for
  • Rats! This show is not on Disney Junior the Channel!

    Since Disney Junior launched on Disney Channel as a program block on Valentine's Day 2011, this show has not been on the air. Now that Disney Junior the Channel has launched, My Friends Tigger & Pooh is still not on the air! So thanks a lot, Disney!
  • Lacks the charm

    I'm not sure why, maybe it's because it's CG, and I grew up watching the original animated Winnie the Pooh adventures, but this version lacks the charm of the original.

    On top of that, I can't stand Darby! Granted, she's no Jar Jar Binks, but she just seems out of place.

    Seems to me the only people who would appreciate this version of Pooh would be younger viewers under the age of six.moreless
  • "Porcupine Comes to Her Senses"
    Wow, Porcupine's vision without glasses must be [i]really[/i] bad if she can't even tell Darby from Buster without her glasses. I'...
  • Think, Think, Think = Noodle Dance?
    Well, one day I was thinking about the two songs, and I came to realize that the "Think, Think, Think" song and the "Noodle Dance"...
  • new episodes
    I love the new eps.......hope they keep coming......
  • New Pooh Film
    Looks like there's a new WP fil on the way handrawn too! Wonder which characters will make it into the film apart from the obvious.
  • Tigger Pooh and a Musical too
    Just watched 5 clips at of the new DVD looks really funny especially the Tigger bouncing song. Brenda Blethyn is voi...

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