My Generation

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on ABC

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  • This can go down-hill any time.

    A Mocumentary style drama about the lives of nine people who graduated ten years ago. Seems like it can go any direction, but one would expect it to go south. Surprisingly it doesn't. I agree with a few of my friends who think that nobody want to see a show about failed dreams and lost ambitions, but in most cases that's exactly how life goes. Predicting something that's going to happen ten years from now is a big gamble. Sadly, it doesn't pay off well for any of the characters in this series. It is a little difficult to understand which direction the writers want us to go - I mean I couldn't settle on whether the show was a dramedy and poking fun at itself or was it supposed to be serious, because there was a complete contrast in most parts of the show. The wine tasting scene was smart and funny but there were moments in the show which were just plain sad (I mean literally, not like "Dude, your hair looks sad!")What works for the show is some of the stories seem real and the actors do a nice job at playing these characters (read Kennith) and it does seem like the show has some heart and even though their dreams are not yet realized, all is not lost and there's still some hope for these guys. Now that is what I'm going to look forward to in the next episode. What doesn't work is the really dark mood & setting, the documentary crew who seem like annoying reality show stalkers and the indecision on the part of the writers about which direction to sail in.

    BTW, My favorite quote in the episode "I like to read but never books."
  • A documentary crew films a group of high school graduates from Austin and returns 10 years later to discover where they have gone and what they have become.

    I've watched it while doing other stuff (too much to watch and too much to do !) and if it was really good I will have really watched it but it wasn't that at all. I was really bored by this show even if I thought the idea was really interesting and made me think of what I was doing in 2000. And this comparison between the characters in 2000 and what they are know is quite a good idea and they use some dates that were a turning point of their life. On the paper this show could be really good with the documentory like filming and all but in reallity it is a disappointment.