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My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 25

Darby's Prickly Predicament / Piglet's Monster Under the Bed

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 27, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Darby's Prickly Predicament / Piglet's Monster Under the Bed
Darby's Prickly Predicament: Against his mother's advice, Roo takes his favorite toy, a stuffed giraffe named Georgie, out to play and ends up losing it in a brier patch. He calls for the Super Sleuths to help him get it out. They try, but despite their best efforts are unable to retrieve it. They realize that they have to look at the problem in a different way. Piglet's Monster Under the Bed: One night, not long before Piglet's bedtime, Rabbit tells him "Don't let the nighty night monster bite." It's just a silly saying and Rabbit tells him so, but Piglet becomes convinced that there's a real monster under his bed. He calls for the Super Sleuths, who agree to help him out, even though they're sure there's no such thing as monsters. Then, everyone gets scared and begins to think that there is really a monster under Piglet's bed.moreless

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      • Piglet: Help!
        Darby: I think we caught the monster.
        Pooh: Well, the monster sounds quite like Piglet.

      • Tigger: Okay, fellow monstrositers, let's get this monstrososity party started.
        Darby: You can help us. Trying making monster noises and faces.

      • Pooh: (regarding the idea of throwing a monster party to lure out the monster) It sounds like a foolproof plan, Tigger. Yep. And we're just the fools to prove it.

      • Piglet: N-now that I think about it, the m-monster noise came from under my bed.
        Tigger: Highly illogistical, my pink-eyed pal. But I shall humor you by taking a look-see.

      • Piglet: Good night, Rabbit.
        Rabbit: Oh, oh good night, Piglet. Sleep tight and don't let the nighty night monster bite. Heh he heh.
        Piglet: What nighty night monster?
        Rabbit: No need to be afraid. That's just a silly way people say good night. Heh. There are no such things as monsters. Good night, Piglet. Heh heh heh!

      • Darby: Thanks, Turtle. We couldn't have done it without you.
        Turtle: Well, you're more than welcome. Tried to be as gentle as I could, gettin' him free of all them briers, but I'm afraid he got a couple of snags.
        Roo: But he's still Georgie. And you're still the superest Super Sleuths ever in the whole wide world.

      • Pooh: Hold still, Georgie!
        Tigger: And don't move, either! This isn't gonna hurt a bit!

      • Darby: So if we can't reach Georgie from the side, I was thinking maybe we could reach Georgie from... above.
        Tigger: Aw, good thinkin', Dar Dar, but dat would mean havin' to fly somehow and none of us have wings. Leastways, not the last time I checked. I mean, seriously!

      • Tigger: Oh boy. The old "stuffed giraffe on an airplane in a brier patch" mystery. Heh. Seen it a million times.
        Pooh: You have?
        Tigger: Oh, well now that you mention it... no.

      • Pooh: Happy blustery day, Turtle.
        Turtle: Same to you, Pooh Bear.
        Darby: Hi. A windy day like this is perfect for pinwheels.

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