My Ghost Story

Saturday 10:00 PM on The Biography Channel Premiered Jul 17, 2010 Between Seasons





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  • I love this show when I'm really bored

    I don't take everything this show provides as evidence very seriously, but bless their hearts they try so hard to convince the viewer that *IS* a face in that orb or that EVP *did* say what they put in the subtitles. I find the show really amusing for when I want to relax, get my ghost on, and not deal with over dramatic productions of events. It's an entertaining show for when you don't want to be that invested in the characters or super long stories.
  • I go both ways on this show

    While some of the shots and evps are amazing some are so obviously nothing but glares dust particles I also hate when people swear its this certain person or that certain person. I do love the paranormal but I like obvious proof not assumptions.
  • Talking about orbs

    This show would be good if they would stop people talking about orbs. Or, at least educate them on what orbs are. There has never been 1 proven fact that orbs are spirits. I am a case manager for our group and i have been doing this for 12 yrs. I can show you 50 differnt things that causes orbs. All these things people are saying are spirirts are mostly dust particals. People dont realize, when you walk into a room you kick up dust. it takes along time for it to settle. When you take a picture, it will show up. Even if you didnt walk in, dust still does move around. We have proven this to many people. It is sicking to hear this on your show all the time. I know you must know by now this is true and you let it be told that way. If you do know, please tell the people what you know about it or have someone educate them in it. hell, they can call me and i would love to have anyone know the the other hand, there are ones you can see in total darkness and you will see a tiny green, yellowish orange color flashes without cameras or lights on. These could be spirits, but again. No one has ever proven one to be that. Until that day does come, this is what we have to believe on a scientific level and a level headed one also. Ignorance is not a good thing. Definition of a orb is a round object. My name is Todd and my # is, 832-752-8987. Feel free to call me if you want to or pass it on to ones on your show. Thank you.
  • Series allows regular people to tell the stories about encountering ghosts and the paranormal


    I like this show, I like it a lot. While one person may say we have too many paranormal TV shows out there, here comes one with the most simple premise: people telling their stories accompanied by recreations and amateur video. Most of the stories feature haunted locations, but a few involve visitations and psychic activity. The series is run through the yearon Bio Channel Saturdays in a block with Celebrity Ghost Stories whereas most channels only trot their paranormal TV shows out around Halloween. Definitely worth watching if you like this stuff.

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