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  • Pointless

    I never got any appeal out of this show, nor do I know why it was made. When shows are on the air, they remain on because they are trying to be entertaining, and most of the time, they are. But this was not. I am not sure how many episodes I saw, but i do know most of them were pointless, and they all seemed the same, no variety. This is one of the most pointless shows I have ever seen, no offense to anyone who likes it, i just really do not. My overall grade is an F
  • It can be silly and rather dumb at times, but IS fun to watch.

    At 1st glance, the show is stupid and pointless, but after seeing a bit of it it could grow on you. When you think about it, ALL cartoons can be stupid and pointless! It's their JOB to be stupid and pointless! It's what makes them cartoons! For example, Spongebob Squarepants is about a yellow talking sponge and his life underwater in a town called Bikini Bottom. Sounds pretty stupid too, but it became a huge hit and is now a well-known nickelodeon icon. I'll admit it, when I first saw this show, I didn't like it and didn't think it'll last very long; but like all other shows, I gave it a chance and watched an episode. Turns out, by the end of the episode it had impressed me enough to watch another episode, then another. Long story short, I liked it. Granted, sometimes the humor can be a little dry and the drawing style can be less than savory, but overall it's decent and watchable. The humanization of different animals and the things they do is creative and pretty funny. There are some flaws, but they are exceeded by the positives [not significantly of course, but still by decent amount]. The show is way better than any of the other awful shows they give on cartoonetwork now. I give "My Gym Partner's a Monkey" a decent score of 7.5/10.
  • One of the few shows that is destroying Cartoon Network.

    This show is just horrible! I do not know why Cartoon Network made this show in the first place, if only they knew what is happening to their network right now. What I hate about this show is the dialog, humor, and characters. The dialog in this show is just awful. Most of the lines the characters say are really stupid. The characters just blab too much about themselves, and their natural superiority in their territory. Of course this is an act of nature. The humor in this show is EXTREMELY annoying. All of the jokes are not funny, and make you want to grab them, and rip out their larynx. I hated it when Jake was doing this joke when he talks with his tail. It made me want to grab my sword, and slice off his rear end, so I never have to look at his back again. I just do not like it when they had to add butt cheeks to Jake. Personally, I think they should have not done that, because this may make kids want to impersonate Jake by not wearing any underwear, and pants. That is just sick!!! The characters are horrible. It is just wrong to have a human go to a school that is all animals. If I was president of Cartoon Network, I would burn this show, along with Squirrel Boy, Chop Socky Chooks, George of the Jungle, and Out of Jimmy's Head. I would bring back classics like Time Squad, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Ruruoni Kenshin. Instead of swinging on a vine to a room, This show should swing into a shreader. Be gone with this show, and never ever come back!
  • This is terrible

    My 3rd reveiw after kappa mikey. When I saw comercials about this show I thought it would be about a boy whos gym partners a monkey. Instead its about a kid who got sent to a animal school because his last name is lion! The name doesnt fit. Jake the monkey is so anoying and loves his butt which is gross. The show is just gross for many reasons. The jokes are lame and way overused. Not much else to say exept that you shouldnt waste your time on this show. watch something better like kappa mikey or spongebob squarepants.
  • The show's idea was origional, but after that the producers got lazy.

    This show is a complete waste of time. I can't believe it got so many episodes, all of them are unorigional. I usually enjoy shows where nearly all of the characters are animals, but I was appauled by this one.

    Animation: The producers got lazy and spent about 30 seconds drawing each clip. This equals poor animation.

    Plot: I have never seen a creative plot in this. ONCE!!!

    Voice Acting: Average.

    Humor: The jokes in this wouldn't even make a two-year-old laugh, and they lack any origionality. How many times do we have to see Jake's butt?

    Dialogue: Poor.

    Characters: They lack character development and everything else a character needs.

    Overall: Change the channel!!!
  • My Gym Partner's a Monkey stars a kid named Adam Lyon.

