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My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Season 3 Episode 8

Flesh Fur Fantasy / Substitute Sweetheart

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 29, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Flesh Fur Fantasy / Substitute Sweetheart
Flesh Fur Fantasy: Adam gets a job in a Gorilla costume. Substitute Sweetheart: Jake has a crush on a substitute teacher.

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  • This Show BLOWS!

    What was that?! This was on Cartoon Planet?! That was one of the worst things we ever saw aire on TV! It's worse than Baby Looney Tunes and Squirrel Boy. This is such an overrated show, it shouldn't even be giving 10.0 reviews by it should be rated ZER0!!! This was the era when CN started using crack. Shows from the olden days are WAAAY better than this mud puttle. We cant believe I thought this show would be good when it first aired, but it was so terrible, it only lasted a little more than a month. It's also a ripoff of Ren & Stimpy, it used Ren & Stimpy humor but only worser. This show makes some mediocre ChalkZone episodes look interesting.moreless
  • ha ha... huh

    This episode was boring beyond boring it wasn't painful to watch but no edge a little originality but that was it. It was like a a bad fiction story written by a 4th grader they have lost there humor so far. The 1st was like Huh. Why would people give a 12 year old a job but wait its a cartoon. The second was worse that i wont even describe it sorry, this episode just shows gross out and Juvenile humor like a live action Disney channel show like Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana. This episode was just No good.That is it gotta fly.moreless
  • And when it's 'Average,' the show's great, but when this show is 'Above Average,' the show is really, Really Great! :idea:

    I don't want people putting down the great animated show called "My Gym Partner's a Monkey!" Nobody puts Jake Spidermonkey in a corner! :lol: Sorry, I couldn't resist referencing the 1987 hit movie "Dirty Dancing" there! :D Anyways, this episode is great! It deals with feelings! Specifically, Windsor's feelings are explored as Adam unintentionally hurts his feelings when he wears a gorilla costume. Of course, Adam is only doing it to earn money for concert tickets to take his main squeeze Kerry out on a date to see a performer she really loves. But Windsor feels that by Adam performing as a gorilla, is hurting the job opportunities of gorillas around the world (or at least the city they live in.) So Windsor decides that turn-around is fair play and dons a human costume. He tries to take away the things that Adam usually does, but of course it's not working because everything that Windsor is doing in Adam's stead is stuff that Adam finds degrading! But ultimately, Adam doesn't have to wear the costume anymore when he earns enough money, but someone beats him to the tickets! And when Adam complains about the performer he wanted to see but now can't, Windsor reveals that it was He in the human costume who bought the last two tickets, but the only reason he did that was because noramlly, gorillas get in for free but he's been banned from attending a single other concert performance given by this singer all because he couldn't control himself. But Windsor realizes that what he felt Adam did to him, is exactly what Windsor did to Adam and Windsor had no right to do that. Fortunately, Adam has a way the both of them can win! Adam in his gorilla costume gets in for free while Windsor in his human costume with Kerry use their tickets to get in! Too bad Windsor couldn't control himself again! And what happens when Jake falls head over heels in love with a seemingly frail but surprisingly strong primate? The answer will surprise you! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • An average episode

    This episode was boring beyond boring it was't painful to watch but no edge a little oraginality but that was it. It was lika a bad fiction story writtrn by a 4th grader they have lost there hunor so far. The 1st was like Huh. Why would people give a 12 year old a job but wait its a cartoon. The second was worse that i wont even describe it sorry, this episode just shows gross out and Juvrnile humor like a live action disney channel show like Zack and Cody and Hannnah Montanna. This episode was just No good.That is it and this is the Vamp Review Adios!moreless
Nika Futterman

Nika Futterman

Adam Lyon, Miss Chameleon

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Jake Spidermonkey, Henry Armadillo

Rick Gomez

Rick Gomez

Windsor, Slips

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Principal Pixiefrog, Mr. Mandrill, Cyrus Q. Hornbill

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Ingrid Giraffe, Lupe Toucan, Mrs. Warthog

Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Eugenia Tusk, LaTanya Hippo, Various

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Jiminy Japoopy

Guest Star

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Hannah Slenderloris, Various

Guest Star

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Running gags in this episode:
      1. In Flesh Fur Fantasy, Windsor keeps saying: "This could've been you" and Adam doesn't see what the big deal is.
      2. In Substitute Sweetheart, Jake Spidermonkey continually tries to get Miss Slenderlois' attention and Adam keeps saying that what Jake is doing is a cliche.

    • End Credits: Jake Spidermonkey is staring at Hannah Slenderlois lovingly, then he jumps up into the air towards her, trying to kiss her, until Hannah Slenderlois karate chops him, ending his effort.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Windsor gives Adam Lyon two Jiminy Japoopy concert tickets) Adam sympathetically: You're giving these tickets, to me? Even after I hurt you so? Windsor: No more than I hurt you, my friend. I do not want to interfere with the you have with your special lady for anything. (They hug) Adam: Say! You said all other gorillas get in for free, right? I think I know a way that this can be a win-win for both of us!

    • (Everyone in the Foraging course room is acting wild except for Adam) Jake: Hey Adam! Why so normal?! Adam: You guys do this every single time a teacher isn't around! When Miss Loon leaves the room, you guys go crazy; when Mr. Hornbill has to use the restroom, you guys go crazy; and whenever Miss Chameleon dissapears, you guys go crazy! Jake: Because there's no pack leader!

    • Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski: Miss Slenderloris, I don't want to karate chop my desk. I'll get splinters! Ingrid jumps from her desk, chopping it with her hand, and chopping one behind her with her neck) Ingrid: Hi-yah! That felt good! (All of the students except Adam and Jake begin karate chopping their desks) Adam: Miss Hannah, what does karate chopping our desk in half have to do with foraging? Miss Slenderloris: Before you learn how to forage for food, you must learn how to forage for your soul! Adam: Of course! How obvious.

    • Mr. Mandrill to Adam: What can I tell you about love? Love is a cruel mistress. Women will tell you that they're interested, but that they just want to be friends with you. Oh sure, you can share coffee with them, attend an orgainic mushroom course with them or, get them a job at the Middle School where you work. But it doesn't matter, she'll still leave you cold and alone and leave you wondering: "Why, why?! WHY WASN'T I GOOD ENOUGH for HER?!"

    • Jake Spidermonkey sadly: I'm such a fool! Why did I ever think that Miss Slenderlois would ever go out with me when she had her pick of any Middle School assisstant coaches that she wanted?!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Little Caesars Pizza: When Windsor was posing in his costume, he looks similar to the mascot for this national chain of pizza deliveries.

    • Jimmy Buffet: Jiminy Japoopy's appearance, attire, and attitude is based on this real-life soft-rock recording artist. The beginning music to Jiminy's Koromari Cocktail even mimics the beginning music to Jimmy Buffet's biggest hit song, Margaritaville.

    • Flesh For Fantasy:
      The episode title segment Flesh Fur Fantasy is a take off on a 1984 Billy Idol hit song called Flesh For Fantasy .