My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 31

Piglet's Wish Upon a Star / Squirrels Will Be Squirrels

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 02, 2010 on Disney Channel



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    • Buster: Yap, yap, yap!
      Pooh: Buster certainly likes talking to this tree, doesn't he?
      Tigger: Well, it's probably because they speak the same language. (chuckles) Get it? Bark!

    • Darby: Hmm. Every time Buster got into trouble, he was chasing the squirrels. So maybe if we find out what the squirrels were holding, we'll solve this mystery.

    • Tigger: What happened to your house this time, Gray Buddy?
      Eeyore: Buster happened.

    • Pooh: (regarding a toy he and Tigger have made for Buster) It's a chew toy, made out of an old shoe. Although, I suppose that makes it a "shoe toy."

    • Piglet: I really do appreciate you trying to figure out my wish, Tigger, but I just know it will come true.
      Tigger: Oh, the poor little pig. Totally illusional.

    • Tigger: You want to be able to bounce as high as yours truly. Am I right or am I really right?
      Piglet: No, not exactly.

    • Piglet: Oh, hello, Super Sleuths. Uh, do you have a case?
      Pooh: We do. And the case is you, Piglet.
      Piglet: Me? Oh dear. I didn't know I needed solving.
      Darby: We wanted to know if your wish came true yet.
      Piglet: No, not yet.
      Tigger: (gasps) I knew it. What did I tell ya'? (grabs Piglet and hugs him hard) Oh, look at him! He's crushed!
      Piglet: I am feeling a bit crushed... at the moment.
      Tigger: I unrest my case.

    • Tigger: Ya' gotta help me. I've been up all night worrying about Piglet.
      Darby: Piglet? What's wrong with Piglet?
      Tigger: It's not what's wrong now, per se. It's what's gonna be wrong if he doesn't get his wish.

    • Darby: Telling your wish is against the wishing star rules.

    • Darby: Hi! We're trying to find a shooting star! The first person to see one gets to make a wish on it!
      Tigger: Ooh, ooh! Is that one? (points) See? That little sparkly thingamajig, right next to the other little sparkly thingamajig?
      Pooh: Well, that star appears to be sitting rather than shooting, Tigger.

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