My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 11/27/08
      Adam discovers that his animal friends do not share his enthusiasm for Thanksgiving.
    • A Whole Zoo World
      Episode 13
      Adam trains to be a professional zookeeper over his summer vacation, but he soon discovers that his friends resent those in his profession.
    • 7/27/08
      Wild Thing: A human girl who claims to be raised by possums attends Charles Darwin Middle School. Lonely Lyon: The students try to act more human when they fear Adam might leave the school.
    • Oh Henry
      Oh Henry
      Episode 1.2
      It's time for Henry to return home to Greenland, bringing pompous white tiger Alistair back to CDMS. Adam and the gang pull out all the stops to try to convince Henry to stay.
    • A Very Special Boy: Adam tries to get his "Special" status at school removed, which makes Adam regret his decision soon after. Knights of the Multiplication Table: Phinnius Porpoise daydreams that he and his friends are knights, (with Adam as a jester narrator,) trying to save Lady Warthog from a Spider-Dragon. (Which is actually Jake.)moreless
    • 9/17/07
      Adam insults Rufus Hyena, causing the chronic laugher to become a chronic cryer. Rufus' sorrow drives everyone crazy, and it's up to Adam to make Rufus laugh again.
    • 5/25/08
      Singing, dancing and life lesson learning are the order of the day in this spoof on one of the most famous/infamous made for T.V. movies ever made! Jake wishes for a musical life and David Coppertrout grants his wish. But is Jake`s wish going to backfire when he learns that he can`t rhyme? Or will his friends be able to help Jake Spidermonkey find his inner rhythm through their helpful songs? One thing's for sure, Adam Lyon and the rest of his friends are going to give it all they've got!moreless
    • Where In the World Are Adam's Parents? : The animals at Charles Darwin Middle School begin to become suspicious when they notice that Adam Lyon's parents are a consistent no-show whenever Adam is doing something that most parents would want to attend. So Jake, Windsor, and Slips decide to spy on Adam to see what they can find out. Mountain Dude: Mr. Mandrill notices that motivation at C.D.M.S. is down, so he gets a famous, former alumni who is a mountain goat named Billy Daniels, and he lives his life to the extreme. However, all of Billy's talk about living life like a mountain goat makes Jake Spidermonkey convinced that life would be much more fun as a mountain goat than as a spider-monkey, so Jake starts to live like a mountain goat. Now Mr. Mandrill must get Adam's help and work together in doing everything they can to get Jake back to normal.moreless
    • 4/24/08
      Human Behavior: Today is mid-terms at Charles Darwin Middle School, and Adam actually manages to pass all his tests with flying colors. But all the studying and preparation he had to do for the tests has put a strain on Adam's brain, and now he can't stop acting wild! While it's always been Jake's dream to have a wild friend, it soon becomes a nightmare when Adam becomes too much for Jake to handle. Even worse, Adam has already pre-planned to go to the Chester Arthur Middle School debutante ball with Kerry, and Kerry doesn't want Adam acting wild. So Jake, in order to save his reputation as a good friend to Adam, promises to Kerry that no matter what, Jake will tame and re-train Adam to be civilized. Will Jake's efforts be successful? Four Eyed Jake: Adam discovers that Jake has bad eyesight and knows that his friend needs to get his condition treated right away! However, when Jake gets eyeglasses, it changes how his friends see him as they begin to shun him. Since Adam doesn't want to see his friend get shunned, he decides to help Jake level the playing field by helping Jake find out the weaknesses of everyone at Charles Darwin. But is this a good idea?moreless
    • 4/17/08
      Synch or Swim: Jake Spidermonkey wants to be on the C.D.M.S. Synchronized Swimming Team, but Principal Pixiefrog won't let him since Jake isn't an aquatic animal. But when Jake learns about animals called Sea Simians, he decides to buy some so that he can coach his own swimming team. Of course, Jake's Sea Simians are nothing like Jake thought they would be, and Jake decides to flush them down a toilet. Unfortunately, Jake makes a big mistake in doing this as Sea Simians turn out to be just like locusts as they really irritate the aquatic students! Can Adam figure out a solution to this problem? Lyon's Anatomy: Recently, Principal Pixiefrog's rival Principal Wolverine just got promoted to be the Superintendent of the school branch that C.D.M.S. belongs to. And when Superintendent Wolverine learns Nurse Gazelle isn't qualified to be a nurse because she never actually finished Middle School, Gazelle is fired and Wolverine demands a replacement! Seeing no other alternative, Principal Pixiefrog decides to stand in as a male nurse and gets Adam and Jake to become Substitute Co-Principals. Is Principal Pixiefrog making a good decision?moreless
