My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 36

Darby-Saurus / Darby's Im-possum-ible Case

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jul 03, 2010 on Disney Channel



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    • Darby: Piglet said Possum took the scarf. Possum said she didn't. What do you think it means?
      Pooh: That this mystery is becoming more mysterious?
      Tigger: Or that this mysterious is becoming more mystery.

    • Possum: I haven't seen Piglet since I met him. Do you think he'd like to get some ice cream with me?

    • Darby: Piglet, did you call us?
      Piglet: Oh, Sleuths. Oh, Possum has turned wild again. She swung in, took my scarf, splattered me, and she might come back any moment!

    • Tigger: Solving im-possum-ible mysteries is what Sleuthers and especially Tiggers do best!

    • Piglet: T-there's a new creature in the world. It was horrible.
      Pooh: Oh no. And, um, why exactly was it horrible, Piglet?
      Piglet: Because it zigged. And it zagged. And then it was down, and it was up. And then, oh, it almost knocked me over. Well, almost.

    • Pooh: It seems questions are good things to ask.
      Tigger: You said it, Cave Bear. And now I get to say it. This mystery is pre-history!

    • Tigger: What size is this here dino? Yay big or way big?
      Lumpy: Well, he's small enough to carry with my trunk.
      Tigger: Whoa! That is one tiny dino.
      Lumpy: Of course, sillies. He's a toy dinosaur.

    • Darby: I know what we did wrong. We didn't ask Lumpy enough questions. Like "Where did he last see it?" and "What does it look like?"
      Pooh: And "Does it like to eat honey?"

    • Rabbit: Tigger, what are you doing?!
      Tigger: Well, I was trying to catch a dinosaur, but you got in the way.
      Rabbit: Dinosaur? The only thing sore around here is me!

    • Darby: Ugh! What do you think? I'm a cavegirl.
      Buster: Woof.
      Darby: And Buster's a mini-mammoth.
      Tigger: Don't forget me, Dar-Dar. I'm a saber-toothed Tigger.

    • Tigger: Dinosaurs lived a bajillion years ago, right? So, we just got to do what they did a bajillion years ago, which was, uh, what exactly?
      Darby: I know! We can be Caveman Sleuths!

  • Notes

    • Though the Possum twins have been seen in previous stories, the group meets them for the first time in "Darby's Im-possum-ible Case," indicating that this story may have been aired out of production order.

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