My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 9

Darby's Lost and Found / Piglet's Mystery Pet

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Dec 15, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Darby's Lost and Found / Piglet's Mystery Pet
Darby's Lost and Found: When Piglet calls the Super Sleuths about a missing sock, they realize that things have lately been disappearing around the Hundred Acre Wood at an alarming rate. The items have seemingly vanished without a trace and they wonder if they might be disappearing to some mysterious Land of the Lost. They set up a stakeout that leads them to a surprising discovery. Piglet's Mystery Pet: When Piglet finds what appears to be a fish stranded in a puddle of water, he adopts it as his very own pet and names it Squiggly. When Squiggly grows legs, Piglet becomes very concerned and calls the Super Sleuths for help. As the Super Sleuths investigate just what is happening to Squiggly, they and Piglet all speculate over just what kind of create he could be. They begin to realize that Squiggly has been changing since they day Piglet found him.moreless

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      • Piglet: I'm so happy you're not a gobloon or a jagular, Squiggly. But now that you're a frog, what kind of home will you need?
        Darby: Uh, Piglet, I think Squiggly already is home.
        Piglet: I guess you're right, Darby. I'm... going to miss you, Squiggly.
        Pooh: Oh there, there, Piglet. Whenever I miss you, I visit you. And then I don't miss you anymore.

      • Darby: He sounds like...
        Tigger: And bounces like...
        Pooh: And rather looks like...
        Darby, Tigger and Pooh: A frog!
        Piglet: But how did Squiggly change into a frog?
        Tigger: Somebody kissed him?

      • Tigger: That is some Tigger-ific bouncing, Squiggly! Must have learned it from me! Hoo hoo hoo hoo.
        Darby: Bounce? I never knew lizards could bounce.
        Piglet: They can't?
        Darby: And he doesn't have a tail anymore, either.

      • Pooh: Could he possibly be a butterfly.
        Tigger: Nah. Our fishy-footed pal doesn't have those wingity singities.

      • Lumpy: It looks like Squiggly doesn't want to be in the water anymore.
        Darby: Well, maybe Squiggly's legs are better for crawling than for swimming. Hey! What if he's not a fish after all?
        Piglet: Oh d-d-dear. Then what is he?
        Darby: That's a good question.
        Tigger: Worthy, I would say, of its own song. Hoo hoo. (He, Pooh and Darby perform "The Question Song.")

      • Pooh: Why, Piglet, Squiggly has grown into a wonderful kicker.
        Tigger: Yeah, looks like he's finally get his sea legs. Sea? Legs. Get it?!
        Darby: But I don't think fish are supposed to have legs.

      • Piglet: (screams) Squiggly's got legs!
        Lumpy: I've never seen a fish with legs before.
        Piglet: Oh, me either. Oh, what do I do?
        Lumpy: Call the Super Sleuths, of course. They can fix anything.

      • Piglet: So you found the Land of the Lost?
        Tigger: Naw, just some guy with a mask.
        Raccoon: It's not a mask!

      • Darby: All our friends will be really happy get to their lost things back.
        Raccoon: Copacetic. And from now on, if I find something lost in the Wood, I'll just give a call to you, uh, Sleuthin' guys.
        Tigger: Sounds like a plan, masked man.
        Raccoon: (sighs) It's not a mask.

      • Raccoon: See, these are all things I found lying around, messing up the Wood. Do you believe people litter and leave messes like this? After all, it's our Wood, and if we don't keep it litter-free and clean, well now you tell me, who will?
        Darby: But all this stuff belongs to us and our friends. And we never meant to litter or make a mess. You just found these things before we knew they were lost.

      • Mysterious Voice: (singing) Keep it tidy, tidy, tidy / Keep it clean, clean clean.
        Tigger: A singing woozle! That's a new one.

      • Tigger: Look at all that stuff!
        Pooh: Why, I believe this is my snowshoe, lost in the snow last winter.
        Tigger: My yo-yo! Yep, both yos!

      • Piglet: I-I-I hear something.
        Eeyore: Pay no attention. Nobody ever does.
        Pooh: Not to be rude, Eeyore, but we are in the middle of a stakeout.
        Eeyore: Looks like you're just hidin' in the bushes.
        Darby: (whispering) That's what a stakeout is, Eeyore. Hiding and watching.
        Tigger: Uh, yeah, only you're hiding what we're supposed to be watching. So, uh, hows about keepin' the traffic movin'. Nothing to see here. Let us Sleuths keep staking out that sock.
        Eeyore: Don't see any sock.

      • Pooh: What if my honey were to suddenly go missing? Oh, I'd better eat it all, just in case.

      • Pooh: Ooh, a triple mystery. Not to mention losing three things at once.
        Tigger: Now that nobody mentioned it, I rememberize losin' a few somethings myself in recent days. My favorite yo-yo for one, or is that two? Yo-yo. Do ya' count each "yo"?

      • Pooh: So how may we help you?
        Piglet: Well, I was carrying my laundry back from the stream when I noticed I had dropped a sock. But when I went looking for it, it was nowhere to be found.
        Tigger: (pulls out a magnifying glass) Hmm. A sock, you say? (indicates a sock on Piglet's clothesline) Aha! Found it! Case closed! And this mystery is...
        Piglet: Uh, excuse me, Tigger, but that's not my missing sock.
        Tigger: Not anymore. Thank you!

      • Darby: Hi. Buster and I are playing a new kind of fetch. I throw the toy... and then we both run to see who finds it first.

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      • Darby: Where do lost things go? they must end up somewhere.
        Pooh: Perhaps they end up in some very mysterious Land of the Lost.
        Piglet: Oh d-d-dear. I'd hate to find myself in a place like that.
        Tigger: Well, if ya' found yourself, you wouldn't be lost, per se. I mean, think about it.

        Possibly a reference to Land of the Lost, a 1974 children's television series. If so, that would most definitely be a place Piglet would not want to be in, as it was filled with, among other things, menacing dinosaurs and cavemen.