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    One day,jake decides to use CDMS for a cable station. Unfortunatly,jake Turns it into a pirate cable station and steals many shows and Renames CDMS: THEJAKESTATION NO.57.

    Adam,Windsor and Princibal Pixiefrog decides to shut down Jake's Pirate Cable Station by becoming part-time workers at the local news station(WUWB75, Affiliate of WB/CW) and decides to put animal and human shows on the afternoon block and manages to stop jake, but jake steals more shows, but eventually, Jake is arrested for Piracy and his station THEJAKESTATION NO.75 is Shut Down,But adam Bails jake out.Jake promises to never pirate cable again.

    notes:Jake recalls the events of my last episode idea "the Jakersist", Ingrid Does not appear because she is in a coma,L is seen Briefly at the WUWB station.

    The shows jake steals are

    1. Smallville
    2. Star trek
    3. WWE Smackdown
    4. Double Dare 2000
    5. Beavis and Buthead
    6. Degrasi:the next generation
    7. COPS
    8. Monk
    9. The X-files
    10. south Park
    11. Figure it out
    12. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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    All right, I've got another episode idea crossover! (Crossover with "Codename Kids Next Door.") "Once a Kids Next Door..." (30 minute episode.) Mr. Fibb, Mr. Wink, Grandma Stuffum, Knightbrace, Count Spankulot, the Big Badolescent, Mega Mom, Destructo Dad, the Common Cold, Mooshi, King Sandy, Hubert, Robin Food, Professor Triple Extra Large XXXL, and Mr. Boss have all teamed up in one big effort to destroy the Kids Next Door forever. Using the Sheep Powered Ray Gun that they stole from the Secret Military Organization, they will attempt to do what General Specific and the Angry Scientist could never do. They intend to use the Sheep Powered Ray Gun to zap all the free spirit out of kids anywhere so that they'll have no indiviuality left to fight back against evil. All they need to do is get the one sheep that will make their dreams come true: a sheep named SHEEP! And he's in Charles Darwin Middle School in Los Angeles, California! Meanwhile, Jason Jaguar is telling Adam Lyon everything he's learned about Sheep. Jason says: "So this is what Sheep has told me. His favorite color is green, the love of his life is a lady poodle named Swanky, he's still somewhat fond of his former master Farmer John, and the reason why he's lasted so long in the Big City is that he has always tried to just be himself." Adam says: "Wow Jason, I guess those Sheep Language Courses really DO come in handy!" Jason says: "It never hurts to get a few extra courses under your belt; even though I personally don't WEAR a belt or anything for that matter! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make sure Sheep has a comfortable first time experience in the student showers." But Sheep's comfort is the last thing Jason needs to be worried about, because the evil organization of adults is converging on Charles Darwin Middle School, and Principal Pixiefrog is worried because if his students get hurt, he might get sued for certain! Thankfully, Jason Jaguar knows of one possibility. He looks up in the phone book and finds someone who CAN help them out: the Kids Next Door! And which agents should happen to answer the call except the ones from Sector V?! Numbuh 5, intelligent leader and decision maker of what the KND needs to do in order to save the day. Numbuh 4, strong streetwise fighter who despite his tough demeanor, has a real soft spot for Kuki Sanban. Numbuh 3, her sweet innocent looks belay her tough interior because when she gets riled, she gets angry and is nearly unstoppable! Numbah 2, weapon designer and technological expert of the group. And Numbah 1 1/2, The Kid, who has taken Numbah 1's place after Nigel's departure. Charles Capybara helps lead the strongest and smartest animal students such as Jason Jaguar, Windsor T. Gorilla, Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski, LaTanya Hippo, Lupe Toucan, Henry Armadillo, and Phinnius Porpoise to help the Kids Next Door out! Working together, they manage to send Mr. Fibb, Mr. Wink, Knightbrace, Mega Mom, Destructo Dad, the Common Cold, Hubert, Mooshi, King Sandy, and Robin Food packing! But Grandma Stuffum, Count Spankulot, the Big Badolescent, Professor Triple Extra Large XXXL, and Mr. Boss have one card up their sleeves. A machine like none the Kids Next Door have ever seen before! One made out of Grandma Stuffum's disgusting food, armed with giant hands powered by Count Spankulot's spanks, engineered by Professor Triple XXXL, powered by the Big Badolescent's rage, and operated by Mr. Boss! This menace proves to be too much to handle! Until...NUMBAH ONE RETURNS! Nigel says: "My computer said that this planet was in a lot of trouble, so I had to come back this one time!" And Nigel has changed! His technology is so futuristic, his outfit is so cool, and...he's got black hair on his head! Nigel says: "The Galactic Kids Next Door were able to find a way to reverse the damage the