    Okay my last review for this show got moderated for trolling for some reason, so I'll be good in this review. My Gym Partner's a Monkey stars a kid named Adam Lyon, a kid who ends up in a school for animals because of his last name. I feel bad for the main character, I mean, its just that it looks as if he should be able to go to a human school at certain times in this show. This show could've been a whole lot better without the stale potty humor you find in a lot of tv shows these days, bad plots and structure, and most of all, the overuse of Jake and his butt. I definitely would not ever want to see some monkey play with his butt all day, no thanks, I would rather watch paint dry. Not saying the characters are bad but there could have been a lot of ways to how the roles and other storylines to this show could have been better. In total, this show just fails at the rate it was going, the addition of ignorance and little smartness just made the show even worse too. I recommend not watching this show because its bad, I say only watch it if you want to see what it is like if you haven't seen it before really badly, if you do watch it just hang on to your IQ points tightly, that's all I got left to say, so thanks bye.
  • A decent show that is long forgotten by now.

    This show is actually kinda good. I mean sometimes this show is quite funny, and other times the show just falls flat on its face. This show is about a 12 year old boy named, Adam Lyon who gets transferred to a school for animals because of his last name. Yeah I know what you're thinking, it's a pretty ridicolous plot. The monkey of this show pretty much steals the entire episode. To be honest, there really isn't much to say about this show. I find rather bland most of the time. The character's dialogue throughout the show is rather decent most of the time. The animation of the show is nothing to write home about, but does the task fairly well. The plots of the episodes are your generic "Your not my friend anymore!", run of the mill. I have to say this though, the creators did a phenomenal job on the different personalities of all the animals. For example, you have the extremely intelligent gorilla with the most witty comments, the zany monkey with an ecstatic personality, the fashionable(ghetto?) tucan who always has something to say, and many more. Of course this show will never measure up to say something like Spongebob(which isn't that great anymore but still enjoybale). I mean it's still something to consider watching when nothing else is on. In my opinion, I wouldn't mind if they actually brought this show back on air. Sometimes it's the funnier than Carrot Top, other times it's similar to watching grass grow on the lawn. Until then, I'll watch the re-runs.
  • A funny but weird CN show.

    I know a bunch of people might not agree with me but I actually liked this show. It's really funny! It's like...a funny but dumb show. This show needs to come back to CN, so does some of CN's best shows like Dexter, PPG, and some more. The show is about a boy who goes to a middle school full of animals. Sounds dumb? Yes but is it funny? Yes it's like a SpongeBob on CN. Well the monkey sounds kinda like SpongeBob...Anyways it was a good show. You can disagree and hate this review or you could like this review. I actually found this show enjoyable. Well it's way better than some of the new shows that's on CN now. CN real, Chowder, FlapJack...
  • its the past cartoons brought back

    this show is very classic no EXTREMELY classic its all about a kid named adem lyon who was put into an animal school becuase they got his last name wrong lion insted of lyon annyway it might be a little gross be it redefines the word classic you cang get shows like this anymore and jake spider monkey he may be gross but hes so funny hes a dodo head pee brain butt obseiseised monkey not may anybody like him but hes like what does this show remind me of oh ya ren and stimpy ya these shaows are like the exact same thing
  • wtf

    Humour 1/10 horrible an not funny >:( Animation 5/10 my glorious eyes! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Grossness 3/5 can't stand anymore

    Skunk Fu, Choppy chook (or wth the name is) and now this horrible crap. Omg cartoon network you destroyed our good glorious shows like Ed Edd and Eddy,K.N.D (KIDS NEXT DOOR) and all the other epic show i watch but this horse poo ruined the good moment of cartoon life @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
  • Well, I think it is an OKAY show, but still, it could go with some tuning up.

    Now, 'My Gym Partner's A Monkey!' I believe is actually pretty Okay.

    The basic idea of the show where a kid goes to a school for animals is alright, and the animation is fair. The episode plots are quite interessting as well.

