My Friends Tigger & Pooh - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • 8/16/08
    Darby, Solo Sleuth: A cold is going around the Hundred Acre Wood and Kanga needs lemons to add to a special soup she's making to ease everyone's sniffles. When Pooh and Tigger catch the cold, Darby and Buster are left to sleuth out how to get some lemons themselves. Rabbit was supposed to deliver them, but it seems he's feeling under the weather himself, so the girl and her dog find themselves searching all over the Hundred Acre Wood to get lemons.

    Doggone Buster: When Darby briefly leaves Buster alone, he ends up joining Roo and Lumpy on an adventure to their fort. Since they didn't tell anyone where they were going, Darby ends up thinking that Buster is lost. The Super Sleuths are soon on the case, trying to track down just where the little dog has gone.moreless
  • Christopher Froggin': When playing a game of magic with Buster, Darby casts a magic spell to turn in into a frog. She is surprised when a real frog shows up, wearing a friendship bracelet for Christopher Robin. Worried that she has turned her friend into a frog, she calls the Super Sleuths into action. They try their best to think of ways to turn Christopher Robin back into a human, or barring that, at least keep him happy.

    Piglet's Rocky Problem: When Piglet finds a large boulder blocking his doorway, he calls for the help of the Super Sleuths. The Sleuths spring to action, but face a small mystery of their own -- Tigger's Sleuth Suit is missing and he's worried he can't solve mysteries without it. As the team tries to solve Piglet's problem, Darby works to convince Tigger that he can still be helpful even without his costume.moreless
  • Flowers from Roo: The Super Sleuths find their attention divided when they receive multiple calls about sudden appearances of butterflies within their friends' homes. Piglet, Rabbit and Kanga all report sudden infusions of unwanted butterflies. Upon investigating, the Sleuths discover that finding the best way to eliminate the butterflies might lie in deducing what's causing their sudden appearance in the first place.

    Peck Peck Peckin' on Rabbit's Door: When Rabbit settles down for a nap, he finds his rest disturbed by a loud tapping noise. Desperately wanting to sleep, he calls on the Super Sleuths to investigate the annoying sound, which seems to start up every time he lays his head down on the pillow. The Super Sleuths set to work and find themselves on the trail of several mysterious noises. They realize that they need to listen carefully to the noise so as to not simply go chasing after anything that sounds somewhat like it.moreless
  • Lumpy's Alvin Goes to Pieces: The Super Sleuths have a real problem on their hands when Buster grabs and rips Lumpy's favorite stuffed toy, Alvin. The little alligator has its stuffing coming out and they have to take care of the problem fast before Roo misses it. At first, they consider various replacements, including drawing a picture and dressing up in costume. They slowly begin to realize that nothing can replace the real Alvin.

    Rabbit's Eggcellent Adventure: When Rabbit finds a bird egg, he calls in the Super Sleuths to find its mom while he eggsits. Meanwhile, Tigger finds himself investigating the mystery of a mother bird who's missing her egg on his own. The two teams cross paths many times, not realizing at first that they each have information that the other needs.moreless
  • 2/16/08
    Buster's Bath: Muddy from chasing squirrels, Darby's dog Buster needs a bath. The Super Sleuths try their best to clean him up.

    Once in a Pooh Moon: Lumpy is excited when his friends throw him a moon party. He's upset, however, when it seems that the moon has gone missing. He calls on the Super Sleuths to try to figure out where it has gone. They turn to Rabbit for help.moreless
  • Symphony for a Rabbit: Rabbit is holding his annual Spring Has Sprung concert and his excited to use his new orchestra machine, until it tumbles down a hill and breaks. The Super Sleuths try to fix it, but they have no idea how. Then, they come up with a creative solution to Rabbit's orchestral dilemma.

    Tigger Goes Snowflakey: While out and about, Tigger passes by Rabbit's and overhears him shouting about something stripey that makes him itchy. When Rabbit says he's not talking to it again unless he sees two snowflakes that are exactly the same, Tigger believes Rabbit is talking about him. He calls for Darby and Poohs' help in finding identical snowflakes. Despite Darby's insistence that there's no such thing, he's determined to find them to regain Rabbit's friendship.moreless
  • Darby's Tooth and Nothin' but the Tooth: When Darby goes off for some errands, Tigger and Pooh are left on their in the event of any Super Sleuth cases. As she leaves them, she casually tells them that she's just lost a tooth. Convinced that Darby must be devastated, the two make it into a case. They begin searching the whole of the Wood for the tooth and enlist Rabbit as a Deputy Sleuth.

