My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 30

Porcupine Comes to Her Senses / Rabbit and Turtle's Re-Run

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Dec 15, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Porcupine Comes to Her Senses / Rabbit and Turtle's Re-Run
Porcupine Comes to Her Senses: When Porcupine loses her glasses, she calls on the Super Sleuths to help find them. Without her glasses, Porcupine is near-blind, but she joins the Super Sleuths as they journey to find her glasses. As they retrace her steps to locate the lost glasses, they learn along the way how powerful senses other than vision can be. Rabbit and Turtle's Re-Run: Rabbit and Turtle call the Super Sleuths, hoping that they can help them resolve a heated argument. Both are sure that it was their grandfather who won a race from the days of yore against the other's grandfather and both have a photo that they claim prove this. The Super Sleuths decide that the best way to resolve the problem is to hold a new race to see which is faster: a rabbit or a turtle? Along the way, both Rabbit and Turtle demonstrate good sportsmanship and renewed friendship.moreless

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      • Tigger: So nobody ever wins this race?
        Pooh: Oh, I rather think they both won, Tigger. I find friendship to be the best sort of prize.
        Darby: Oh, Pooh.

      • Rabbit: I couldn't leave a friend in trouble. No silly trophy is worth that.
        Turtle: Boy howdy, you said it, Rabbit.

      • Rabbit: How did you jump over that? Th-that log almost tripped me.
        Turtle: I'm always careful not to trip. 'Cause gettin' up takes a turtle twice as long.

      • Rabbit: I'll show Turtle who's faster. He doesn't stand a... (trips and grunts, falling into a thicket)

      • Turtle: I'm telling ya', it was my grandpa Turtle who won the race.
        Rabbit: No, no, no. It was my grandpa Rabbit who won the race.
        Turtle: Nuh uh. No way and no how.
        Rabbit: I have proof!
        Turtle: Well, so do I.

      • Turtle: It must have been hard seeing your way here.
        Porcupine: It sure was. But with the Super Sleuths' help, I was able to hear, smell and feel my way to your place.

      • Tigger: Hey, is it just me, or did it get a little pea soupy around here?
        Pooh: I don't see any soup.
        Darby: (giggles) What Tigger means is that it got very foggy.
        Pooh: Oh, I see. Or rather, don't see.
        Darby: We can't see anything!

      • Porcupine: Sorry, it's just that I've lost my glasses. I can't see a thing without 'em.
        Darby: Don't worry, Porcupine, we'll help you find them.
        Porcupine: (to Buster, who is walking toward her) Thank goodness. That's exactly why I called you, Darby.
        Buster: (whines inquisitively)
        Darby: I'm over here, Porcupine!

      • Pooh: And now the Finder Flag will tell us where we need to go, which is... nowhere. The Finder Flag... isn't. Perhaps whoever called us forgot to raise the flag?

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