    However, the one thing I'm not really keen on the show is how harsh the story and most of the animal characters (but minus Windsor, who is one of my fav. characters) can be on Adam. You have to admit, Young Adam Lyon can really get the short end of the stick most of the time. So, what I'm saying here is if the show can give Adam a brake and not be so hard on him, I think I could say this show is not 'Okay' but 'Very good'. But of course, this is just MY opinion.
  • Pointlessly boring

    Ok, so this show is about Adam Lyon, a normal kid who (because of his last name) is sent to an all-animal school. First of all I think that he gets sent there because of his last name is stupid. Secondly, the show itself is terrible. It's very boring alot, all the characters except Adam, manage to be stupid beyond belief, and yet they often doubt Adam. I hate Jake, because he's just an idiot. I hate the gorilla dude (can't remember his name) because he acts like the voice of reason when that's Adam's job )and also his voice is one of the most annoying I've ever heard in a tv show.) 2/10 F-
  • I knew this show would never have a future.

    This show was really dumb with how they came up with the plot and the title. I hated the old episodes they were stupid and Adam was a wuss, but I will admit I liked SOME of the newer episodes, they were not all bad and plus they were way better than the old ones. Never got into this show and was pretty much of a waste, but not all of it. I knew it never had a future since on how dumb it looked and possibly the lack of viewers that would've brought. So I'll just put this to poor since it wasn't all of a waste. Final Grade: D-
  • I kind of like this show.

    Adam Lyon gets moved into a animal school and befriends a spider monkey.Well,I kind of like this show and just like I said about Happy Tree Friends and Total Drama Island,I don't even care about the gross food and monkey poo on the walls.My favorite character on this show is Slips,the snake.He's kind of cool on this show and Lupe is one of my Favorites too.You or some people don't like the fact that the school is really gross and of course of jake's big butt.I really like this show and all of what it does all the time and stuff like that.
  • I've only got one thing to say: Stop, look, listen, & think about it! :idea:

    It's tough being a lone wolf defending a cartoon you know is great but nobody else seems to think so! I'd love it if I knew what it was about this show that people don't like, but my animal instincts tell me I probably wouldn't like the answers. Take "The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Teenage Mut-ant Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Aqua Teen Hunger Force," & "The Simpsons." Nobody thought they'd make new episodes for as long as they did or are, & each show's managed to last at least 5 years on the air. I never would've guessed that 7 years after it's debut "Spongebob Squarepants, Ed, Edd, & Eddy" would still be going strong! I don't care if other people say I'm wrong, I like this show & nothing will persuade me otherwise! This is one great show that I love to watch! The End! :D
  • Warning: The following rant may cause serious depression of the show.

    Okay, since my old review is deleted, I'll review again, so... Yes. Cartoon Network used to be good, until... My Gym Partner's a Monkey came on to CN. Let's talk about CN.

    CN (which stands for Cartoon Network, in which, since it's owned by Turner, you don't have to get confused with CNN.) makes new shows every year where it's good (Chowder, Camp Lazlo, Billy & Mandy) and some that're bad. No, I lied. Cartoon Network has gone bad. And I mean bad. No, I lied. Cartoon Network is now currently the worst kids network ever with Nickelodeon & The Disney Channel combined. Lemme settle this, Cartoon Netowrk is bad, TickleU is weak, Boomerang is okay and [adult swim] is good.

    Anyway, back to My Gym Partner. It seems that it's too much for a kid show which talks about butts. And lots of it. Why? C'MON! I mean some kid shows have better jokes like adult shows. But not this show. And then, it gets worse. After the butt joke, the animation has... oh noes!

    Comic Book Guy: Worst... Animation... Ever!

    Like Jeff Anderson the comic book guy said, this has the worst animation ever. And it's a bad thing. Back to the jokes, the butt jokes are... please, that's too many. Therefore, the other jokes suck. Which means it gets boring as hell.

