My Friends Tigger & Pooh

Season 2 Episode 24

You're a Big Boy, Roo / Turtle's for the Birds

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Sep 27, 2009 on Disney Channel
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You're a Big Boy, Roo / Turtle's for the Birds
You're a Big Boy, Roo: Roo is given an important job by his Mom-- to pick up her pouch watch from Rabbit who has been repairing it. Roo gets the watch, but then loses it when he stops to play. Worried that his Mom won't think him a big boy anymore, he calls on the Super Sleuths to help him find it. They assist him with his problem, but then a later problem comes up that he can only solve on his own. Turtle's for the Birds: Turtle loves birdwatching and draws the birds that he watches, but there's one bird that he's never seen. The rare flume-plumed speckled boom-whacker. It only comes to the Wood once a year on its way south. When it seemingly gets scared away, he becomes disappointed, so the Super Sleuths try to cheer him up.moreless

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      • Darby: If you want to attract a bird, you have to think like a bird.

      • Turtle: (singing) Boom-whacker-whacker, how I wish you'd stayed / Oh, boom-whacker -whacker, you boom-whacked my heart today.
        Tigger: That is the most prettiest dittiest I ever hearigated.

      • Tigger: Question, Shell-boy. How you gonna know this boomchacha when you see it? You know, seein' as how you've never seen it, per se.
        Turtle: By its sound. See, boom-whackers got a real distinct song.

      • Turtle: Well, I'll be a monkey on a mudslide! I done me spotted me a bird.

      • Tigger: A rock! And it's moving! (whispers) Laws of nature no longer apply.
        Darby: (giggles) It's not a rock, Tigger. It's Turtle. He's birdwatching. Turtle likes to look for birds and draw their pictures.

      • Roo: Hey, look, it's the watch!
        Tigger: Eureka!
        Pooh: There you are.
        Roo: It's not broken or anything. And you know what else? My Mom doesn't even have to know I lost it.
        Tigger: You mean you're not gonna tell her?
        Roo: Well, if I tell her then she'll know I didn't take good care of watch like I said I would. And she won't think I'm a big boy anymore. What do I do, Sleuths?
        Pooh: (sighs) I am afraid, Roo, this is a problem that not even we Sleuths can solve for you.
        Tigger: Yep. You kinda gotta Tigger this one out on your own, pal.

      • Darby: Okay, so how do we find Roo's biscuits?
        Pooh: Well, I've always found biscuits... to be rather wonderful.

      • Roo: I told my Mom I'd be responsible and I'm a big boy and I'd take care of the watch. Now it's lost!
        Darby: It's okay, Roo, 'cause we're gonna help you find it.

      • Roo: I'll put the watch inside the basket to make extra sure that it stays safe.
        Rabbit: Heh heh. Clever boy.
        Roo: I'm a big boy! My Mom even said so.

      • Kanga: (to Roo) Such a big boy. (The scene changes to Rabbit's where Roo has gotten the pouch watch fixed.)
        Rabbit: Now, what I've done is recalibrated the main spring and synchronized the second hand for superior precision.
        Roo: But did you fix it?

      • Roo: Sorry, everybody. I can't play.
        Tigger: What do you mean you can't?!
        Darby: How come, Roo?
        Roo: I've got a big important job to do for my Mom.

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