My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Season 3 Episode 13

Meet the Spidermonkeys/The Frog Principal

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Adam finds out what zoo life is Really like, and something unexpected happens to Principal Pixiefrog! :D

    I shall write the second segment first as I saw the second segment weeks before the first segment was supposed to air! If there's one thing Adam Lyon needs in his life, it's after-school plans! And Adam is willing to be with anybody! (Well, Almost everybody! Sorry Henry Armadillo. :( ) But everyone already has pre-made plans, except for Jake Spidermonkey. He's willing to let Adam hang out with him at His house, If he can Handle it! At first, it seems like hanging out with the Spidermonkey family is going to be the easiest thing that Adam Lyon has ever done! But you know what they say about appearances and how they can be deceiving! And speaking of appearances, Adam finds out that sometimes, even something as simple as cologne can cause a whole bunch of trouble! Because His cologone is made up of 100% animal pheromones and Every animal in school is attracted to it! Principal Pixiefrog is attracted to it so much, he pours some onto himself! Unfortunately, it seems like Mrs. Warthog can't control her urge for the frog principal (it's obvious she has a 'thing' for him) and she kisses him! That kiss turns the frog into a human! A very Small human but a human nonetheless! And if Poncharello can't get a human woman to kiss him in 12 hours, he will be a human permanently! Easier said than done of course! But old P.F. might be in for a big surprise when he meets the one woman who is into avoiding lawsuits as much as He is! Has he found his soulmate, or does she have more creepyness in her than the frog human would like to bargain for? To make a long story short, Principal Pixiefrog returns to his normal frog self, with his curse broken! Now he will Never have to be afraid of kissing anyone ever again since he won't turn into a human ever again! This show sure is amazing, and it will be amazing to see what they can come up with next! Enough said, true believers! ;)