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My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 7

No More Honey for Pooh / Stuck Be a Piglet

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Nov 08, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

No More Honey for Pooh / Stuck Be a Piglet
No More Honey for Pooh: One day, while out playing with Darby and Tigger, Pooh gets stuck in a log. He calls a meeting of the Super Sleuths and they soon determine that he's become stuck from eating too much honey. They realize that the only way for him to get out of the log is to keep him from eating honey, something that won't be very easy. Stuck Be a Piglet: Looking to cool down on a hot day, Piglet agrees to Rabbit's suggestion that he roll around in the mud like a real pig. He finds the cool mud soothing, but ends up becoming a half-baked piglet as the sun dries up the mud. Spotting this predicament, Woodpecker calls in the help of the Super Sleuths. They try their best to come up with a way to free their friend without getting stuck in the mud themselves.moreless

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      • Piglet: I did it, Pooh Bear!
        Pooh: You certainly did, Piglet. ... What did you do?
        Piglet: I rolled in the mud, just like a real pig. I'm "pig" enough after all.
        Darby: Even if you didn't roll in the mud, you'd still be "pig" enough for us.

      • Tigger: I spy a fly on Piglet's nose. It must be telling some funny fly jokes. You know, like, uh, "Hey, there's a waiter in my soup!"

      • Tigger: Oh, sorry, donkey-boy. WE were actually aiming for someone a shade pinker.
        Eeyore: It figures. Every time someone catches me, they always throw me back.

      • Tigger: We'll come get you!
        Piglet: (muffled) No! You'll get 'uck too!
        Tigger: Oh, he must be speaking Piglet Latin!
        Darby: If we walk in the mud to get Piglet, we might get stuck like he is.
        Pooh: I believe that's what Piglet is trying to tell us.

      • Darby: The Super Sleuths
        Darby, Tigger and Pooh: are on the case!
        Buster: Yap!
        Tigger: And today, we're "hot" on the case!

      • Piglet: Piglets aren't very good at being hot.

      • Pooh: Well, I've never tried warm honey before. Oh. Mm. It's, um, rather like regular honey, only um, mm, warmer.

      • Darby: I'd say this case is erased.
        Tigger: Yep. Easy as rolling off a log, or out of one.

      • Pooh: A log is a terribly itchy place to be inside.

      • Pooh: Farewell, my sweet honey. I shall miss you terribly.

      • Pooh: Whenever honey is near, I find it rather hard to resist.

      • Darby: The honey! That's it, Pooh. You ate too much honey.
        Pooh: So, my tummy got extra big because of all the extra honey I've been eating and that's why I became stuck in the log?
        Tigger: Whew! It's like watching sheer genius at work. Go on, log boy. You're on a roll.
        Pooh: Oh, so perhaps if my tummy went down, I could get unstuck?
        Tigger: Oh, that sounds perfectly "log"-ical to me! "Log"-ical!

      • Darby: I think the question to ask is, what?
        Pooh: What?
        Darby: Exactly. What made you get stuck inside that log?
        Tigger: Yeah. I mean, I've seen you crawl through that same log a zillion times, Pooh, and you never got stuck before.

      • Tigger: Aren't we missing a Sleuth? You know, bear-ish type. Goes by the name of Pooh. Winnie the...

      • Tigger: Ooh. You are looking pretty full-ish in the belly there, Pooh-boy. Hoo hoo.
        Pooh: So I am, Tigger. But this new honey is so delicious, ooh, it's difficult to say "I've had enough."
        Tigger: Well, it can't be that hard. You just said it. Hoo hoo hoo hoo.

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