My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 37

Darby Gets Lemons, Makes Lemonade / Dancing With Darby

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Unknown on Disney Channel



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  • Quotes

    • Darby: See, there are lots of ways to dance. You just gotta find out which one ya' like the best.

    • Turtle: Square dancin' is more fun than a greased pig at a pinochle party.

    • Darby: Maybe we can do a square dance.
      Pooh: Oh yes. Only I've never actually seen a square do much of anything.

    • Darby: The music is so loud, Porcupine can't hear us.
      Tigger: Somethin' tells me this is not gonna end pretty.

    • Darby: Say something, Pooh.
      Pooh: Something, Pooh.
      Porcupine: (listening via a paper-cup phone) Hoo hoo. I heard that, loud and clear.
      Darby: Then it sounds to me like you're ready to dance.

    • Darby: Dancing is lots of fun. Just kind of move to the music.
      Porcupine: Move to the music. Well, that doesn't sound so hard... I hope.

    • Darby: Turtle's throwing a dance party tonight for the whole Wood. It's gonna be--
      Porcupine: (sounding panicked) Did you say dance party? Oh no. Does everybody have to dance?
      Turtle: Well, that's sort of the point. And I can't wait to dance with you, Porcupine.
      Porcupine: Y-you can't? Are you sure?

    • Tigger: All this Tigger needs is a running start for maximum bounce-age.
      Darby: Tigger, I don't think...
      Tigger: And neither do I. That's what Tiggers do... Ow! Beh eh eh...

    • Darby: (gasps) Oh no! It wasn't a flying woozle that knocked over the lemonade, you guys. It was me.
      Pooh: Our friend Darby is a woozle.
      Tigger: Phew. It's never the ones you suspect.

    • Darby: All we know for sure is someone or something knocked over the lemonade pitcher.

    • Tigger: I suspecterate everyone and I suspecterate no one. But most of all, I suspecterate woozles. The lemonade-spillin' kind, of course.

    • Tigger: Okay, Pooh-Rates. Second thing first. Hows about some more of that tasty lemonade-y before we solverate this case of yours?
      Roo: There is no more lemonade and that is the case.
      Lumpy: The lemonade got spilled and it wasn't us who did it.

    • Roo: Can we interest ya' scalliwags in some fine Pooh-Rate lemonade?
      Darby: Sounds great, Pooh-Rates. After I finish practicing.
      Tigger: Lemonade-y, eh? Hoo hoo. Don't mind if I did. (He guzzles it.)
      Roo: Now then, land-blubber, how's about our payment for the refreshment?
      Tigger: (spitting the lemonade out all over Roo) Payment?!
      Lumpy: Arr! That's right. It'll cost you, uh, uh, three gold balloons.
      Roo: (giggles) That's doubloons, Lumpy.

  • Notes

    • An extended version of the "Square Dance Song" is featured as Track 28 on the album Playhouse Disney Music Play Date.

    • This episode was included as a bonus on the DVD of Super Duper Super Sleuths. The DVD packaging said that it would be broadcast on television on June 1, 2010, but it has yet be seen on TV in the United States.

  • Allusions

    • Darby: I once got fruit off a tree by shaking it.

      Darby successfully used this tactic to get some lemons off of a tree in the first season story "Darby, Solo Sleuth." She tries it again in "Darby Gets Lemons, Makes Lemonades," but the lemons are too high up to be shaken off.

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