My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 29

Bursting Pooh's Bubble / Beaver Gets Skunked

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Dec 01, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Bursting Pooh's Bubble / Beaver Gets Skunked
Bursting Pooh's Bubble: One day while out blowing bubbles, Roo and Lumpy get the idea to create a really big bubble. Pooh tries to catch their bubble, but instead of catching it ends up becoming trapped inside it. When Pooh and the bubble bounce into a tree, Lumpy and Roo call for the help of the remaining Super Sleuths. They face a duel problem-- first getting Pooh down from the tree and then getting him out of a bubble that seemingly will not break. Beaver Gets Skunked: When Beaver spots Skunk near his dam, he calls on the Super Sleuths to shoo him away. This is one request the Sleuths refuse, as they are sure that Beaver would like Skunk if he only got know him. Beaver isn't at all sure, citing a time that he was once sprayed by a skunk. The Sleuths decide that maybe Beaver and Skunk could be friends if they get to know each other, so they invite Skunk to Rabbit's cornival, which Beaver also happens to be attending.moreless

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      • Beaver: Actually, I wanna apologize and say that I'm really sorry-like for how I treated ya'.
        Skunk: Really? Well, thanks. When you're a skunk, you get used to it. People don't understand that I can't always help making a smelly stench.
        Beaver: Well, I understand, believe you me. Anyway, here's the thing. See, I've got no partner for the corncob race and I'd, um, be pleased as cranberry punch if you'd join up with me.

      • Beaver: No way, no how am I partnering up with some smelly skunk.
        Darby: Beaver, that's not very nice.
        Beaver: You wanna know what's not nice? That stench of his.
        Eeyore: (sniffing Skunk) I don't smell a thing.
        Beaver: Not now, but it's just a matter of time. Mark my words.

      • Skunk: Oh, and hi, you must be Beaver.
        Beaver: Yep, that's right. Now you just keep your distance there, fella. Downwind.
        Darby: Sorry, Skunk.
        Skunk: Oh, it's okay. I get that a lot.

      • Rabbit: Oh, you know, this is certain to be the best cornival I've ever presented. We've got food, races, games. Practically everyone is coming, even Beaver, but he said he has to finish working on his new dam first.

      • Porcupine: I'm sorry, Pooh. I guess my quills just aren't pokey enough for that thick of a bubble.
        Darby: Thanks for tryin'.
        Pooh: Thank you, Porcupine. Do drop by and visit. I suspect I shall be here for a very long time.
        Darby: We're not giving up, Pooh. We're gonna find a way to get you out even if it takes all day and night.

      • Tigger: Bouncin' bubblish Pooh types down from trees is what Tiggers do the best.

      • Roo: Hi, Pooh. Lumpy and I are playing with bubbles. Wanna help us pop 'em?
        Pooh: I prefer to try to catch them. Without popping them.

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