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My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 11

Tigger's Day at the You-See-Um / Skunk's Non-Scents

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jan 31, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Tigger's Day at the You-See-Um / Skunk's Non-Scents
Tigger's Day at the You-See-Um: When Darby arrives in the Hundred Acre Wood buzzing about a trip to the museum, Tigger decides that it would be a fun idea to start a "you-see-um" in the Hundred Acre Wood. Rabbit, however, is unimpressed by his collection of sticks and rocks, telling him that a museum should contain special things. Tigger calls together the Super Sleuths, hoping that they can find a woozle egg. The group sets out on an adventure and discovers many interesting things along the way. Skunk's Non-Scents: Embarrassed that he doesn't have a smelly stench like his parents or siblings, Skunk calls on the help of the Super Sleuths. They reluctantly agree to help him, understanding how much having a stench means to a skunk. They find various smelly things to attach to Skunk, but being to realize that they're approaching the problem the wrong way.moreless

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      • Skunk: I did it! I made a smelly stench because I thought I needed to protect my friends! Guess I was acting on instinct.
        Tigger: Instinked, all right.

      • Darby: Instead of asking how to help Skunk have a smelly stench, maybe we should be asking why skunks have a smelly stench in the first place.
        Beaver: Known a lot of skunks in my day. Once made the mistake of making one mad at me. Sprayed me good. You see, skunks make a stench when they get mad or scared or want to protect themselves or their friends. Hmm, yeah.

      • Tigger: Aw, the poor guy. He's like a stuffed-up nose. He just can't smell.
        Darby: Or maybe we've been asking the wrong question.

      • Tigger: Hoo-hoo! Did you see that? You had donkey-boy running off fast as a... uh, donkey running fast. That's what you call a metaphor.
        Skunk: Whatever it's called, it worked! Ha ha, I've finally got a smelly stench of my own! Thank you, Super Sleuths.
        Pooh: And another mystery is...
        Woodpecker: Whoa! Is that a... a cheese ball? (He pecks the cheese ball off Skunk's tail and eats it.)
        Pooh: ...um, not history.

      • Tigger: Aw, I kinda feel bad for the little smeller. Being a skunk without a stench is... well, it's like being a Tigger without a bounce.
        Pooh: Or a Pooh Bear without his honey.

      • Skunk: (singing) A stench of my own / A stench I can own / I wish that I had a smell oh so bad / It'd make people groan.

      • Darby: There's nobody around. I wonder who called us.
        Skunk: It was me. The name's Skunk. Because I'm a... well, you know.
        Tigger: Whoa, whoa, stay back! Ya' gotta keep away from skunkish types, 'cause they have a really smelly stench! You know, as in "pee-yew!" Uh, no offense, of course.
        Skunk: Well, I don't have a smelly stench, and that's a problem.

      • Rabbit: (observing a rock that is part of Tigger's "you-see-um) Oh my, is that a fossil?
        Tigger: Quite fossibly.
        Darby: I think so, Rabbit.

      • Tigger: It's not a what-you-see-um, it's a how-you-see-um.

      • Pooh: I don't know, Tigger. I think the Wood is a very special place. (chuckles as a butterfly tickles his nose) Even if we didn't find a woozle egg.

      • Tigger: This is lots of not an egg. Unless it's hard-boiled.
        Darby: Tigger, that's a rock!
        Pooh: But a very lovely rock. Look at all those lines!
        Darby: Whoa, those must have taken a gazillion years to make.
        Tigger: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, but I need to find something rare and special! Come on, let's keep looking.

      • Tigger: Rabbit says my you-see-um isn't special enough. I need to get something nobody's ever seen before. Uh, but that's about as easy as finding a woozle's egg.
        Pooh: Oh my. Whew, I've never even seen a woozle egg.
        Tigger: Me neither. Oh, oh! That's that. I mean, I'm it! I mean, Topeka! Let's find a woozle egg!

      • Rabbit: Rocks, sticks, Pooh bears? We can see those things all the time.
        Tigger: Well, the bear's not actually part of the display, per se.
        Rabbit: A real museum needs special things. Uh, things that are interesting and one-of-a-kind! What's interesting about a stick?

      • Pooh: (accidentally sticking his head in a honey pot) Oh, goodness, is it nighttime already?

      • Tigger: Say, the Hundredy Acres doesn't have a you-see-um, does it?
        Darby: I don't think so.
        Tigger: Well, that settles it. I am going to start our very own you-see-um, right here and right now!

      • Darby: Hey guys, guess where I was!
        Tigger: Well, if I had to guess, I'd say you were just right here.
        Darby: (giggles) I mean before then!
        Tigger: (pointing) Over here?
        Darby: I was at the museum.
        Tigger: A you-see-um?

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