My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 33

Pooh and Piglet Misplace Their Place / Eeyore's Dark Cloud

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 03, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Pooh and Piglet Misplace Their Place / Eeyore's Dark Cloud
Pooh and Piglet Misplace Their Place: One evening, Pooh and Piglet discover a place that they find to be an excellent spot for watching the sunset together. It's very distinctive, featuring a comfortable log, an oddly shaped rock and the sweet smell of a honeysuckle bush. The next day, however, they can't find their spot, so they call the Super Sleuths to help locate it. They search far and wide throughout the Wood and discover along the way what's really special about the spot. Eeyore's Dark Cloud: Eeyore has always been a gloomy fellow and lately his gloominess has been such that a dark cloud has taken to following him around. Then, the cloud goes away and Eeyore calls the Super Sleuths to get it back. The Sleuths realize that the dark cloud has gone away because Eeyore cheered up by rolling in some clover, but Eeyore has become rather attached to his dark cloud and wants it back, even though it normally hovers only over those who are sad. The Super Sleuths thus begin a quest to find the dark cloud, but discover that it's hard to catch do to the ever-shifting moods of their friends.moreless

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      • Eeyore: Got a house that's always falling down. Got a tail not much good for anything. Never a thistle when you need one. I can't dance.
        Tigger: Aw. I never see anyone so happy to be so unhappy.

      • Tigger: How do you go about findering a cloud?
        Darby: By looking high and low! But mostly high.

      • Eeyore: Ya' maybe never noticed, but there's this dark cloud sometimes follows me around.
        Darby: Sure, Eeyore. I saw it this morning.
        Eeyore: Well, it seems to be gone.
        Tigger: And dat's a bad thing... why?
        Eeyore: Guess I kind of miss the thing. Grown sort of attached to it, like my tail. Or a comfy old pair of shoes... if I wore shoes.
        Pooh: Ah! So you would like us to find you some shoes.

      • Eeyore: Hello.
        Darby: Oh, Eeyore. Hi! Uh, I couldn't help but notice...
        Eeyore: Yep, dark cloud over my head. Typical day. Well, goodbye.

      • Darby: If your special place is special because it's a place where you can be together, then any place you're together can be your special place.

      • Beaver: Hello, Super Sleuths. Why the long faces?
        Tigger: Well, mine's drawn that way, but dese guys are just kinda bummed. Hoo!

      • Pooh: You see, Piglet and I called the Sleuths because we've lost Our Special Place.
        Piglet: It doesn't seem to be anywhere in the Wood.
        Darby: But a place can't just disappear. We'll help you look some more until you find it.
        Tigger: Sure! We'll turn this Wood upside down, downside up and any other way you can think of!

      • Pooh: This place is wonderful indeed. And I believe I shall call it "Pooh and Piglet's Very Special Sunset Watching Place."
        Piglet: That's a wonderful name! "Pooh and Piglet's Sun, um, watching with the..." Oh, d-d-dear. I'm afraid I'll forget to remember that.
        Pooh: Well, then we shall just call it "Our Special Place" for short.

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