Delightful Children From Down the Lane did to me and were able to regrow my hair! Now, it's time to show you what I've learned in space!" And Nigel goes all Neo on the bad guys and fights them as though he were a "Matrix" warrior! In the confusion, Professor XXXL fires one of his ingenius inventions, a green lazer beam which travels through the hallways of Charles Darwin Middle School, until it zaps Sheep! Jason runs up to him and says: "Sheep! Please speak up! Are you okay?" And Sheep says: "I think so--wait! Did I JUST speak ENGLISH?! Did I just say something other than 'Baaa?' I can't believe it, I can fit in now!" Nigel says: "There's no time to worry about that now!" And Nigel performs "Matrix" time and is able to completely take the machine apart, exploding it and sending all the other villains packing! The other Kids Next Door want to congratulate Nigel for a job well done until Nigel says: "Don't bother thanking me, because even though you are my friends, you can't and WON'T be able to remember any of this even if your memories were restored!" And he zaps them with a green light, then teleports them back to their treehouse. Jason asks: "You're not going to zap us, are you?" Nigel says: "Fortunately, no. You're not KND agents so I don't have to zap any of you. However, you helped the KND out immensly today. I'm going to give you a suitcase. In it, is a medal for every kid student at Charles Darwin Middle School. Wear it around your neck, and you'll all be honorary Kids Next Door members!" Jake says: "Wow, thanks Nigel!" Nigel says: "Just remember this. Once a Kids Next Door, ALWAYS a Kids Next Door!" And Nigel teleports! Most of the KND agents' enemies have been defeated once and for all, Sheep can now speak English, and the kids at Charles Darwin Middle School have had a high honor bestowed upon them! Life is good for everyone! / Episode Notes: The original castmembers of "Codename Kids Next Door" return to voice their original characters in this crossover. Episode Quotes: Located throughout this post! That's my episode idea for today so enough said, true believers! The End!
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    I like this episode idea! I'll just have to change one of the episode segment names and change the plot of the episode segments just a tiny bet in order to make it work within my episode idea continuity.
    jacktoo wrote:
    "Learning to Drive." Slips wants to get a driver's license, despite several teacher's warnings that if snakes were meant to drive cars, they would've been born with hands or arms. But Slip's friends decide to help Slips in his dream. With some help from Adam, Jake, and Windsor, Slips DOES learn how to drive, he drives a pickup truck. But Jake's ridiculous driving leads him, Adam, Slips, and Windsor crashing into the television transmitter and the television signal all over the city gets knocked out! With some help from Ingrid, she and Adam team up to restore television. Will TV ever be restored? Eventually. Will Slips ever get his license? Believe it or not, he WILL! "Pixiefrog Vs. Wolverine" Superintendent Wolverine wants more direct control over Charles Darwin Middle School. Principal Pixiefrog says that just because Wolverine is now the Commander-in-Chief for half of the animal schools in Los Angeles county including Charles Darwin Middle School, it doesn't give Wolverine the direct authority to tell Pixiefrog how Charles Darwin Middle School needs to be run. So Wolverine decides to settle the matter old-school! Pixiefrog and Wolverine will fight it out in the wrestling ring. This will be a no-holds barred match that will last three rounds. Pixiefrog and Wolverine will fight over who gets the ultimate say in how Charles Darwin Middle School will be run!
    Episode Notes: Slips becomes the first snake to get a driver's licence in the history of car driving. Superintendent Wolverine and Principal Pixiefrog both appear naked in this episode. Pixiefrog wins two out of the three rounds so he gets the final say in how Charles Darwin Middle School is run. Wolverine finally admits that Pixiefrog does a better job at running Charles Darwin Middle School, and that the frog is a pretty good guy. Pixiefrog and Wolverine become friends in this episode. That's my episode idea for today! Enough said!
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    Circus Capers: After School was Over for the day, Adam finds a Discarded Circus Poster saying "come one, and Come all! bring Your friends, As We can try to Thrill them, From the Snarl Circus." (Haiku!) Adam seemed thrilled and invited His Pals and fellow classmates to see the Circus, but Jake really wanted to see the Clowns and their comedic routine. after the show was over the students start to imitate Circus tricks at school, (Seals balancing beach balls, Foxes tightrope walking, Escape Artist Penguins, Acrobat Bats, and Magician Kangaroos.) Which is annoying the Teachers to no end. so Adam must becalm the students or else the School will become a circus!

    please like My first Episode idea for Gym Partner.

