My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 1 Episode 26

Christopher Froggin' / Piglet's Rocky Problem

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jul 11, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Christopher Froggin' / Piglet's Rocky Problem
Christopher Froggin': When playing a game of magic with Buster, Darby casts a magic spell to turn in into a frog. She is surprised when a real frog shows up, wearing a friendship bracelet for Christopher Robin. Worried that she has turned her friend into a frog, she calls the Super Sleuths into action. They try their best to think of ways to turn Christopher Robin back into a human, or barring that, at least keep him happy.

Piglet's Rocky Problem: When Piglet finds a large boulder blocking his doorway, he calls for the help of the Super Sleuths. The Sleuths spring to action, but face a small mystery of their own -- Tigger's Sleuth Suit is missing and he's worried he can't solve mysteries without it. As the team tries to solve Piglet's problem, Darby works to convince Tigger that he can still be helpful even without his costume.moreless

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      • Tigger: Oh, if only I were suited up, I just know I could put that rock off its rocker.
        Darby: Tigger, your suit isn't why you're a great sleuth. You're a great sleuth because you care about helping.

      • Darby: You okay in there, Piglet?
        Piglet: Uh, oh yes. I'm eating a wonderful lunch. Tell Pooh I have honey.
        Pooh: Honey? Oh, then we must get Piglet out immediately.

      • Darby: Costume or not, Tigger, we can't solve a case without you.

      • Tigger: It's disappeariated. My Super Sleuthin' suit is missin'. Gone! Unfoundered!

      • Piglet: Laundry day. And there's nothing better than clothes dried in the sun. (notices that a large boulder is blocking his doorway) Oh, d-d-dear. Oh d-double dear. Help!

      • Rabbit: Ha ha. This is ridiculous. You expect me to believe that that frog is actually Christopher Robin?
        Pooh: Well, of course it's him, Rabbit. He even knows your name.
        Frog: Ribbit.

      • Darby: Eck. Kiss a frog? No offense, Christopher Robin.
        Pooh: But you're Christopher Robin's only hope.

      • Darby: Uh...
        Tigger: Frog into you turn I...
        Darby: Frog, uh, into you turn I...
        Tigger: Mog miggety, mog miggeti.
        Darby: Mog miggety, mog miggeti. Zoomka. (frog croaks)
        Tigger: Hmm. Still looking a little amphibiated around the edges.

      • Tigger: (hearing Christopher Robin's frog croak) Excuse me! It must have been those cucumbers I had for lunch. I am so embarrassed.

      • Darby: Buster! Princes don't slobber. Hi! Buster and I are playing The Prince and the Fairy. I'm pretending I'm a fairy, but I don't think Buster likes being the prince very much.

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      • This episode was broadcast in the U.K. on Sunday, September 23, 2007. In the United States, it premiered on Playhouse Disney on Friday, July 11, 2008.

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