My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 4

Small's World After All / Darby's Fog-Gone Mystery

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 28, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Small's World After All / Darby's Fog-Gone Mystery
Small's World After All: Rabbit has a guest visiting at his house-- a beetle named Small. He asks Tigger and Pooh to look after the bug while he goes to play checkers with Turtle. When Small gets loose, a meeting of the Super Sleuths is called to try and find them. He sends them all on a wild adventure throughout the Hundred Acre Wood, managing to stay just one step ahead. Darby's Fog-Gone Mystery: A wave of fog has rolled through the Hundred Acre Wood, making it difficult for anyone to see anything or even move about. Roo and Lumpy were looking forward to playing in Rabbit's corn field, but Rabbit won't let them until the fog has lifted. Ready and eager to play, they call on the Super Sleuths, hoping to find a way to lift the fog.moreless

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    • Darby: (looking at a cloud) Just think. We were inside one of those.
      Darby, Tigger and Pooh: (singing) We are floating in a cloud.

    • Pooh: (singing) Over hill and dale / I am a floating in a cloud. (spoken) Tigger, do you happen to know what a dale is?
      Tigger: Hey, I don't even know where my tail is. Kind of hard to see, you know?

    • Lumpy: We're inside a cloud, Roo. This is brilliant.
      Roo: It sure is. I've always dreamed of playing in the clouds.
      Darby: Well, this is our chance.

    • Pooh Perhaps there's some other way to get rid of the fog, though I haven't the foggiest idea what it might be.

    • Pooh: Hello, Rabbit. Hello?
      Tigger: Long Ears?
      Roo: Hi, Super Sleuths!
      Pooh: Hoo. Rabbit sounds quite different in the fog, doesn't he?
      Tigger: Yeah. Maybe he's got a fog in his throat. (laughs at his own joke) A fog in his throat!

    • Tigger: We maybe oughta try a new oath for this occasion. "Anytime, even when foggy, call the Sleuths and their faithful doggy." (Buster yaps.)
      Darby: (giggles) I think our regular oath will do just fine, Tigger.

    • Pooh: I'm rather surprised we can hear the siren through all this fog.
      Darby: Pooh! Fog doesn't make it hard to hear, just hard to see.
      Pooh: Oh, I see... though not very well.

    • Darby: Hey, Rabbit? Can we play with Small again tomorrow? I had a great time today. (Buster yaps.)
      Rabbit: Well, of course.
      Pooh: (yawns widely) I must say, my favorite part of adventuring is the, um, going home afterwords.
      Rabbit: (chuckle) I think Small agrees with you.
      Darby: (whispering) And it looks like this small mystery is history.

    • Tigger: Small is... is missing!
      Darby: Are you sure? Maybe he's just behind a leaf.
      Tigger: No, not leafed. Left! And we promised Long Ears we'd keep our eyeballs on him.

    • Beaver: That young fellow certainly loves his adventuring.
      Tigger: Small?
      Beaver: Sure was. You just missed him.

    • Roo: (dressed as "Pooh-rate") Ahoy there, Super Sleuths!
      Tigger: Certainly hate to bug you, but have you seen a certain bug?

    • Darby: Did Rabbit say anything about Small that might give us a clue where to look for him?
      Pooh: AS I recall, Rabbit said Small loves to go on adventures.
      Tigger: Hey, Lumpster and Roo-boy are always havin' adventures. Maybe Small is adventurizing with 'dem.

    • Tigger: No worries. We'll make sure that Small is not only safe, but sound. And prezactly in that order.

    • Darby: I don't know why Rabbit called us.
      Pooh: Well, I'm quite sure that I know.
      Darby: What's going on?
      Rabbit: Ahem. I asked you here to help me welcome a very dear friend of mine who happens to be visiting this week. Allow me to introduce Small. (He holds up a jar with a beetle inside.)

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    • Episode Title:

      "Small's World After All" is a reference to the song "It's a Small World After All" featured in a ride at Disney parks, such as Disney World.

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