My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 1 Episode 11

Pooh-Rates of the Hundred Acre Wood / Tigger’s Hiccup Pickup

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jul 21, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Pooh-Rates of the Hundred Acre Wood: Lumpy and Roo are playing "pooh-rates" at their fort, complete with pirate accents, when they stumble on a pot containing what looks like a "pooh-rate treasure map". Unfortunately neither of them know how to read a map; all Roo can see are lines and "mysterious shapes". The word "mysterious" gives Lumpy an idea; to call the Super Sleuths.

Once the Super Sleuths respond to their call and meet them outside Kanga and Roo's house, where they explain the problem they"re having with reading the map, Tigger immediately attempts to read the map by imitating a pirate. During a long look at the map by all of them Pooh suggests looking for something on the map aside from the treasure and immediately identifies one of the drawings as being a real thing in the Hundred Acre Wood; Darby catches on to this and before each of them can recognize at least one picture on the map. They then commence to follow the path shown on the map.

Their map-reading skills go well, considering they're new to it, as they continue follow the path past various places; they did require some help from Piglet on the way so as to recognize the river on the map and a hint from Beaver when one of the trees on the map appeared to be missing. Eventually they reach a large rock and only have to take 10 steps more to find the treasure; once they do, however, everyone is in a different spot. Darby realizes that their different leg lengths means that they each took different steps. They figure out that the best way to know who's steps are the right is for each of them to dig in their given spots. Pooh's the one who finds the treasure in the end and everyone wonders what the treasure is (including Tigger's unusual idea of treasure); it's only Pooh who's satisfied with what the treasure turns out to be... honey, of course. It turns out that this map belonged to Pooh after all!

Tigger's Hiccup Pickup: Rabbit is hosting a rutabaga potluck, where everyone who's turned up has brought a dish made with rutabagas. Rabbit starts a speech, but Tigger and Pooh are just too hungry to wait for Rabbit's long speech to finish, so he cuts it so short. Piglet first introduces his rutabaga-and-acorn quiche, followed by Pooh introducing his rutabagas-with-honey dish (except that he forgot to include the rutabagas), Darby (and Buster) introduce their rutabaga pie. Tigger starts helping himself, until Rabbit tells him off, and Tigger now introduces his mashed rutabagas (mashed by tail) and slurps some of it off his tail. Finally Rabbit introduces his rutabagas au gratin. Once the eating proper starts Tigger bolts every spoonful of whatever he helps himself to and ends up with the hiccups. What makes them especially bad is that nearly every hiccup causes him to unwittingly bounce, causing chaos in Rabbit"s house.

To find out how to cure Tigger's hiccups, Piglet and Rabbit call the Super Sleuths, but Tigger insists on coming along in spite of the fact that the case is about him. Upon setting off for Rabbit's house, Tigger's hiccuping makes him crash his scooter. They arrive and everyone makes a suggest as to how Tigger's hiccups can go away. Pooh suggests a spoonful of honey, but Tigger will not touch it. Piglet suggests holding his breath and counting to ten, but that only produces one very big hiccup. Rabbit suggests that Tigger drink a glass of water while bouncing on one leg, with one foot touching the opposite knee and sticking his thumb in his ear; Tigger doesn't even get a chance to drink. Then Porcupine shows up with her rutabaga goulash, wondering what happened to the potluck. Darby explains the situation and Porcupine suggests surprising Tigger. Tigger goes home while everyone else discusses the best way to surprise him, including a surprise party.

Eventually the surprise is decided and Tigger finds himself answering his door to a present the size of a lift and anticipates that everyone"s going to jump out of it. When nothing happens he opens it and finds himself doing a cross between pass-the-parcel and Russian-doll until he finds a yoyo colored in his trademark orange and black stripes. Tigger's disappointed by how feeble a surprise it is and then everyone jumps out at him from behind a tree. This seems to have done the trick and everyone gets stuck into Porcupine's rutabaga goulash.
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