    Snow Problem, Roo: It's winter in the Hundred Acre Wood and everyone is enjoying wintry activities. At least, Roo was enjoying his nice, Tigger-sized snowman until suddenly it started shrinking. He calls the Super Sleuths, who discover that it's melted. Hoping to save the snowman, they think of anything that know that helps to cool things down.moreless
  • Pooh's Super Sleuth Christmas Movie
    On Christmas Eve, everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood is eagerly getting ready for the holiday. As they gather their presents and discuss their wishes, Lumpy and Roo are sent outside to play when they come a little too boisterous. Outside, they discover a mysterious bag and then find something else --- a small reindeer trapped in a bush. The Super Sleuths free the reindeer, but that's only the beginning of the adventure. The reindeer is Santa's reindeer trainee, Holly, and the mysterious bag is Santa's special sack containing all the Christmas toys. Now, everyone must work together to return the bag to the North Pole before Christmas is canceled. This is the Super Sleuths' most challenging problem yet, and everyone must work together to save Christmas. Along the way, they face new and challenge pitfalls and perils, but also discover a wonderful feeling of togetherness.moreless
  • Pooh's Double Trouble: Porcupine is helping her friend Turtle to move into the old cave and they have many heavy deliveries to make. One of the items they're transporting is a huge mirror. As they go about their business, Pooh is playing with Piglet and spots what appears to be... himself. He calls in the help of the other Super Sleuths and soon everyone is seeing duplicates. Everyone is very confused as they split up and can no longer tell if they're running into themselves, their friends, or one of the many duplicates.

    Eeyore Sleeps on It: Porcupine is surprised when she finds Eeyore camped out in front of the stump where she normally plays music. Wondering why he's not sleeping at home, she calls the Super Sleuths, who realize that Eeyore has been sleepwalking. That night, they camp out at his place to figure out what is going on and just as they're about to nod off to sleep, he starts sleepwalking. They go on a rambling adventure through the Hundred Acre Wood, helping him to stay safe, but are no closer to the solution of their mystery. They realize that solving the sleepwalking problem might hinge on learning exactly why the donkey has taken to sleepwalking.moreless
  • Many Thanks for Christopher Robin: When the Hundred Acre Wood has its Many Thanks Day, the characters come together for a big feast and Christopher Robin joins the fun, too. Lumpy, however, wonders why the woozles haven't been invited. Despite protests, they realize that it really isn't fair to have their feast without at least trying to invite the woozles. Christopher Robin joins the Super Sleuths in the search for the woozles. Along the way, they learn that finding woozles is more difficult than they thought, but they also find many other friends.

    Turtle's Need for Speed: Rabbit is at the end of his rope when Turtle once again shows up late for their daily checkers match. Turtle promises to be on time from now on, but he just doesn't seem how he's going to do it. The Super Sleuths agree to help him to finally make it on time. They try a number of ideas, but nothing seems to be able to speed Turtle up. Then, Tigger gets an idea to look at things differently.moreless
  • Eeyore's Home Sweet Home: When Eeyore's house is once again knocked over, Lumpy suggests it's time to call the Super Sleuths to solve the problem. Eeyore does so and Darby comes up with the idea that Eeyore needs a brand-new home. Soon, a variety of homes are suggested to Eeyore, none of which seem to be quite right. It seems the Super Sleuths are forgetting to take something important into account when it comes to Eeyore's home.

    Rabbit's Prized Pumpkin: Rabbit has grown a prized pumpkin, a "one-of-a-kind, perfect pumpkin" he's sure will win the year's best pumpkin competition. The only problem is, the pumpkin's exposed position in Rabbit's garden seems to put in constant danger. At Tigger's suggestion, Rabbit calls the Super Sleuths to serve as guards for his pumpkin. They're happy to help, but soon realize that standing as 24/7 guards for the pumpkin simply won't be possible. As they work other plans to protect the pumpkin, but it may not be possible to protect it from every danger without spoiling what made it perfect in the first place.moreless
  • Eeyore's Trip To The Moon: While out one night admiring the moon, Eeyore and the Super Sleuths encounter a funny-looking rock. The rock seems to match exactly with the portion of the moon that is missing that night, leading them to think it must have fallen from the moon. They devise an expedition the moon and with the help of their friends, build their very own rocket ship. For his part, Eeyore is looking forward to rolling around in moon clover.

    The Incredible Shrinking Roo: Everyone is confused when the Roo's newest mark on his measuring sunflower turns out to be lower than the previous one. Despite seemingly being a healthy growing boy, it would appear that he's shrunk. They begin to search for a way to get to grow like he should.moreless
  • Porcupine's Pen Pal: Porcupine is excited when her pen pal writes that he's coming for a visit to the Hundred Acre Wood. Her excitement turns to dread, however, when she learns that he's looking forward to giving her a big hug. The Super Sleuths look for ways to soften the sharpness of her quills, but seem to be coming up empty. Then they discover something important about her pen pal.

