My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Season 4 Episode 2

My Feral Lyon/A Mid Semester Life's Dream

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 18, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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My Feral Lyon/A Mid Semester Life's Dream
My Feral Lyon: Adam joins an after-school club for tough cats but later finds himself as a scapegoat for the cats' greed when the cats try to steal everything out of Charles Darwin Middle School. Can Adam stop them? A Mid Semester Life's Dream: Adam and his friends try to cure Miss Chameleon of her stage fright so that she can finally try out for an audition with her favorite idol. But in order to do that, they have to lift some of Miss Chameleon's other fears before she is ready to face and hopefully conquer her stage fright.moreless

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  • Life gets in the way, but I Still love this show! :idea:

    Sometimes life royally sucks. You spend all your time having to do 'important' stuff like working on math and your art projects (if you're in college at least) and the time it takes you to finish those projects takes so long that by the time you Can get around to get on this website, you're too tired and you have to go to bed, leaving other people to input data for you when you know you could have done it better! At least I'm still the first person to write a review for this episode! Adam's philosophy is to absolutely, positively, never, Ever get involved with a gang of Feral Cats Ever! But with Jake trying to make a poor fashion statement and refusing to change unless Adam gets him a coat from those gangmembers, he caves in and tries to help them 'improve' the school. Too bad all they're doing is trying to do is improve their Own lives by taking everything in the school for themselves! And although Adam Lyon manages to stop them, he will soon wish that he listened to his own advice when he has to sit through one of Mr. Mandrill's interpretive dances again. Augh!!!! And who would've thought that Miss Chameleon had stage fright? Her ability to disappear has actually been working against her ever since she couldn't control her instincts for a very important audition! But with Adam and his friends help, Miss Chameleon just might get a second chance to achieve her dreams! So even though I Have a life and it Has to take a first priority over this website, I Still intend to do everything I can to make this website a better place for people! That's why I wrote this review! Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
Nika Futterman

Nika Futterman

Adam Lyon, Miss Chameleon

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny

Jake Spidermonkey, Henry Armadillo

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Lupe Toucan, Ingrid Giraffe, Mrs. Warthog, Various

Rick Gomez

Rick Gomez

Windsor, Slips

Maurice LaMarche

Maurice LaMarche

Principal Pixiefrog, Mr. Mandrill, Cyrus Q. Hornbill

Phil LaMarr

Phil LaMarr

Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski, Phinnius Porpoise

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    • Coach Gills sings: Don't ever talk to feral cats or let them in your home. They'll take your last possession and then they'll take some more. They'll take and take and take and take and take until you cry. So don't ever talk to feral cats (operatically) unless you want to die!

    • Adam after realizing he's been tricked: I am such an idiot! (Echoes) Jake: But you mean well!

      Mrs. Warthog: Take it from me, Jake. Seatless chaps are never a good idea! Cowboy: Jerk!

    • Adam looks to Jake Spidermonkey wearing a school guard uniform: You mean after everything I did, you're not going to wear the uniform I got you?! Jake: What can I say? I'm a slave to fashion.

    • Old Lady: I don't understand it. I ordered five mattresses! Not 52 mattresses. (Camera shows a lot of stacked up mattresses, delivery man looks at his clipboard) Delivery Man: Oh, you're right. My mistake! (Plane crashes harmlessly on top of all the mattresses)

    • Miss Chameleon: I think your tactics are working. I'm feeling less afraid. But why have you taken me here to a Frozen Yogurt shop? I have no fear of the frozen yogurt. Windsor: Fear can lurk in the most unexpected of places. For instance, the dreaded ice cream headache. Slips: Nobody knows if it's how fast you eat it or how much you eat! Miss Chaemeleon: Fiddlesticks! I'm not afraid of a little ice cream headache! (Gobbles down an entire cup of frozen yogurt) See? That wasn't so--(Gets frozen into an ice sculpture and breaks apart) Windsor: I think she's ready.

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