My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 6

Pooh's Bees Buzz Off / Buster's Buried Treasure

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Oct 18, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Pooh's Bees Buzz Off / Buster's Buried Treasure
Pooh's Bees Buzz Off: Having run out of honey, Pooh heads for the hive, only to discover that the bees aren't there. He calls a meeting of the Super Sleuths, who soon discover that things are worse than they thought. It seems as if all of the insects have disappeared the Hundred Acre Wood. When they receive a call from Rabbit, it leads to a clue to help them crack the case. Buster's Buried Treasure: As Lumpy and Roo play "pooh-rates," Beaver tells Rabbit a fanciful tale of treasure in the Hundred Acre Wood-- fanciful, but seemingly true when the "pooh-rates" find what they believe to be a gold doubloon. Meanwhile, Darby, Pooh and Tigger answer the sound of the Super Sleuth siren and find that Buster has lost his Super Sleuth medallion. As the three set to searching places where he might have lost it, Rabbit and Beaver begin an eager session of digging in the hopes of finding more treasure.moreless

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      • Rabbit: No treasure. All that digging and there's no treasure.
        Darby: Well, for Buster, getting his Sleuth medallion back is a real treasure.
        Buster: Ruff!

      • Roo: Ahoy there, Super Sleuths!
        Darby: Ahoy, Pooh-rates! Rabbit and Beaver said you found some treasure.
        Lumpy: Argh, sure did, me hearties. A gold balloon.
        Roo: Doubloon!

      • Tigger: Say, I got just the thing to find metalish type stuff... Tada! My handy dandy metal-detective-ator gizmo. Use it to find bottle caps for my collection, you know?

      • Darby: We've looked everywhere!
        Tigger: Yeah. And still no sign of Buster's missing medall-ma-jig.

      • Roo: Treasure! I think it's a gold doubloon.
        Lumpy: An old balloon?
        Roo: A gold doubloon is an old coin, Lumpster. Real pirate treasure.
        Lumpy: Brilliant.

      • Tigger: Oh say, where's Buster? The little wagger always yaps after we've done the oatherizing.
        Darby: I don't know where he is, Tigger. I've looked all over for him.

      • Beaver: My great grandbeaver used to tell stories about pirates living in these here parts, a long time ago. Some say they left treasure behind.

      • Tigger: And another mystery is histor--
        Pooh: Excuse me, Tigger. I believe I have a very important meeting with some bees. Um, save some honey for me, bees. Please!
        Darby: Silly old bear!

      • Tigger: You mean there are sounds out there we don't even know about? Oooh. Spooky.
        Rabbit Whatever the sound is, it must be coming from something new.

      • Rabbit: It's my latest invention. Oh, it's completely silent and it does everything. Weed my garden and paint my fence at the same time!
        Pooh: You mean it weeds and whites?
        Rabbit: It even makes hot cocoa. I built it to do my chores so I would have more time with my friend, Small. Unfortunately, now I can't find Small. That's why I called you.

      • Darby: That's weird. It's like all the bugs in the Wood have disappeared.

      • Roo: Lumpy and me are just trying to find butterflies to play tag with.
        Lumpy: But we haven't seen a single one all day.
        Pooh: And we haven't seen any bees, except for me. And I don't count.

      • Pooh: (wearing a bee costume) Um, Tigger... are you quite sure this is a good idea?
        Tigger: Well, sure I'm sure! You look bee-utiful. Oops, almost forgot. (places a crown on Pooh's head) There you go, your majest-bee.

      • Darby: Tigger, you gave me an idea! Maybe the bees did move! Sometimes the queen bee picks a new place to live. And all the other bees follow her.

      • Tigger: Ooh ooh! I know! Maybe the bees moved away! So have you seen any tiny, flying moving trucks lately? Hoo.

      • Pooh: It seems all the bees are missing.

      • Pooh: (singing) I'm looking for a bee tree / My honeypot is empty / And a bee tree will fill it like before / But what's funny about honey / Though it tastes so sweet and runny / It seems I'm always looking for some more.

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