My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 34

Porcupine's Missing Flute / Darby's Picture Perfect Day

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 03, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Porcupine's Missing Flute / Darby's Picture Perfect Day
Porcupine's Missing Flute: Porcupine is getting ready for an upcoming concert, but finds herself needing to make a quick trip to Heffalump Hollow, so she leaves her flute on the log where she was resting. When she gets back, she finds that the flute is gone, so she calls the Super Sleuths for help. The Super Sleuths set to uncovering the clues and are dismayed to find that the evidence seems to point to Turtle's having taken the flute. Sure that there's some explanation, they decide to seek him out, but he proves difficult to track down. Darby's Picture Perfect Day: Darby's school has recently had a picture day and she decides that it would be fun for the Hundred Acre Wood to have one as well. Rabbit is the only one in the Wood who has and knows how to operate a camera, so he takes the picture, but is dismayed when he realizes that it doesn't include him. He calls for the help of the Super Sleuths, who quite agree that it's only fair that all of their friends should be featured in the photo. They think, think, think about how it would be possible to get a picture of all them together when somebody has to stand at the camera to take the picture.moreless

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      • Pooh: (holding up a poorly drawn cardboard mockup of Rabbit) Now Rabbit can still be in the picture even while he is taking the picture.
        Beaver: I don't think he's too thrilled with the idea, Pooh Bear.

      • Darby: Don't worry, Rabbit. We'll make sure you get to be in a picture with us.

      • Darby: (regarding Rabbit's photo) Sorry, Rabbit, I just don't see anything wrong with it.
        Rabbit: That's just it. It's what you don't see, or rather who you don't see. Someone very important is missing. (She hands it to Darby.)
        Darby: (holding it up to show the viewers) Can you tell who's missing from the picture?
        Rabbit: I'll tell you who. Me!

      • Rabbit: I shall have the picture ready in two shakes of a tail.
        Tigger: (shaking tail) One, two... okay, where's the picture?
        Darby: (giggles) Tigger. Rabbit means he'll have the picture ready soon.

      • Rabbit: All right, everyone, think. Formation tight, postures upright and smiles bright.

      • Darby: We can use the Siren to make an announcement everyone will hear.
        Tigger: Cup, string, loudspeaker. (gasps) She is like some kind of techno-illogical genius.

      • Tigger: Just because you're green doesn't mean you're clean.
        Pooh: But why would Turtle take Porcupine's flute?

      • (The Super Sleuths travel to a number of places, trying to find Turtle, but every time they seem to just miss him.)

        Pooh: Turtle moves awfully fast, doesn't he? For a turtle, that is.

      • Tigger: Turtle was at the stump, theretofore, he's the one who took Porcupine's flute.
        Darby: Well, we haven't proved that yet, Tigger.
        Pooh: Darby's right. The clues only tells us that Turtle was there.

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