    • Hygiene Hijinks: When Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski comes to Charles Darwin after an orthodontist appointment, Adam and Jake notice some changes. Bull's braces are gone, and his personality has completely changed. Now he's no longer bullying other students and wants to give helpful advice to others. However, that advice includes making fun of Adam Lyon's fashion choices, and Adam doesn't like it! Is there any way to get the old Virgil back? Mandrill of the House: Windsor feels both threatened and creeped out by the fact that his single mom is dating Mr. Mandrill! Despite Mr. Mandrill's attempts to reach Windsor and show him how much they have in common, Windsor refuses to believe that Mr. Mandrill's intentions are purely good. But when Windsor looks in the glove compartment of Mr. Mandrill's car, he sees a small gift, and he fears the worst! Windsor fears that his mom will be proposed to by Mr. Mandrill, and Windsor doesn't want to have that happen! Is Windsor jumping to conclusions too soon?moreless
    • 3/30/08
      Adam Lyon is excited because he's going to get to go to a new clown-themed park in the town of Beulah, North Dakota over spring break! At least, that's what he thinks is going to happen, yet there is a problem. Mrs. Warthog has quit her job and leaves for Hawaii to become crowned a queen! Principal Pixiefrog needs Mrs. Warthog to do the filing on all of the bird students returning from their migration south in the winter however, and Jake Spidermonkey has discovered that the trip Mrs. Warthog has won is actually an Internet scam to lure unsuspecting pigs to barbecue luau's where people can cook them and eat them! So Jake Spidermonkey 'gently' coax's Adam Lyon into going to Hawaii with him to rescue her, while Windsor, Slips, Lupe, and Ingrid just come along for the free trip. Meanwhile, in the B story, Kerry has to sit and watch as the rest of the Charles Darwin Middle School staff futily try to control all the bird students.moreless
    • Adam's Penguin Poem
      Today, Adam must present what he knows about poetry by presenting a penguin-themed poem in his course. But will his choice of words be accepted or will they be laughed at?
    • The Notorious Windsor Gorilla: After Adam Lyon paints Windsor T. Gorilla, the smart primate finds himself in the big time as he's now got fame! But Windsor might have to learn the hard way that fame can be all too fleeting. Ingrid Through The Out Door: Ingrid is moved up to high school after a growth spurt makes her too tall for the C.D.M.S. halls. And high school proves to be much more difficult for Ingrid then middle school was! Is there any possible way that she can survive this ordeal?moreless
    • 9/19/07
      The Ivy League: Jake has a hard time adjusting after he's transferred to Creeping Broad-Leaf Sedge Middle School, which is a school for plants. Robo Frog 3000: A robot replaces Pixiefrog as the principal, and later, robots replace the entire faculty of Charles Darwin Middle School! Is this a part of some sinister plot?moreless
    • My Feral Lyon: Adam joins an after-school club for tough cats but later finds himself as a scapegoat for the cats' greed when the cats try to steal everything out of Charles Darwin Middle School. Can Adam stop them? A Mid Semester Life's Dream: Adam and his friends try to cure Miss Chameleon of her stage fright so that she can finally try out for an audition with her favorite idol. But in order to do that, they have to lift some of Miss Chameleon's other fears before she is ready to face and hopefully conquer her stage fright.moreless
    • The Hyena and the Mighty/Oh Henry
      The Hyena and the Mighty: Rufus the Hyena starts to cry non-stop after Adam Lyon insults Rufus, so Adam tries various antics to restore Rufus' ability to laugh. Oh Henry: A white tiger named Alistair is about to return to Charles Darwin Middle School, which is forcing Henry to go back his home in Greenland, and if Henry leaves, Adam is going to go against his will to Siberia. So Adam now has to get his other students to help convince Henry to stay at Charles Darwin.moreless
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