My Ghost Story

Saturday 10:00 PM on The Biography Channel Premiered Jul 17, 2010 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • Investigators capture blood-curdling screams at a former lunatic asylum where sinister medical procedures were performed in nearby caves; a ghost hunting team develops shocking video of a dark entity called "The Creeper"; a woman and her friend hear a haunting EVP of ancient Native Americans chanting; and paranormal events in a building that once was home to a Satanic cult terrify workers at Zips Printing, the current occupants of the house.moreless
    • Investigators fear an evil entity has trapped the spirits of children inside an old boys' school; the souls of the dead killed in a train wreck may be haunting a Pennsylvania school; an estate owner becomes too frightened to stay in the home alone when strange whispers in the house turn to screams; and a ghost hunter investigating a pool hall finds evidence of full-bodied apparitions and the paranormal energy of a woman who was once--and still may be--a customer.moreless
    • A terrifying invisible force invades a former nursing home; a house is haunted by a girl who can be seen in a century-old picture pictured of the house; dark spirits harass the owner of a Massachusetts home; the former residents of a Kansas asylum still roam its halls; and a universe of unexplainable orbs are captured on camera at an old Civil War building in Kentucky.moreless
    • An investigator captures a terrifying photo of an apparition thought to have been part of a Ku Klux Klan lynch mob; a saloon of lost souls marks the site of one of the worst fires in American history; visitors hear the sound of children crying in closets in Tennessee's "Enchanted Castle"; the ghost of a child named Middy, who always appears blue, haunts a former Civil War field hospital; and a terrified wife discovers that an angry spirit is out to get her husband.moreless
    • 8/26/13
      The ghosts of inmates executed in the gas chambers of a Missouri penitentiary can be heard crying out, "Let me out!"; red orbs appearing near a woman warn her that something terrible is about to happen to her husband; and guests at a New Jersey hotel swear they've heard the sound of furniture being moved in empty rooms and seen impressions form on their beds as if someone were lying in them.moreless
    • 8/19/13
      Two former classmates return to their old, abandoned high school and discover the ghost of the old janitor is still on the job. Plus, an ancient shapeshifting demon torments a woman; a spirit with the macabre name of Elvira haunts a Missouri mansion; and when a paranormal team captures spectacular photographic evidence of a mother and child who have been separated in the afterlife, they make a dramatic effort to reunite them and free their tortured souls.moreless
    • 8/4/13
      A man captures the ghostly image of a woman who was killed in a car crash hugging the tree that struck her car; supernatural activity haunts a famous pub where a portion of the film "Casablanca" was filmed; a woman who captures flying orbs with her camera is shocked to discover her daughter sees the same orbs with her eyes; and investigators confirm rumors that a hotel is haunted by the ghost of a maid who cleans the rooms and a boy who walks through the walls.moreless
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