My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 2

Tigger Gets Bounced / Super Sleuths Wait for Ever

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 27, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Tigger Gets Bounced: Annoyed when Tigger's bouncing ruins his vegetable sculpture, Rabbit creates a mechanized bouncing machine called Springs. He challenges Tigger to a bounce-off with Springs, then appoints Springs in charge of all bouncing activities within the Hundred Acre Wood after Tigger loses. Tigger becomes downcast, losing interest in helping out anyone by bouncing, or solving Super Sleuth cases. When Springs suffers a malfunction, however, Tigger is called upon to put a stop to the mechanized menace. Super Sleuths Wait for Ever: When Tigger and Roo get tired of waiting for Kanga's cookies to bake, they call in the talents of the Super Sleuths. They're hoping to find a way to make waiting go faster. As they consult their friends on the problem, they find that they're not the only ones waiting for something to happen that morning. They try many things, but begin to wonder if it might simply not be possible to make waiting go faster.moreless

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    • Pooh: You know, Darby, if one has to wait, it's very nice to have a friend like you to wait with.
      Darby: (gives him a hug) Thanks, Pooh.

    • Rabbit: My new carrots have just sprouted. Look!
      Pooh: (observing the small carrot stalks) Oh, they look, um, delicious, Rabbit.
      Tigger: Oh yeah. I just hope you're not too hungry.
      Rabbit: Oh, uh, they won't be ready to pick and eat for a long time.
      Pooh: Will it take forever?
      Rabbit: Not exactly forever. More like, uh, seven weeks, four days, six hours and fourteen minutes.
      Roo: Wow. Sounds like forever to me.

    • Darby: So where's the mystery? I can't wait to find out what it is.
      Tigger: Aha! That's exactly why I called us! I can't wait either.

    • Kanga: Do you see the clock? The cookies will be done baking when the big hand is on the four.
      Tigger: Oh, well that's easier than peasier. (He grabs the clock and resets it manually to the time Kanga indicated.) Cookies are done!
      Kanga: (resets the clock to the correct time) I'm afraid it doesn't work that way, Tigger. You can't make time go faster. And you don't want to eat cookies that are under-baked, do you?
      Tigger: Aw, but tiggers are no good at waitin'.

    • Rabbit: Tigger, you have to do something! You're the only one who can catch my bouncing machine.
      Tigger: Catch it? I can't even keep up with it. Remember? There was this bounce-off and you said...
      Rabbit: I was wrong! I was wrong! Nothing can bounce like a Tigger. Not even Springs.

    • Beaver: Tigger usually mixes my chocolate milk for me. But, since he quit bouncin'...
      Rabbit: Uh, Tigger really stopped bouncing? Oh my. No! Not milk! My machine isn't supposed to get wet!

    • Darby: (to Pooh) Tigger not bouncing is like you not eating honey.

    • Tigger: (astonished that he has lost the bounce-off to Rabbit's machine) Hoo. Well, how could it? I-- I mean, I just, but-- but nothing can bounce like a Tigger, per se.
      Rabbit: (chuckles) You're right. Springs bounces even better than a Tigger. And from now on, it will take care of all the bouncing the Wood needs.

    • Rabbit: Stop! Can't you just walk places like everyone else? Why do you have to bounce?
      Tigger: Well, on account of bouncin's what Tiggers, namely yours stripedy, do the best. "Why do you have to b--" (chuckles) Besides, the Hundredy Acres needs a lot of bouncin' and if I didn't do it, (stuffs a carrot into Rabbit's mouth) who would? Hoo hoo hoo!
      Rabbit: (spits out the carrot) Yes... who would?

    • Darby: Oh, hi everybody. Buster and I are trying to pick apples, only we just... can't...
      Tigger: (jumps up and grabs an apple) Reach no further, Darb and Buster. I'll grabble those apples in a snap. Hoo hoo hoo hoo.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Tigger: Hold it right there, my springy amigo. With great bouncin' comes great responsibiblity, ya' know?

      This line of Tigger's is a spin on the phrase "with great power comes responsibility," a saying associated with the Spider-Man series. Uncle Ben gave Peter Parker (Spider-Man) this advice in the 2002 film.