My Goldfish is Evil

Saturday 11:55 PM on CBC Premiered Jan 01, 2006 In Season


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  • Allright cartoon

    My Goldfish Is Evil! is an allright cartoon. It is about an evil villainous goldfish who wants to take over the world. Admiral Bubbles lives in a fish bowl (though manages to escape by many ingenious ways) owned by Beanie. Beanie has a friend and attends school. His 'nemesis' is Desmona whom he doesn't much like, but Admiral Bubbles stirs up a lot of trouble and Beanie must forget his ordinary school life in order to stop his evil plans. Beanie has a mother who makes many appearances. He lives in a city and much of the action takes place there. Admiral Bubbles plans to take over the world are varied and often involve big machines or grand schemes, but Beanie always manages to defeat him in the end. All in all an allright show. Not terribly interesting but not terribly boring either. An allright show which is not that bad. I don't much care for the theme music. The opening titles are somewhat allright but a bit dull. The animation style is a trifle bland but allright.