My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 1 Episode 11

Pooh-Rates of the Hundred Acre Wood / Tigger’s Hiccup Pickup

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jul 21, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Pooh-Rates of the Hundred Acre Wood: When Lumpy and Roo find what they believe to be a treasure map, they dress up as pooh-rates to being the exciting search. Realizing that they don't know how to interpret the map, they call for the help of the Super Sleuths. After some hard thinking, the group begins their search. They get some help along the way and discovering the surprising truth about the mysterious map.

Tigger's Hiccup Pickup: When Rabbit throws a rutabaga potluck party, Tigger's ravenous appetite gets the best of him. He eats so quickly that he gets a bad case of the hiccups, putting Rabbit's precious house in jeopardy. Everyone tries their best to help Tigger out, trying traditional remedies such as drinking water and holding your breath. Then, Porcupine, who's a bit late to the party, comes up with an idea that might just solve the problem --- though it'll take some work.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Darby: You don't have to sleuth today, Tigger. We blew the siren to help you.
      Tigger: With the hiccups or without, sleuthin's what I'm all about!

    • Pooh: Are your hiccups gone, Tigger?
      Tigger: Um, I think so. (He hiccups again, crashing into Rabbit's table.)
      Rabbit: (sobs) My beautiful table.

    • Rabbit: Tigger, where are your manners?
      Tigger: Didn't know I was supposed to bring those too. But I did bring some mashybagas. Hee hee. I mashed them with my very own tail.

    • Roo: Do you think it'll be jewels?
      Lumpy: Or gold?
      Tigger: Or the world's biggest collection of suspenders? (sound of birds chirping) What? I got a lot of pants.

    • Tigger: Okey doke. Now we just gotta find a big rock. So, m'kay. Anybody see a rock? Hello, rock!
      Lumpy: (giggles) Silly Super Sleuth. You're standing on it.

    • Pooh: I'm afraid I don't know much about being a pooh-rate, Lumpy, but I know how you can be a wonderful Super Sleuth.
      Lumpy: Of course.
      Pooh, Lumpy, Tigger, Darby and Roo: Think, think, think.

    • Tigger: Argh and cotton swabby and yo ho, yoo hoo and stuff like that.

    • Lumpy: Um, how exactly do we follow a map?
      Roo: I'm not sure. There's an awful lot of squiggly lines and mysterious shapes.

    • Roo: Argh, we're the scurviest scallywags to ever scourge the seven seas!
      Lumpy: Uh, what's a scallywag?
      Roo: (whispering) I don't know. But that's what real pooh-rates say.

  • NOTES (1)

    • David Hartman is the director for "Pooh-Rates of the Hundred Acre Wood," Nicole Dubuc is the writer and Jay Oliva is the storyboard artist. Don MacKinnon is the director for "Tigger's Hiccup Pick-Up," Eileen Cabiling and Erika Grediaga are the writers and Bob Foster is the storyboard artist. Brian Hohlfeld is the story editor for both stories.


    • Pooh: You know, I've always found that a spoonful of honey helps the hiccuping go down, or go away, I should say.
      Tigger: (hiccups) Ew. Eating honey is not what Tiggers do best.

      In the 1964 Walt Disney classic Mary Poppins, Poppins sings that "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, in the most delightful way."