My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 16

Darby's Pony / Rabbit's Not So Scary-Crow

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jun 06, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Darby's Pony / Rabbit's Not So Scary-Crow
Darby's Pony: Seeing that Darby is always reading a book about a girl and her pony, Pooh and Tigger get the idea that Darby really wants a pony. They make it a Super Sleuth case of their very own and try to figure out how to get her one. They decide to enlist Eeyore's help, making him into a pony for Darby. Rabbit's Not So Scary-Crow: Rabbit's scarecrow, Theodore, is no longer doing its job and the crows just laugh at it. Rabbit calls in the Super Sleuths to help and they come up with any number of ideas to scare of their crows. They find, however, that their ideas work best when they combine them together.moreless

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      • Rabbit: Whoo! Look at those crows go.
        Pooh: (on a recording) Crows, go away, please.
        Darby: And this time, they won't be comin' back!

      • Darby: When we put all of our ideas together, it worked! We made the crows leave.

      • Darby: Are you okay, Tigger?
        Tigger: Are they gone?
        Pooh: If you mean "gone" in a "not being there" sort of way, then, um... (chuckles) no.

      • Pooh: I believe the problem is more in the crow and less in the scare. If we want the crows to leave, perhaps all we have to do is ask.

      • Rabbit: You've got to get those crows to leave... before they eat up every last one of my vegetables.

      • Rabbit: Those infernal crows have pecked Pablo, ravaged Ronald and hollowed out Hortensio.

      • Rabbit: (to his scarecrow) Theodore, you're supposed to make the crows go away! Well, do something!

      • Darby: But guys, I don't want a pony.
        Pooh: You... but we were certain you did.
        Tigger: Yeah, the way you're always readin' that pony book.
        Darby: But that's what makes reading so great. You can imagine anything you want. And that's what I like: imagining having a pony, not really having one.

      • Beaver: And he's gotta make pony noises. Ponies neigh. And whinny.
        Pooh: Yes, Beaver?
        Beaver: No, no, not Winnie the you, Pooh. Whinny. It's a sound ponies make there. Like this here. Neigh! Neigh!

      • Tigger: You are going to be... are you ready?... Darby's new pony. A-hoo-hoo! Are you...
        Eeyore: Um, in case ya' didn't notice, I'm a donkey.

      • Tigger: (hearing Pooh sound the Sleuther Siren) A-pause, a-pause, Pooh Boy. This pony-makin' caper has gotta be a surprise for Darby. Meanin' we gotta do it on the down-low. We got to do our sleuthin' without Darby knowin' about it. Ipso factory, no "sireen." See?

      • Tigger: Hmm. Are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin', Pooh Boy?
        Pooh: That if trees were made of honey, you could drink the leaves?
        Tigger: Em, no. That our Dar-buddy really wants her very own pony.
        Pooh: Oh. That was my second guess.

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