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    I really hope no one's used this idea, but if someone has, sorry I didn't know.

    Anyway, I'm doing a series finale/ BIG tearjearker

    Graduation: Jake, Adam, Ingred, Lupe, Slips, and Windsor are graduating to High School. Everything is going great, but when Adam's old school Secretary quits, a new one arrives and finnaly takes an intrest in Adam's error replacement. It's Adam's choice.

    If he goes to human high school, he can date Carri, who wants to date him! But then he would never see his animal friends again because the Animal high school is on the other side of town. What will he do?

    P.S: In a flashback scene, when their showing all the good times they've (Jake & Adam) had together, they play the song Graduation by Vitamin C (i think she sings it)

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    Finally, a chance to input my ideas!

    Some Hearts Need A Little Guidance

    Synopsis: In order to help more of the students with their issues, Principal Pixiefrog hires Suzanna Ottera, a guidance counselor in-training, transferred abroad from Italy. Principal Pixiefrog places Suzanna under the tutelage of Mr. Mandrill to give her a basic tour of the school and get acquainted with the students and the faculty. As they get to know each other better, (and after one embarrassing incident) Suzanna and Mr. Mandrill begin to fall in love with each other. However, intra-office relationships are prohibited throughout the school system. One day, Suzanna and Mr. Mandrill are caught kissing in their office, and Principal Pixiefrog threatens to end both their careers if a similar incident occurs again. How will the new couple find a way to be together without violating the rules?


    *Mr. Mandrill walks in to the boys' showers*

    Mr. Mandrill: *hears water running* Hello? *walks toward the noise* Is anybody there? *stops and stares at Suzanna, who is showering* ...?!

    Suzanna: *turns around and notices him standing there* ...!? Maurice! What...what are you doing here? *sees herself* Oh, God, I'm sorry! *turns back around*

    Mr. Mandrill: I was going to ask you the same thing, Anna.

    Suzanna: Well, I wanted to take a shower, but the girls' showers were under maintenance, so I asked Principal Pixiefrog if I could use the boys' showers, and he said I could, and...and...I'm so sorry! *tears running down her eyes* I didn't mean to suprise you...*sniffling as Mr. Mandrill lifts her chin*

    Mr. Mandrill: *wipes the tears from her face* Shhh, Anna. It's alright. I just didn't know, that's all. I'm not mad.

    Suzanna: You're not?

    Mr. Mandrill: Of course not. I could never be mad at you, sweetheart. *Takes Suzanna in a warm embrace* Thank you for being honest with me.

    Suzanna: *blushes furiously* Um...Maurice? I'm still...

    Mr. Mandrill: *looks down at her* Oh. Heh, sorry about that. *blushes*

    Suzanna: It's okay. *feels his hand on her shoulder* Huh? What is it, Maurice?

    Mr. Mandrill: It's just...I wouldn't want you to be in here alone...would you mind if I kept you company? Or, if you don't want me to, that's fine. I understand if you want your privacy- *gets a kiss on the cheek*

    Suzanna: I don't mind at all. Just promise you won't try anything.

    Mr. Mandrill: *laughs softly as he lifts her chin* I promise. *gently kisses her lips*

    Sorry it's so long, I just got wrapped up in the moment. X3

    Edited on 05/28/2008 6:16pm
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    The last episode I have created for Gym Partner was about a year ago. Gym Partner aired its series finale on November 27, 2008. Camp Lazlo ended sometime earlier. Because of this, I have begun to distance myself from those two programmes and have gove on to other interests such as Adult Swim, South Park, TV programming from the 50s to the 90s, and various other projects.
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    Personally, I would love to see an episode with a pure evil villain, like the MGPAM equivalent of Adventure Time's The Lich or Regular Show's GBF Jr who meets a particularly humiliating end. Maybe an evil poacher who tries to blow up CDMS and take Adam hostage, trying to turn him against his friends. That would be cool for a dark, dramatic type episode. It would have an epic showdown, fight scenes and everything. Things exploding, heart wrenching scenes and stuff (like Jake having a Disney Death and Adam thinking he killed Jake by accident and grieving over it). I'd also love to see Rufus Hyena return and become the "Sixth Ranger" of the gang (or in his case the Seventh Ranger)and get more character development besides just laughing and crying. Another idea for an episode would be a parody of House On Haunted Hill called The Wrath Of Dr.Vannabutt and Adam and his friends have to spend the night in a haunted location and Jake plays the ghost of Dr.Vannabutt who hunts them down one by one.

    Edited on 10/18/2012 1:29pm
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