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My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 32

Lumpy's Downhill Battle / Darby's Squirmy Worms

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 02, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Lumpy's Downhill Battle / Darby's Squirmy Worms
Lumpy's Downhill Battle: Roo can't seem to teach Lumpy to ski, so he calls the Super Sleuths for help. The Sleuths come up with a number of ideas that seem to be helpful at first, but Lumpy still fails when it comes to skiing. Lumpy is ready to give up, but then his Mama Heffalump appears and urges him to wear his scarf. Lumpy gets the idea that it's a magic scarf that will help him to be a great skiier. Darby's Squirmy Worms: When Rabbit discovers that his garden is full of worms, he treats them as a hostile invasion force. He calls the Super Sleuths to remove them. The Sleuths agree, even though they aren't sure just what harm the worms are to Rabbit's garden. When they succeed in removing them, Rabbit's garden only seems to get worse and they realize they'll have to think, think, think harder to solve the problem.moreless

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      • Darby: Here's what I think. My flower is doing really well with the worms and Rabbit's garden is doing really badly without them. The worms must be doing something that helps plants grow better. Maybe they, I don't know, help keep the soil fresh with all the crawling around they do.

      • Rabbit: Now that those awful worms are gone, my vegetables are certain to grow even more ripe and robust. Yes!
        Pooh: How odd. Your vegetables seem to be... drooping.

      • Rabbit: (sobs) This can't go on. You Sleuths simply must do something to rid my garden of these worms.
        Pooh: Think, think, think. I seem to recall a story about someone named the Pie Piper who solved a similar problem.
        Darby: (giggles) You mean the Pied Piper, Pooh.

      • Tigger: Well, what do you say, RaRa? Any ideas? (punctuating each "think" with a tap to the head) Think, think, think.
        Rabbit: Stop that, Tigger! I'm quite capable of coming up with ingenious ideas without you tapping my head.

      • Tigger: So what's the problem, Fluffy? I hope it's a toughie.
        Rabbit: I've got worms! In my garden. (sobs)
        Pooh: Oh, congratulations, Rabbit. How wonderful to have visitors.
        Rabbit: They're intruders! They're pests! And I want you to get rid of them, now!!! (clears throat) I mean, please.
        Darby: But why do you want to get rid of the worms, Rabbit? It doesn't seem like they're hurting anything.

      • Rabbit: What's happened to my beautiful garden? (gasps) A worm! Out of here! Go, shoo, scram!
        Worm: (singsong) Mmm-mmm-mmm.
        Rabbit: Why, you... (leaps toward the worm)
        Worm: Uh oh.
        Rabbit: Oh. Oh, dear. Oh dear. My garden is crawling with these awful things. Super Sleuths!

      • Lumpy: (to Roo) Whoa! Did you see that?
        Mama Heffalump: (approaching) I certainly did. You've learned to ski.
        Lumpy: You were right. That scarf really is magic.
        Mama Heffalump: Magic? But, I...

      • Lumpy: This has been one of the best days ever, thanks to my magic scarf.

      • Darby: I'm sorry, Lumpy. We're not doing a very good job of teaching you.
        Lumpy: You did teach me something, Darby. That heffalumps aren't meant for skiing. But thanks for trying.
        Mama Heffalump: Hello, everyone. Oh dear, you look a bit down in the dumps, Little Lump.
        Lumpy: I'd be much better if I could learn to ski.

      • Lumpy: I'm going. I'm really, really going. But how am I going to stop?! (He crashes and ends up covered in snow.)
        Darby: Are you okay, Lumpy?
        Lumpy: I am the snow.

      • Tigger: You see, if you want to learn to ski, you got to feel the snow, be the snow, see?
        Lumpy: Feel the snow. Be the snow.

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