My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 1

Darby Goes Woozle Sleuthin' / How the Tigger Lost His Stripe

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 27, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Darby Goes Woozle Sleuthin' / How the Tigger Lost His Stripe
Darby Goes Woozle Sleuthin': When Kanga finds Lumpy and Roo playing a game of "Catch the Woozle," she tells them a legend about a woozle wizard who has the capability to grant wishes. Intrigued by the story, the two friends call the Super Sleuths in the hope of tracking down this wizard. The group sets out to find the biggest oak tree, which they discover to be over by Heffalump Hollow. How the Tigger Lost His Stripe: After having his self-portrait painted by Roo, Tigger goes home and discovers he no longer matches his self-portrait. One of his tail-stripes, "Oomphy," has gone missing. He calls an emergency meeting of the Super Sleuths, but begins to despair of lost bouncing powers when they encounter difficulties in finding his stripe.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • The program's opening theme has been altered and changed for every episode-- Chloe Moretz as Darby now performs the theme instead of Kay Hanley. Additionally, Darby pops in front of the show logo at the end and sings "Darby, Tigger and Pooh." A new song has been added, "The Question Song." "The Question Song" is now used on a rotating basis with "Think, Think, Think."

    • QUOTES (14)

      • Tigger: Oomphy! You've... come home! Ooh, I misserated ya' so much. Give me some sugar. (He kisses his tail repeatedly.)

      • Darby: Wait a minute. That's not a stripe. It's a whole bunch of bees.
        Tigger: (moans) Now that stings.

      • Tigger: Somewhere out there is my missing stripe. And I bet you it's missing me just as much as I'm missing it.

      • Tigger: Well, I guess that's that. Take down the tents and hose out the cages. Stripe three, you're out.

      • Tigger: Oh, you see that? Without Oomphy, there's not an ounce of flounce in my bounce.

      • Darby: Hmm. Eight stripes on the painting, but only seven stripes on your actual tail. That's odd.
        Pooh: Or even. Numbers can be very confusing, you know!

      • Pooh: Hmm, how very odd. When I look at where the Finder Flag is, it isn't.
        Tigger: I knew I forgot something! (He races over and hangs off of the flagpole.) According to the "latest pole," we got us a Tigger who needs help!

      • Tigger: (noticing his missing stripe) Where's Oomphy?! Oomphy's missing!

      • Pooh: Oh, it's too bad we never found you, Woozle Wizard. I was going to wish for some more honey. (opens the lid on his honey pot and gasps) But I was certain this pot was empty. Oh well. (chuckles) It will be soon.

      • Lumpy and Roo: Hear our wish and when we chant it, please oh Woozle Wizard grant it. We wish to be Super Sleuths!

      • Pooh: Maybe the Woozle Wizard will come out if we ask politely.
        Tigger: Aw, tut tut, I do not think Woozles mind their manners, Pooh-boy. We need my Sleuthing Adventure Kit! I didn't carry it up twentity-eleventy hills for nothing, you know.

      • Pooh: Goodness! I believe the Woozle Wizard ran in there.
        Lumpy: This must be the door to his house. If we want him to grant our wish, we'll have to go in and catch him.
        Tigger: Um, don't you think it'd be more neighborly to, you know, knock first?

      • Roo: Lumpster, we have to find that Woozle Wizard!
        Lumpy: So we can make a wish! But how do we catch him?
        Roo and Lumpy: Hmm. The Super Sleuths!

      • Lumpy: (whispering) There he is.
        Roo: We'll catch that weaselly Woozle this time, Lumpster!
        Lumpy: Gotcha!
        Roo: Aw, laundry basket.

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