My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 13

Flowers for Eeyore / Easter Rabbit

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Mar 27, 2009 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The events of "Easter Rabbit" directly contradict continuity according to the 2004 film Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo. In that film, which was said to depict both Roo's first and second Easter, Rabbit was happily the Easter Bunny. In "Easter Rabbit," however, both Roo and Lumpy are present for Easter and claim to have discovered that Rabbit is the Easter Bunny, only for him to deny it and then try to take on the job.

  • Quotes

    • Rabbit: What's this? Uh-- "Dear Deputy Rabbit, Thank you for helping me out this year. Good job for your first try." Signed, the Easter Bunny.
      Roo: The real Easter Bunny?
      Lumpy: Brilliant.
      Darby: See, Rabbit? Even the Easter Bunny needs help sometimes.

    • Rabbit: I didn't want to ask for any help... and I obviously could have used it.

    • Darby: Uh, Rabbit? Did you actually hide any eggs?
      Rabbit: Of course! I hid them so well, nobody will ever find them.
      Darby: But the whole point of the egg hunt is to find the eggs.
      Rabbit: Well, then why hide them in the first place?

    • Darby: (singing) But don't you have a question?
      Rabbit: No!
      Pooh: Might I offer a suggestion?
      Rabbit: No!
      Tigger: Looks like Bunny-boy is stressin'.
      Rabbit: No! I don't need anyone's help! I absolutely, unrefutedly don't need anyone's help.

    • Tigger: What you got planned?
      Rabbit: What I have planned is some alone time to get ready for tomorrow.
      Darby: Are you sure you don't need our help, Rabbit? Being the Easter Bunny's a big job.

    • Rabbit: But I'm not the Easter Bunny. I'm just Rabbit.
      Darby: But we saw you hopping with a basket of eggs.
      Pooh: And gathering flowers in your hat.
      Rabbit: I borrowed the eggs from Kanga for my cooking. And I stepped on a thorn. That's why I was hopping. And I always wear my hat when I'm picking flowers.

    • Lumpy: We know who the Easter Bunny is.
      Roo: That's why we called you.
      Darby: You saw the real Easter Bunny? But I thought nobody ever sees him.
      Lumpy: Just watch.
      Roo: You're not gonna believe who it is. (Rabbit appears, skipping and singing.) See? See?
      Tigger: Huh! I never seen ol' Long Ears skip before.

    • Pooh: Oh goodness, Tigger. You seem extra-bouncy today.
      Tigger: Well, that's on account of it's my favoritest time of the year.
      Pooh: Lunch time? (Darby giggles.)
      Tigger: Spring! Hoo hoo hoo! And don't even get me started on Leap Year! Whoa.

    • Darby: We wanted to show you how much we all care about you, Eeyore. (Buster yaps.)
      Eeyore: Ya' shouldn't have. Glad ya' did, though.
      Pooh: And we're very glad you're our friend, Eeyore.
      Eeyore: Thanks. Nice to be remembered now and again. Hmm. I'm wonderin' if these flowers taste as good as they smell. (Everyone laughs.)

    • Darby: Eeyore's really sad. Have you ever felt left out by your friends? Nobody likes how that feels. Guys, we have to do something!
      Tigger: I'll try anything! Uh, except spaghetti. I don't like it, never will.

    • Eeyore: Shoulda known nobody would send me flowers. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.
      Roo: Gosh. I feel bad I made Eeyore so sad. I didn't mean to.
      Eeyore: (walking home, singing) It's not too bad bein' me / My weekends are always free / The only friends who stay / Are the friends who stay away, it seems / It's not too bad bein' me...

    • Eeyore: Me? Never got flowers before. Wish I could thank this mystery someone.
      Pooh: But, why can't you, Eeyore?
      Eeyore: Don't know who that someone is.

    • Piglet: (finishing up a painting) There. I'll just wrap this up and give it to Eeyore later. Then, he'll always remember the day that Roo gave him flowers.

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