My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 36

Darby-Saurus / Darby's Im-possum-ible Case

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jul 03, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Darby-Saurus: When Lumpy tells the Super Sleuths that he has lost his dinosaur, they become the Caveman Sleuths. Dressed up, they try acting prehistoric in the hopes of drawing out the dinosaur. When they have no success, they realize that they may be missing something important. They decide to ask Lumpy some more questions. Darby's Im-possum-ible Case: Piglet calls the Sleuths, disturbed by a strange new creature in the Hundred Acre Wood. The Sleuths discover it to be Possum, who seems to be very shy and apologizes for having apparently disturbed Piglet. But when Possum swings in again and snatches Piglet's scarf, everyone begins to think that there's something very odd going on.moreless

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    • Darby: Piglet said Possum took the scarf. Possum said she didn't. What do you think it means?
      Pooh: That this mystery is becoming more mysterious?
      Tigger: Or that this mysterious is becoming more mystery.

    • Possum: I haven't seen Piglet since I met him. Do you think he'd like to get some ice cream with me?

    • Darby: Piglet, did you call us?
      Piglet: Oh, Sleuths. Oh, Possum has turned wild again. She swung in, took my scarf, splattered me, and she might come back any moment!

    • Tigger: Solving im-possum-ible mysteries is what Sleuthers and especially Tiggers do best!

    • Piglet: T-there's a new creature in the world. It was horrible.
      Pooh: Oh no. And, um, why exactly was it horrible, Piglet?
      Piglet: Because it zigged. And it zagged. And then it was down, and it was up. And then, oh, it almost knocked me over. Well, almost.

    • Pooh: It seems questions are good things to ask.
      Tigger: You said it, Cave Bear. And now I get to say it. This mystery is pre-history!

    • Tigger: What size is this here dino? Yay big or way big?
      Lumpy: Well, he's small enough to carry with my trunk.
      Tigger: Whoa! That is one tiny dino.
      Lumpy: Of course, sillies. He's a toy dinosaur.

    • Darby: I know what we did wrong. We didn't ask Lumpy enough questions. Like "Where did he last see it?" and "What does it look like?"
      Pooh: And "Does it like to eat honey?"

    • Rabbit: Tigger, what are you doing?!
      Tigger: Well, I was trying to catch a dinosaur, but you got in the way.
      Rabbit: Dinosaur? The only thing sore around here is me!

    • Darby: Ugh! What do you think? I'm a cavegirl.
      Buster: Woof.
      Darby: And Buster's a mini-mammoth.
      Tigger: Don't forget me, Dar-Dar. I'm a saber-toothed Tigger.

    • Tigger: Dinosaurs lived a bajillion years ago, right? So, we just got to do what they did a bajillion years ago, which was, uh, what exactly?
      Darby: I know! We can be Caveman Sleuths!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Though the Possum twins have been seen in previous stories, the group meets them for the first time in "Darby's Im-possum-ible Case," indicating that this story may have been aired out of production order.