    (An example would be a 15-second video of a dog bored to death & sleeping while a fitting song plays)

    Yes, the show is bad and boring. Including the jokes. But we got butts. YAY! XD Just kidding.
  • Had my Gym Partner's a Monkey been filled with better humor and plot, it would be worth watching.

    The good: Qualiy Animation hits the spot, Music isn't very cheesy
    The bad: Lacks humor and a plot, the name of the show doesn't make sense, since the show is rarely seen in the gym.

    Plot: 4/10
    Animation: 7/10
    Sound: 7/10
    Humor: 5/10
    Why don't you (insert word) and be somebobdy: 5/10
    Average Score: 5.6/10

    Cartoon Network has really gone downhill since 2004. Great shows such as Camp Lazlo, Foster's, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and Ed Edd N' Eddy are gone or nearly gone. The only two shows that really keep CN alive are Chowder and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Not this show. Had My Gym Partner's a Monkey been filled with better humor and plot, it would be worth watching.

    The show is basically about a 12 year old boy who went to Chester Arthur Middle School, but was transferred to Charles Darwin Middle School (a animal school), becuase his last name (lyon) was spelled as Lion, therefore giving him free will of being transferred there. Then, the misadventures begin. He meets and befriends a spidermonkey named Jake, who is obsessed with his butt and wears his green hat backwards.

    I have some positives about the show, like the animation. It isn't sloppy, but not great. The music is also swell, and the voice acting isn't lacking either. However, the humor isn't that good, and Jake's butt thing gets old fast. And many times, the animals say stuff that begin to be obvious to the viewer, such as That darn Platypus, when Jake flashes the camera in Principal Pixiefrog and Mrs. Warthog's faces, they say "we're blind! we're blind! we're blind! we're blind". That's more obvious than it is funny.

    Overall, don't watch this show if you want first class plot or humor. You're better off watching episodes of Camp Lazlo or Foster's than this if they're still around. MGPAM wasn't really cut to be a CN show in the first place.
  • One of the worst shows to hit Cartoon Network.

    This is a bad show that I really could've done without. The premise of this show isn't bad, but it fails because it doesn't produce good material. The plots are unoriginal, and poorly written. The storylines nearly always go in the wrong direction. The characters are flat, and Jake{my least favorite character} is an annoying jerk, and he's cruel to Adam. The humuor is just pathetic. Most of it is just Jake making cracks about his buttocks. And when the writers do make a funny joke, they ruin it by repition. Overall, this show is unintelligent, and a waste of time. If you want to see a good show on Cartoon Network, watch something intelligent. Like Dexter's Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, or Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Don't even waste your time on this show.
  • An animal school with a very messy show. Feel free to disagree, but if read my full review, then you would know.

    Full Review(Please read the review)

    Art 7/10 - The art style is okay, the animals are detailed. Honestly, most of the time, whenever I see the animals, weirdly I become horny, and oddly I liked it. I'm really not kidding!

    Storyline 5.5/10 - Not impressive, actually cliche. Adam lyon being transported to an animal school because of his last name. Then....after that, some of the episodes
    contains plots that doesn't even make scene!

    Characters 6.8/10 - Some characters I like, while most of them I really hate( epspecially Jake ).

    Voiceacting 9/10 - Excellent performance, but some voiceacting on some character I find anonnying as hell. Even Adam, sorry.

    Plot 4/10 - I don't think the storyline is done properly here. I mean, it's sort of a parody of Todd when he is new to Wayside school in the pliot, except on My Gym Partner's a Monkey the plot becomes cliche and just useless.

    Diaglogue 3/10 - Some of the "butt" jokes that Jake are really not funny and sometimes just gross. And some other character say things that are most of the time repitive and stupid!

    Animation 5.5/10 - The animation is okay, but it needs alot of work and whenever time where things need to be done well, it's the oppisite! Not to mention that the animation has bugs in on it.

    Presentation 6.5/10 - Sone scenes are funny, while on some scenes are just retarded and things that is anonnying and really reduntant.

