My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 31

Piglet's Wish Upon a Star / Squirrels Will Be Squirrels

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 02, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Piglet's Wish Upon a Star: Late at night, Pooh, Tigger, Darby, Buster and Piglet are all out watching stars. Piglet sees a shooting star and gets to make a wish. Tigger wants to know the wish, but is warned that it won't come true if Piglet tells. The next morning, Tigger calls together the Super Sleuths, worried that Piglet's wish won't come true. He wants them to true to figure out Piglet's wish so that they can help make it come true. Squirrels Will Be Squirrels: Darby, Tigger and Pooh are making presents out of recycled things. Pooh and Tigger create a chew toy out of an old shoe for Buster, but the squirrels swipe it. Buster chases after them and ends up creating a giant mess in the Hundred Acre Wood in the process. The Super Sleuths try to discern the reason for Buster's seemingly awful behavior, not having seen what the squirrels did.moreless

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    • Buster: Yap, yap, yap!
      Pooh: Buster certainly likes talking to this tree, doesn't he?
      Tigger: Well, it's probably because they speak the same language. (chuckles) Get it? Bark!

    • Darby: Hmm. Every time Buster got into trouble, he was chasing the squirrels. So maybe if we find out what the squirrels were holding, we'll solve this mystery.

    • Tigger: What happened to your house this time, Gray Buddy?
      Eeyore: Buster happened.

    • Pooh: (regarding a toy he and Tigger have made for Buster) It's a chew toy, made out of an old shoe. Although, I suppose that makes it a "shoe toy."

    • Piglet: I really do appreciate you trying to figure out my wish, Tigger, but I just know it will come true.
      Tigger: Oh, the poor little pig. Totally illusional.

    • Tigger: You want to be able to bounce as high as yours truly. Am I right or am I really right?
      Piglet: No, not exactly.

    • Piglet: Oh, hello, Super Sleuths. Uh, do you have a case?
      Pooh: We do. And the case is you, Piglet.
      Piglet: Me? Oh dear. I didn't know I needed solving.
      Darby: We wanted to know if your wish came true yet.
      Piglet: No, not yet.
      Tigger: (gasps) I knew it. What did I tell ya'? (grabs Piglet and hugs him hard) Oh, look at him! He's crushed!
      Piglet: I am feeling a bit crushed... at the moment.
      Tigger: I unrest my case.

    • Tigger: Ya' gotta help me. I've been up all night worrying about Piglet.
      Darby: Piglet? What's wrong with Piglet?
      Tigger: It's not what's wrong now, per se. It's what's gonna be wrong if he doesn't get his wish.

    • Darby: Telling your wish is against the wishing star rules.

    • Darby: Hi! We're trying to find a shooting star! The first person to see one gets to make a wish on it!
      Tigger: Ooh, ooh! Is that one? (points) See? That little sparkly thingamajig, right next to the other little sparkly thingamajig?
      Pooh: Well, that star appears to be sitting rather than shooting, Tigger.

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