My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Season 1 Episode 1

Lyon of Scrimmage / Bad News Bear

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • After Nate, Nathan, and Nathaniel Penguin throw their dodgeballs, only one ends up getting thrown and impacting Adam.

    • Why would a little water hurt Dingbang, (before getting exposed as Larry the Raccoon) as hinted by Adam?

    • The reward for Larry Raccoon was $600.

    • Principal Pixiefrog's Eyees are white when he enters the Gymnasium.

    • Goof: When Mr. Hornbill asks which big cat is the only one that cannot roar, Ingrid answers "the jaguar", when in truth, the only big cat that cannot roar is the cheetah.

    • When the Animals said "Slam the Panda!!", the Antelope guy was silent.

    • When the penguins are about to throw their dodge-balls, the Green-Suited Penguin's (Which may refer to Nate.) skin is darker than the others.

    • Principal Pixiefrog was announcing the football game.

    • Windsor is as strong as he is smart.

    • The only reason that Coach Gills put Adam on the team is that he could remember the plays.

    • Credits: Adam and Jake are traveling around in the fish tube and they run into a puffer fish at the end of the credits.

    • When someone gets a question right, Mr. Hornbill gives them a "treat" from a cup.

    • The school's football team's name is named the Mad-Cows. The opposing team is called the Semi Pros.

    • After the animals agree with Bull eating Dingbang, and Adam intervening, in the next scene the Red suited penguin (Refers to Nathan Penguin.) and Lupe aren't here but Lupe Magically appears after Adam Intervenes.

    • While Jake comes to the rescue, via fish tube, in the library, Kaku the tiger is blue, not orange.

    • At the start of the dodge ball game, Adam is in his ordinary clothes.

    • Slips doesn't have ears, So how does his helmet fit on his head?

    • How can Slips play football? He does not have arms. Response: He can still use his tail or his mouth to pass the football to others.

    • The first point equaled 7, but a touchdown is 6 points plus a field goal.

    • First, a kangaroo scored,
      Then, an anteater scored
      Then, a porcupine scored
      Then, Windsor scored.

      6x4=24 7x4=28. Neither equals 27, which is how much they scored.

    • Why was Dingbang in dodgeball? Principal Pixiefrog said since she was endangered and could not participate in mindless activities.

  • Quotes

    • Kid: (to Adam) You forgot your lunch, monkey boy!
      (kid throws a banana at Adam)

    • Hornbill: Which reptile has poor eyesight? Ingrid: Snakes! Hornbill: Correct Ingrid. Here's your treat. (Slips puts on glasses) Hornbill: Which reptile has no ears? Ingrid: Snakes! Hornbill: Correct again! (Slips' glasses fall off)

    • Coach Gills: Lyon, you have the brains, and Spider Monkey, you have the arm, can't you figure how to make them both work?
      Jake: Yeah, but It'll take some kind of surgery.

    • Adam: (to Coach Gills) Excuse me maam, but these plays aren't so hard to remember. (closes the play book) Rollout Option Pass, the offensive line blocks down to prevent a defender from following the pulling guard and the tight end double teams the OT's man. If the defender changes the cover to block, the Quarterback runs behind his two blockers, sending the play into second option.

    • Jake: Wahoo! Wahoo!
      Coach Gills: We're at the zero spider monkey.
      Jake: Hey, zero's better than nothing.

  • Notes

    • Running Gag's in this episode are: 1. Kid's throwing a banana at Adam and calling him a monkey boy. 2. Someone offending Dingbang after he does some-thing wrong. 3. Mentions of the eighth grade.

    • Introduced Character(s): Larry Raccoon/Dingbang, The Penguin Trio.(Except Nate.)

    • "Lyon of Scrimmage." aired with "Shark Attack." after Codename: Kids Next Door "Operation C.A.K.E.D. ." on 4/15/06.

  • Allusions

    • Karma Chameleon: When Jake is on the phone with George, he mentions Karma which is a reference to the musical group Culture Club (which Boy George was a part of) and their 1984 hit song of Karma Chameleon. The phone also has: Red, Gold, and Green (colors mentioned in the song) buttons, but not in that order.

    • while Jake is on the phone. he says "Kala did what?" Kala was the name of Tarzan's Ape mother in both the disney movie and the book.

    • The music that was playing before the football game is the same used by ABC/ESPN in the NFL football games on Monday Night.

    • Title:

      The title is a reference to the movie Bad News Bears.

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