    Overall 5/10 - This show is not too bad, but it's not that great. If you're fan of animal schools or comendic cartoons then this show is for you, but if you're neither of the two people then this show isn't recommanded.
  • Underated. C'mon. He's a human in a school with animals. That's funny.

    It's spongebob squarepants, but better. Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob) is does the voice of Jake Spidermonkey, one of Adam's (a human in an animal school) animal friends. I don't understand how the show can have such a low rating when it's so brilliant. The characters are phenomenal and unique. The writing is superb (maybe even better than Spongebob Squarepants, but definitely very similar). Many people find this show to be unoriginal, which is true, because it does feel like it's a replica of Spongebob, but it brings something new to the table. It brings in a new character: a normal person. This changes everything. There's a normal person surrounded with crazy spongebob-like characters. That's new.
  • This is why America is decline in social and moral decency. We love to praise stupid material. We don't give anything educational a chance and call it "boring and lame." What I call shows like these retard cartoons" make the issue worse.

    From my understanding this show is about some adolescent named Adam LYON, not Lion, LYON. Anyway, somewhere in Idiots of A, A school district worker screws up records and unwittingly transfers poor Adam to an animal school. No body seems notice the issue and when an incompetent Warthog of a secretary and a corrupt Principal Frog who's priority is evading lawsuits (yet child endangerment is not a problem) seem to actually figure out that Adam is a human, the situation only becomes an awkward conversation where Adam says "everyone knew" to the response of the Frog saying "oh............." But it gets worse, Adam reluctantly becomes friends with a mentally retarded Spidermonkey and his gang of nit-wit friends saying to America: "HEY KIDS!!!! Be stupid!! Its cool since its on TV and not a video game"

    Jack Thompson, Shut your mouth, stop harassing GTA developer Take Two and attack something like this! So far not a single activist has attacked the series of stupid shows like Out of Jimmy's Head, Camp Lazlo, Squirrel Boy, Flapjack, Chowder, and all the other things that contributed to what I call the "Stupid Flare" that started in the late 80's and continues to this day. Parents, don't let your kids get impressionable off of this trash, tune to the history, Discovery, and military channel.
  • This show is okay...

    Back when this was on in 2005-2006 or somewhere around that time,I had a lov-hate relationship with this show. I loved it because it was funny at times,and it had some fairly good characters. But I hated it because it was too gross at times,and it was often the chain-breaker for those Billy and Mandy marathons that used to be on Cartoon Network. And now that it's no longer airing and no longer in production, I can't honestly say that I love it or hate it. I haven't seen it in a long time, and I'm gonna rate this show a 6.0 . -wolvesrule221
  • In short, don't watch this show unless you like dissapointingly bad cartoons

    So we have a human, an average human. However, he ends up at a new school with a bunch of talking animals (in a cartoon-verse where this isn't a commonly accepted fact of life). The jokes are horrible and inmature; butt jokes seem to be the wittest this show gets at times. Other episodes are just too bizare for us to take in (particulary one involving the zoo animals new classmate, a puppet). The animation is lackluster and the voice acting is annoying. As are the characters, thier just too quirky or annoying. And let's face it: inter species dating is wierd!
  • It's not good, but, hey. I've seen worst.

    THis show... I dunno how to describe it. It has good points, yes... but SO many bad points... it-it it just... baffels me!

    Good Points;
    Well, it had a good animation counter point.
    It's original... in a weird, conspiculant way.
    It's voices are... good

    Bad points;
    Where do I start? Oh, okay;
    The animation can also go choppy.
    Story's not original.
    The characters act so... dumb.
    I am BEFUDDLED on how dialoge sounds evil and bad.
    The theme song.... horrendus.

    Entertainment factor; I'm generous, so I give this a c-.

