My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 26

Tigger's Invitation Frustration / Darby's Halloween Case

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Oct 24, 2009 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The characters' Halloween costumes in "Darby's Halloween Case" were as follows:

      Darby - Cat
      Buster - Lumpy
      Tigger - Rabbit
      Pooh - Vampire
      Piglet - Super Sleuth
      Turtle - Jack-o-Lantern
      Porcupine - Fairy Princess

      Rabbit came dressed as himself, though Tigger forced a clown nose onto him. Once Darby, Tigger, Pooh and Buster got changed for their Super Sleuth case, Darby was the only one of them who retained any elements of her costume.

    • Given its Halloween theme, this episode will repeat a number of times after its original broadcast on Playhouse Disney, including on both the day before Halloween and Halloween itself.

  • Quotes

    • Rabbit: Small?!
      Pooh: And all his ant friends.
      Piglet: You were right, Darby. There was no need to be afraid. I guess Small was just having a party of his own.

    • Turtle: I'm awful sorry, everybody. I had no idea my cave was haunted.

    • Darby: Do you think we should... r-r-run?
      Rabbit: I'm trying to, heh heh, but my legs aren't moving. Heh.
      Tigger: Tiggers never run. But in this case I'll walk really fast.

    • Darby: Maybe if we split up, we could do a better search.
      Tigger: I think it's better if we all split up, uh, together.

    • Darby: I just wish this case wasn't scary.
      Tigger: Hoo! Scary means nothin' to a Tigger! Scooter the way to... (Buster whines and Tigger's voice quavers.) Turtle's cave.

    • Pooh: What are you supposed to be Rabbit?
      Rabbit: I don't dress up on Halloween. I always come as myself, thank you very much.
      Tigger: Bu-but, well, you gotta wear a costume, Ra Ra. It's the law! Besides, we can' both be you. Hoo hoo! It's kinda confuserating.

    • Piglet: I'm always scared on Halloween. Oh d-d-dear!
      Pooh: No need to be scared tonight. You're a Super Sleuth.

    • Darby: Who do you think Tigger is dressed as?
      Tigger: (as Rabbit) I didn't get one single carrot!

    • (Tigger, thinking that he isn't invited to Lumpy's party, has created his own little party and is talking to a stick, a rock and a leaf.)

      Tigger: Twiggy, would you please pass a piece o' cake? I know you'd never eat yours. Why, you're stick thin. (giggles) Get it?! 'Cause you're stick... ergh. Oh, it's no use. Sticks and stones might break my bones, but de're no fun at a party.

    • Tigger: (sobbing) No, Lumpy never sent me an invitation. He just doesn't want a Tigger at his party.
      Pooh: Well, I'm sure the invitation will show up. Maybe tomorrow.

    • Tigger: You mean everybody was invited except me? (Small flies by, humming and carrying an invitation.) That's just great.
      Darby: Tigger, Lumpy would never leave you out on purpose. There must be another reason you didn't get your invitation.

    • Tigger: We've got a lot of frustration and not a smidge of invitation.

    • Darby: Okay, Tigger. Since everybody else got their invitations at home, maybe you didn't get yours because you weren't at home.
      Pooh: Well, I'm sure it arrived after you left, Tigger.
      Tigger: I knew Lumpster wouldn't forget me. To the Casa de Tigre!

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