My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Season 1 Episode 11

Bubble or Nothing / Up All Night

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 12, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Bubble or Nothing: The episode starts with Adam being attacked by wild animals in the school. While running from them, he comes across Jake swimming in a lake, and Adam tell him that he's sick of the school. In an attempt to get moved back to his old school, he tells the nurse he is allergic to all kinds of animals, and needles. But Principal Pixiefrog sees right through Adam's trick, and insists on putting Adam in a bubble. Jake soon notices Adam's bubble, and everyone soon gets one, except for Jake, who gets run over by elephants in a bubble fighting over donuts. Soon, Jake tells Adam that he has but one final request - a bubble, because if he doesn't get one, he'll die - of embarrassment. So Adam, once again, goes to Nurse Gazelle and asks for another bubble. But she tells them they're out of them, and after hearing that Jake will die - of embarrassment, she hatches up an idea and put Jake in Adam's bubble. While stuck in the bubble, Jake and Adam attempt to get to their classes, but realize it is impossible. So they both agree to stay put, but later that night, they are still at the school, until they fall asleep and start snoring, loudly. The next day, Adam is seen laying flat on the floor, still snoring loudly and drooling a lot, until Jake wakes him up by spitting soda in his face. Then they start to argue about who leaves the bubble, until they realize that Adam may be allergic to Jake. So, once again , they go to Nurse Gazelle and Adam tells her the truth about not being allergic to the animals, but being allergic to Jake, or bubbles. So, Principal Pixiefrog, afraid of being sued, puts Adam back in the class of animals also allergic to bubbles. Then they start chasing Adam and he ends up in a lake to see Jake still in the bubbles. The episode ends. Up All Night: The episode starts with Adam taking out the trash at his house, when he gets shot with a paint ball on his shirt. He tries to see who it is, and realizes it was Kerry who shot him, and she considers it an invite to a paint ball convention with her and her dad, but he must be ready by 7 the next day. Meanwhile, at school, Adam is spaced out all day, thinking about how his "date" with Kerry will go. That night, he is getting ready for bed when the doorbell rings and all his friends show up. They say that Adam said that they should have a sleepover. Adam tells them he has a date with Kerry the next day and he has to go to bed early. They all agree. They soon decide to play pranks calls. Adam prank calls Lupe and Ingrid, pretending to be Principal Pixiefrog, but they don't fall for it. After that, Adam falls asleep on the couch and has a dream about his big day, until Jake wakes him up and asks if he has some extra money for pizza. As soon as Adam takes a bite out of the pizza, Jake adds some bugs onto it. Later, while Adam is sleeping again, he is awoken by his friends watching a movie. Later, he is woken up again when they see them playing video games. Jake complains that he can't get past the first level, but Adam shows them how to make it past. Then, he is surprised to see that he is wide awake. So they all play fun games together, like beauty salon. Slips then prank calls Bull Sharkowski, but he doesn't fall for it and tells him he's gonna beat Slips up. Jake then calls Pirncipal Pixiefrog, impersonating - Principal Pixiefrog. He tells him that school is canceled next week and that he shouldn't come to school. Pixiefrog falls for this and says it was nice of him to cancel school. Then, Jake put Adam to bed where he sleeps on the couch for the rest of the night while the others leave. Adam hears the doorbell the next day, and he rushes to get ready. He then opens the door, only to find Jake, covered in paint. Then Adam looks at the clock, and it reads 11:30, and he realizes he slept through his date. Jake tells him that he was so tired that he thought it wasn't a good idea to wake him. Then he tells Adam Kerry wanted to tell him something - hi. Adam gets mad and shuts the door on Jake, and Jake asks if their next sleepover was cancelled. The scene switches over to Principal Pixiefrog relaxing on the beach. Then he gets a call from Mrs. Warthog, asking him where he is. He tells her that he's on the beach and that school was cancelled. She asks "Who told you that?" He responded, "I did." Then he responds, "Hey, wait a minute!" realizing he's been tricked. The episode ends.
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