    Piglet's One Thousand and One Watermelons: Piglet calls the Super Sleuths to solve a big problem: watermelons that have completely filled up his house. Rabbit keeps bringing them over from his garden and Piglet doesn't know how to say "no" when Rabbit offers them so nicely. They decide to throw a party and invite the entire Wood to eat up the watermelons, but Rabbit still keeps bringing them.moreless
  • Chasing Pooh's Rainbow: Pooh has always heard there's a pot of honey waiting at the end of the rainbow, but rainbows always disappear before he can reach their end. He decides to gather the Super Sleuths for help in solving this frustrating problem. They work together to try to discover just what makes a rainbow.

    Lumpy Mixes A Mystery: Lumpy has made a wonderful birdhouse for his Uncle Grumpus, but is missing the purple paint needed to paint it his uncle's favorite color. When he and Roo find that Tigger doesn't have any either, they call the Super Sleuths for help. At first, they try alternate methods of decorating birdhouse purple. It seems, though, that they may already have the needed materials at hand.moreless
  • Super-Sized Darby: Rabbit has come up with what he believes to be his best invention yet --- a Insta-Go-Grow potion for his precious plants. At first it doesn't seem to work, but when some ends up on Darby, she soon grows to the size of a giant. At first, Darby enjoys her new size and finding it helping her when it comes to Super Sleuth cases. It has several drawbacks, however, including the fact that she can't wear her cap. Darby soon finds herself less-than-enamored with her new height.

    Piglet's Lightning Frightening: Since the Super Sleuths are always there to help, Piglet decides to do something nice for them --- giving them a picnic. When rain comes and threatens to spoil it, they move it indoors, but soon it seems as if the host has disappeared. It turns out that he's hiding from all the thunder and lightning. Pooh, Tigger, Darby and Buster work together to help Piglet to see that there's nothing to be afraid of as long as he's safe inside.moreless
  • Darby's Tail: While out playing with her friends, Darby realizes that she lacks something all the others except Pooh have in common --- a tail. She decides she'd like to have one too, but isn't sure how to get one. The gang works together on a number of strategies, including making a tail, and borrowing Eeyore's. As they go about the process, Darby begins to realize something important about tails and what they do for her friends.

    Tigger's Delivery Service: When Tigger helps Rabbit by delivering some vegetables, he finds that he quite enjoys the work. At Rabbit's suggestion, he starts a delivery service and is soon flooded with assignments. He tries to carry on with this and Super Sleuthing duties as well, saying that he doesn't need any help. Darby and Pooh soon start to miss him, however, and he finds himself becoming confused by the constant stream of requests for deliveries.moreless
  • Pooh-Rates of the Hundred Acre Wood: When Lumpy and Roo find what they believe to be a treasure map, they dress up as pooh-rates to being the exciting search. Realizing that they don't know how to interpret the map, they call for the help of the Super Sleuths. After some hard thinking, the group begins their search. They get some help along the way and discovering the surprising truth about the mysterious map.

    Tigger's Hiccup Pickup: When Rabbit throws a rutabaga potluck party, Tigger's ravenous appetite gets the best of him. He eats so quickly that he gets a bad case of the hiccups, putting Rabbit's precious house in jeopardy. Everyone tries their best to help Tigger out, trying traditional remedies such as drinking water and holding your breath. Then, Porcupine, who's a bit late to the party, comes up with an idea that might just solve the problem --- though it'll take some work.moreless
  • Tigger Goes For the Jagular: When Tigger hears Roo telling Lumpy how to paint a jagular, he realizes that he sounds like an exact match for one. Deciding that he's a jagular, he starts behaving in a most un-Tigger-like way --- slinking around and roaring. Darby and Pooh have their hands full as they try to solve a mystery for Rabbit while Tigger is acting in this strange manner.

    Rabbit's New Roomie: When Tigger paints his place, he paints himself into a corner and then learns it'll be a long while before the paint dries. Since Rabbit gave him the paint, he reluctantly agrees to let Tigger stay at his place for a while, but soon regrets it. Tigger is all over the place, and interfering with Rabbit's comfortably ordered lifestyle.moreless
  • You Ain't Just Whistlin' Tigger: While out on a case, the Super Sleuths decide to split up and need a way to signal each other. Darby decides on whistling, which Tigger goes along with even though he can't whistle. When he finally admits his secret, Pooh and Darby agree to help him to learn. Tigger, however, quickly becomes frustrated when he can't master it right away.

    Piglet's Hole Problem: Piglet wakes up one morning to find that the hole he dug for his mailbox has gone missing. He calls the Super Sleuths for help and they come up with several theories as to what happened. They aren't certain, though, just how a hole could go missing and where it could have gone to.moreless
  • Buster's Ruff Day: When Buster leads Darby, Pooh and Tigger to the sleuther siren, they can't figure out what he wants. They decide that there must be some sort of mystery, but aren't certain what it is.

