My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 34

Porcupine's Missing Flute / Darby's Picture Perfect Day

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 03, 2010 on Disney Channel



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    • Pooh: (holding up a poorly drawn cardboard mockup of Rabbit) Now Rabbit can still be in the picture even while he is taking the picture.
      Beaver: I don't think he's too thrilled with the idea, Pooh Bear.

    • Darby: Don't worry, Rabbit. We'll make sure you get to be in a picture with us.

    • Darby: (regarding Rabbit's photo) Sorry, Rabbit, I just don't see anything wrong with it.
      Rabbit: That's just it. It's what you don't see, or rather who you don't see. Someone very important is missing. (She hands it to Darby.)
      Darby: (holding it up to show the viewers) Can you tell who's missing from the picture?
      Rabbit: I'll tell you who. Me!

    • Rabbit: I shall have the picture ready in two shakes of a tail.
      Tigger: (shaking tail) One, two... okay, where's the picture?
      Darby: (giggles) Tigger. Rabbit means he'll have the picture ready soon.

    • Rabbit: All right, everyone, think. Formation tight, postures upright and smiles bright.

    • Darby: We can use the Siren to make an announcement everyone will hear.
      Tigger: Cup, string, loudspeaker. (gasps) She is like some kind of techno-illogical genius.

    • Tigger: Just because you're green doesn't mean you're clean.
      Pooh: But why would Turtle take Porcupine's flute?

    • (The Super Sleuths travel to a number of places, trying to find Turtle, but every time they seem to just miss him.)

      Pooh: Turtle moves awfully fast, doesn't he? For a turtle, that is.

    • Tigger: Turtle was at the stump, theretofore, he's the one who took Porcupine's flute.
      Darby: Well, we haven't proved that yet, Tigger.
      Pooh: Darby's right. The clues only tells us that Turtle was there.

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