My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 8

Piglet's Nutty Problem / Missing Lumpy

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Dec 14, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Piglet's Nutty Problem / Missing Lumpy
Piglet's Nutty Problem: When a wind storm blows through the Hundred Acre Wood, it leaves Piglet with a mystery involving hundreds of haycorns. He's lost his favorite haycorn that Pooh gave him in his backyard and doesn't know how to find it in the huge mess of haycorns that have covered it. With the help of the Super Sleuths, he learns how sorting things by specific characteristics can help someone to find something, even when it's buried amongst many similar things. Missing Lumpy: Lumpy is off visiting his aunt at the far end of Heffalump Hollow for a week and Roo really misses him. The Super Sleuths spring into action, hoping that maybe they can take Lumpy's place. They soon realize that there's no way that they can replace Lumpy, but there may be something else that they can do.moreless

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      • Tigger: Vi-ol-a, my big ball of string.
        Roo: Wow! That's ginormous!
        Tigger: Aw! You should see my ball of wax!

      • Roo: The paper cup phone me and Lumpy use when we play fort. Sure wish I could talk to Lump on it now.
        Darby: (using the paper cup phone) Maybe you can. (in her normal voice) But we're going to need a whole lot of string.

      • Pooh: Perhaps if Roo drew a picture of Lumpy, it would help him miss Lumpy a bit less?
        Roo: Hey, that's a great idea!
        Darby: (later, after Roo has completed his picture) What did you draw, Roo?
        Roo: It's teh time me and Lumpy were playing Pooh kicks and we both fell into a big puddle of mud. (chuckles) Boy did we have fun that day. Remember, Lumpy? ... You can't answer. You're just a picture.

      • Darby: Okay, we tried lots of things, but there's just no way we'll ever be able to take Lumpy's place.

      • Tigger: (imitating Lumpy) Brilliant, Roo. Positootly brilliant, old bean!

      • Roo: You're going to bring Lumpy back home?
        Pooh: Certainly. (chuckles) Aren't we?
        Darby: Well, no, Pooh, we can't really do that. But maybe there's a way we can sort of take Lumpy's place until he gets back.
        Roo: Not unless you can grow a trunk.
        Tigger: Hoo hoo hoo hoo. Great idea.

      • Tigger: Time to change-a-tize into Sleuth disguise!
        Darby: While I slap my cap.

      • Tigger: Hey there, bouncing buddy. You wanna come Pooh Stickin' with us?
        Roo: (downcast) No, thanks.
        Tigger: Oh, busy playin' Pooh-rates, huh? Off on the high seas, buckling swash, looking for treasured berries.
        Roo: Yeah. Having a great time. Ah, who am I kidding? It's just no fun without Lumpy.

      • Piglet: Oh! I know! My haycorn is very much like the color of Eeyore's tail!
        Eeyore: Glad to know my tail's good for something.
        Tigger: Well, then hold still donkey-boy and let us dare to compare to your derrière.
        Darby: Help us look for haycorns that match the color of Eeyore's tail!

      • Darby: Well, we sorted all the round ones into this basket. Thanks for helping.
        Tigger: Hmm, something tells me there's still way too many haycorns for Pigley boy to be able to find his special one.
        Darby: You're right, Tigger. We need to think of another question we can ask Piglet about his haycorn.

      • Tigger: Well, we got some more questions about your missing nut, Piglet Wiglet.
        Piglet: Oh, certainly. I could talk about it all day. I miss it so.

      • Darby: Whoa, I guess all that wind last night blew all those haycorns off the trees. There's gotta be hundreds of them on the ground.
        Piglet: And one of them is my special haycorn.
        Tigger: Phew. Talk about finding a needle in a haycorn-y stack!

      • Pooh: The Finder Flag is telling us to find ourselves at Piglet's house.

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