My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 33

Pooh and Piglet Misplace Their Place / Eeyore's Dark Cloud

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 03, 2010 on Disney Channel



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    • Eeyore: Got a house that's always falling down. Got a tail not much good for anything. Never a thistle when you need one. I can't dance.
      Tigger: Aw. I never see anyone so happy to be so unhappy.

    • Tigger: How do you go about findering a cloud?
      Darby: By looking high and low! But mostly high.

    • Eeyore: Ya' maybe never noticed, but there's this dark cloud sometimes follows me around.
      Darby: Sure, Eeyore. I saw it this morning.
      Eeyore: Well, it seems to be gone.
      Tigger: And dat's a bad thing... why?
      Eeyore: Guess I kind of miss the thing. Grown sort of attached to it, like my tail. Or a comfy old pair of shoes... if I wore shoes.
      Pooh: Ah! So you would like us to find you some shoes.

    • Eeyore: Hello.
      Darby: Oh, Eeyore. Hi! Uh, I couldn't help but notice...
      Eeyore: Yep, dark cloud over my head. Typical day. Well, goodbye.

    • Darby: If your special place is special because it's a place where you can be together, then any place you're together can be your special place.

    • Beaver: Hello, Super Sleuths. Why the long faces?
      Tigger: Well, mine's drawn that way, but dese guys are just kinda bummed. Hoo!

    • Pooh: You see, Piglet and I called the Sleuths because we've lost Our Special Place.
      Piglet: It doesn't seem to be anywhere in the Wood.
      Darby: But a place can't just disappear. We'll help you look some more until you find it.
      Tigger: Sure! We'll turn this Wood upside down, downside up and any other way you can think of!

    • Pooh: This place is wonderful indeed. And I believe I shall call it "Pooh and Piglet's Very Special Sunset Watching Place."
      Piglet: That's a wonderful name! "Pooh and Piglet's Sun, um, watching with the..." Oh, d-d-dear. I'm afraid I'll forget to remember that.
      Pooh: Well, then we shall just call it "Our Special Place" for short.

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