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Think, Think, Think = Noodle Dance?

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    Well, one day I was thinking about the two songs, and I came to realize that the "Think, Think, Think" song and the "Noodle Dance" from PB&J Otter are both very similar. They both have the same concept and purpose--showing the characters thinking to solve a problem they are faced with. In addition to that, virtually every episode of My Friends Tigger & Pooh has "Think, Think, Think" in it, almost like how the Noodle Dance was in every episode of PB&J Otter. Did anyone else ever happen to notice the similarities? If so, do you think it's just a coincidence, or do you think they did that on purpose?

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    I sort of thought it was a just a coincidence. Several other shows have this sort of thing these days. For example, on My Friend Rabbit, the characters do a "hop think" and on the Imagination Movers, the Movers will have a "Brainstorm" to think of ideas. PB&J Otter may have paved the way for this sort of thing, though, so in that regard, you may have a point.
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