    Overall; Just, don't watch the show. It's kinda.... a waste of time. If you like to learn how to draw animals and how to attract good vocals, I say watch the show. Other than that, I do not recommened it.
  • I tried to watch this show several times. No matter how many times I try, it just doesn't work for me. This show is terrible, unoriginal, and boring!

    A 12 year old boy transfers to a school for animals because for some reason, the school district thought he was a lion. In there, he meets a monkey who speaks English like all the other animals on this show. Crazy things occur each day, but each time, it just gets more annoying. I've seen it too many times that is all I have to say. I mean, a boy and a monkey? Hahaha! Is that supposed to be funny? It is not! The crude jokes just make it impossible to stand. Even Camp Lazlo is better than this. If you like this show, I guess you just have a different definition of humor than I do. To me, it is obnoxious and annoying.
  • The show was okay while it lasted.

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey was a show that just wasn't great. okay.

    But not perfect.

    The show had it's moments, sometimes it was pretty funny. Trust me folks, the show was not Cartoon Network's greatest, chances are that it will be a show that will be forgotten.

    The show is a little underrated though, some people really hate it. I'll tell you that it isn't bad as they say. It's not awesome though.

    As of today, the show is canceled. If you've never seen it, you really haven't missed anything.

    Thanks for reading my review. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • just another lame cn show.a human boy who goes to animal school.

    this show is makes animals look stupid expecially monkeys.and the plot is:JAKES BUTT!every time jakes stinky butt is in the center of the show!haha a but how freaken funny.NOT!!!and that kid adam is soo annoying!hes 12 but he looks like hes 6.and hes allways wyning how hes life is miserable!hello,we are just kids not psychatrests!and its stupid how the animals have clothes and hair.its only cute in disney movies!and they are cheerleaders,nerds,goths,punkers...gimme a break!so that would make lupe tucan naked and bald ha?and how can a rhino teacher teach kids about hunting meat?he eats plants duh!and the humor is stupid :toalet humor and jakes butt.and they copied some stuff from the greatest show ever:beavis and butthead!for example b&b were selling candy and they bought candy from eichoter so they ony made 2 bucks.adam and jake did the same thing when they were also selling dare they copy b&b!i hope this poor exuce for a show gets canceled soon!
  • This is one of the reasons Cartoon Network went from an enjoyable kids network to a barley watchable cruddy kids network in two years.

    This show is not good show.I actually thought it was okay until last year I realized how unfunny the show was.Jake is so annoying,all he does talk how big his butt.That's unfortuantly that's where Jake's jokes come from.Adam should not deserve to be stuck in Animal School at all,he should belong in a regular human public school.Pricipal Pixiefrog all he talks about how the school is going to get sued and getting lawsuits.Adam's animal friends don't really understand Adam at all.Adam is annoying as well with his whining,voice.The show is one bad show.To me it's the worst Cartoon Network original animated show ever.This is LSUstinks11 telling you have a nice day.
  • C'mon guys give it a chance.

    This show is pretty weird I understand why some people don't get it (heck half of the time I don't get it). If you can watch and really listen to the jokes you might hear some that only adults will understand. For example "If you cover yourself in mud Predators can't see you" (Shows a predator... like from the movie predator) "its true"
    Now I don't know many ten year olds that would get that joke. Now I really like some of these episodes and dislike others. There are some that are just so off the wall they just don't make sense. But in closing. Give the show a chance if you get past the talking animal part you may really like some of the jokes.
  • Sometimes its good and sometimes its crap.

    Not a really good show.It has a lot of stupid jokes and episodes that have no meaning.I dont get this show.Any way this show sometimes has good episodes.Like animal school musical.That one was very great,but it also has really crappy episodes.This show is kinda destroying Cartoon Network.I think Jake makes the show a little better because he is funny.But still this show has a lot of boring episodes that really dont make any sense.Like the movie!Why would animals of CDMS be afraid of wild animals,that are not even tigers,lions, or something like that but afraid of the cute little ones!That is VERY stupid!I only watch it when I have nothing better to do...
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