My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 1

Darby Goes Woozle Sleuthin' / How the Tigger Lost His Stripe

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 27, 2008 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The program's opening theme has been altered and changed for every episode-- Chloe Moretz as Darby now performs the theme instead of Kay Hanley. Additionally, Darby pops in front of the show logo at the end and sings "Darby, Tigger and Pooh." A new song has been added, "The Question Song." "The Question Song" is now used on a rotating basis with "Think, Think, Think."

  • Quotes

    • Tigger: Oomphy! You've... come home! Ooh, I misserated ya' so much. Give me some sugar. (He kisses his tail repeatedly.)

    • Darby: Wait a minute. That's not a stripe. It's a whole bunch of bees.
      Tigger: (moans) Now that stings.

    • Tigger: Somewhere out there is my missing stripe. And I bet you it's missing me just as much as I'm missing it.

    • Tigger: Well, I guess that's that. Take down the tents and hose out the cages. Stripe three, you're out.

    • Tigger: Oh, you see that? Without Oomphy, there's not an ounce of flounce in my bounce.

    • Darby: Hmm. Eight stripes on the painting, but only seven stripes on your actual tail. That's odd.
      Pooh: Or even. Numbers can be very confusing, you know!

    • Pooh: Hmm, how very odd. When I look at where the Finder Flag is, it isn't.
      Tigger: I knew I forgot something! (He races over and hangs off of the flagpole.) According to the "latest pole," we got us a Tigger who needs help!

    • Tigger: (noticing his missing stripe) Where's Oomphy?! Oomphy's missing!

    • Pooh: Oh, it's too bad we never found you, Woozle Wizard. I was going to wish for some more honey. (opens the lid on his honey pot and gasps) But I was certain this pot was empty. Oh well. (chuckles) It will be soon.

    • Lumpy and Roo: Hear our wish and when we chant it, please oh Woozle Wizard grant it. We wish to be Super Sleuths!

    • Pooh: Maybe the Woozle Wizard will come out if we ask politely.
      Tigger: Aw, tut tut, I do not think Woozles mind their manners, Pooh-boy. We need my Sleuthing Adventure Kit! I didn't carry it up twentity-eleventy hills for nothing, you know.

    • Pooh: Goodness! I believe the Woozle Wizard ran in there.
      Lumpy: This must be the door to his house. If we want him to grant our wish, we'll have to go in and catch him.
      Tigger: Um, don't you think it'd be more neighborly to, you know, knock first?

    • Roo: Lumpster, we have to find that Woozle Wizard!
      Lumpy: So we can make a wish! But how do we catch him?
      Roo and Lumpy: Hmm. The Super Sleuths!

    • Lumpy: (whispering) There he is.
      Roo: We'll catch that weaselly Woozle this time, Lumpster!
      Lumpy: Gotcha!
      Roo: Aw, laundry basket.

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