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My first MGPAM fanfic

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    Hi, I'm working on a My Gym Partner's A Monkey fanfic and I'd just like to show it off here:

    Here's some facts about it:
    -It's Windsor Gorilla X Rufus Hyena so it's slash fiction. Nothing too explicit but expect them to get cuddly with each other.
    -In a later chapter, a group of goth-emo-punk students known as the Doomies will be introduced. -Lots of heavy topics will be handled, including bullying, suicide and medication for disorders. Rufus is reavealed to suffer from manic-depressive disorder.
    -A Complete Monster villain named Sing Fei Panda will appear in a later chapter. She's incarcerated at a juvenile detention facility and before Adam came to CDMS, she bullied Ingrid Giraffe so viciously that she wanted to drive poor Ingrid to suicide. Also, Larry Raccoon admires Sing Fei, hence why he dressed as Dingbang in tribute to her.
    -There will be some tearjerker scenes later on. If you felt bad for Rufus Hyena already, you're going to want to hug him forever in this fic.
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