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My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 10

Piglet's Lost Voice / Funny Rabbit

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 03, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Piglet's Lost Voice / Funny Rabbit
Piglet's Lost Voice: Piglet is excited about singing for his friends and has been practicing hard. When he learns that flyers have been posted to announce his performance, he seems excited, but then find that he can no longer sing. Convinced that Piglet has lost his voice, the Super Sleuths spring into action. Funny Rabbit: Pooh and his friends are sure that Rabbit doesn't know how to have fun because he never wants to play games with them and often seems to be grumpy. As the Super Sleuths, they try to teach Rabbit the meaning of having fun. Their methods include jokes and games, but Rabbit doesn't seem to find any of it to be fun.moreless

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      • Pooh: Could it be that Rabbit already does know how to have fun?
        Darby: Maybe. But seed counting?
        Tigger: Well, he's in there laughing and we're out here not laughing a lot. So I say why not try it?

      • Darby: Knock knock.
        Rabbit: Who's there?
        Darby: Boo.
        Rabbit: I don't know anybody named "Boo," so I wouldn't open the door.
        Tigger: (puts his hands on his head) Oh! (sobs)

      • Tigger: We'll help you learn how to have fun if it's the last thing we do. So what's the first thing we do?
        Darby: We think, think, think.

      • Tigger: I don't know how to break this to you, Rabbit, but it's like work... fun. Work... fun. Two different things, get where I'm going?

      • Pooh: I wonder why Rabbit never seems to play with us.
        Tigger: Yeah. I don't think he's ever Pooh sticked or Pooh kicked.
        Lumpy: He never plays butterfly tag with us either.
        Roo: Well, maybe Rabbit just doesn't know how to have fun.
        Rabbit: What do you mean? Of course I know how to have fun! Everyone knows that, don't they? (Buster whimpers and hides behind Darby.)

      • Tigger: (bounces Rabbit) Good ducking there, Long Ears. A thousand-seventy points. Congratulations! You win! The crowd went wild!
        Rabbit: Get off of me!

      • Pooh: We're not quite sure we'll ever start.
        Porcupine: Why? What do you mean?
        Tigger: Well, this little Piggy's singing voice has gone mee mee mee missing all the way somewhere else is what.

      • Woodpecker: Toreador! Toreador! Let's dance!

      • Darby: Hey! I've got an idea! Since Woodpecker knows Piglet's song, maybe Piglet can borrow Woodpecker's voice for the show.
        Woodpecker: Me? Help? Love to! (pecks)
        Pooh: But how is Piglet going to borrow Woodpecker's voice exactly?

      • Darby: What do we have to do if we want to find a voice? Right. We have to listen for it!
        Tigger: That is why she gets to wear the cap.

      • Pooh: Perhaps the first thing we need to ask would be, where did Piglet have his singing voice last?
        Piglet: Why, it was with me inside my house. Right before you called me out to practice.

      • Piglet: Oh d-dear. All those seats are going to be filled?
        Pooh: With all your friends. And we even made programs to tell them all about the show.
        Piglet: Well, I do love singing for my friends, so I suppose, uh, uh, here goes.

      • Darby: (hearing Piglet sing a piece of classical music on "la") Hi! Do you hear that? It's Piglet practicing for his show tonight. And everyone's coming.
        Pooh: Oh, that sounds like honey to my ears.
        Darby: (open's Piglet's door and walks inside, causing Piglet to gasp) Sorry, Piglet. I didn't know you were taking a bath.

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