    Lumpy's Pet Project: As the Super Sleuths try to help Rabbit, who is stuck in a tree, Lumpy has an issue of his own. He's looking after his cousin's pet, Max, but isn't sure he's taking good care of him. He asks Darby for help, knowing that she always does a good job taking care of Buster. Darby gives her best advice, but doesn't realize there's an important fact she doesn't know about Max.moreless
  • No Rumbly in Pooh's Tumbly: Pooh finds himself missing the "rumbly" in his "tumbly." He's just woken up from a long nap and found that it's missing. He calls on Tigger, Darby and Busters' help to get to the bottom of the problem. They first have to clarify exactly what it is they're searching for before they can start detecting.

    Pooh Sticks Get Stuck: Pooh and the gang have had some trouble deciding what game to play, but have finally come to a compromise. They decide to go with Pooh Sticks first, but find that their sticks are getting stuck. They discover all of the water has disappeared from one side of the stream in which they traditionally play the game. They decide to investigate to find out what's blocking things up.moreless
  • Eeyore's Sad Day: When Eeyore goes unseen for several days, Piglet and Eeyore become concerned about him. They and the Super Sleuths discover him moping at the top of a hill. They learn that he's especially unhappy because they fall has come and he can no longer roll in his favorite field of dandelions. They decide to try a variety of ways to cheer him up.

    Tigger's Bedtime for Bouncer: When it comes to sleuthing, Tigger is sleeping on the job. He decided he doesn't need to sleep anymore and thus stayed up all night. Now, Pooh and Darby have their hands full trying to get him to take a nap, while also trying to solve the mystery of Rabbit's missing wheelbarrow wheel.moreless
  • Lumpy Spends the Night: Lumpy is spending the night at Roo's, but he's having trouble getting to sleep. When Roo calls the Super Sleuths for help, they realize that familiar things may help him get to sleep. They try a variety of things, but find the problem so challenging that they're almost ready to give up.

    Good Night to Pooh: When Rabbit discovers in a book that bears hibernate, he tries to get Pooh to do it too. The Super Sleuths try to help, but Pooh doesn't seem to be getting to sleep. Rabbit is sure that they just have to keep trying, certain because of what it says in the book.moreless
  • Eeyore's Tale of the Missing Tail: When Eeyore loses his tail, he reluctantly calls for the assistance of the Super Sleuths. They learn that Eeyore was all around the Hundred Acre Wood that morning and so they decide to go talk to all their friends to see if they've found anything. Meanwhile, Lumpy decides to try to make Eeyore a new tail.

    Pooh, Light Up My Life: When Lumpy sees flickering lights in the meadow, he believes he's spotted gobloons. It turns out that what he saw was fireflies, but that gets him to wondering just why it is they flash like that. He and the Super Sleuths decide to investigate this curiosity.moreless
  • Piglet's Piglet's Echo Echo: Piglet believes someone is stuck in a cave after he hears voices coming from inside. When he learns that there's really nobody inside, he's embarrassed at having wasted everyone's time. Later, however, he's able to use what he's learned to discover a real predicament.

    Roo's Kite-Tastrophy: When Roo's kite gets caught in a tree, the Super Sleuths come up with a number of ideas to try to retrieve it. They find that no matter what they try, their best efforts fall short. It's then that they discover that even those that are the best at what they do sometimes need a little help.moreless
  • How to Say I Love Roo: It's "I Love You Day" in the Hundred Acre Wood, a special holiday where everyone expresses their love for each other. Most everyone is giving cards, but Roo completely forgot to do anything at all, even for his mom. He wants to give her a special gift, but isn't sure what to give. His friends suggest gift ideas that suit her interests.

    Piglet's Small Predicament: Too small to join in a ball game, Piglet cheers his friends Pooh, Tigger, Darby and Buster from the sidelines. When the honey pot he's sitting on is stolen out from under him, he wonders who could have taken it. The problem soon turns into a genuine mystery, as Pooh's honey pots are disappearing left and right.moreless
  • Rabbit's Ruta-Wakening: Rutabagas from Rabbit's garden began to disappear. It's a genuine mystery and one that the Super Sleuths are ready and willing to investigate. A few theories emerge as to where the vegetables could be going and Darby decides that an overnight stakeout is the best method of getting to the bottom of the problem.

    Tigger's Shadow of a Doubt: Tigger is devastated when he loses his best bouncing buddy, his shadow. He, Pooh, Darby and Buster try to find it, but come up short on leads. Pooh and Darby try constructing a replacement shadow that he can use until his real one comes back, but it just isn't the same. Tigger is ready to give up bouncing unless his shadow returns.moreless