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My Gym Partner's a Monkey

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)



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  • This show has a few good jokes, but otherwise sucks!

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey is okay if nothing good is on. Some of the jokes and plots are hilarious, while others are really corny and just plain stupid. The overall plot is completely idiotic with humans sends a boy to an animal school, because his last name is "Lion". There is befriends a stupid monkey, who is only interested in his own butt. Once again, it is completely idiotic! I here that this show is getting cancelled pretty soon (in early 2009), and I am so happy that this show will no longer waste valuable space on Cartoon Network's time slot.
  • A monkey with cheek implants...NEVER AGAIN

    It's sad to see that CN's thriving to match the today's youth interests in Slapstick humor,as well as the mixture of old-school gag humor,they maed the mistake of making such a show as this.In a poor attempt to copy Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants or their own Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy,they lost any structure or meaning.Although there are some good jokes,and some episodes,although rare,are mediocre.The characters are mostly steriotype,as far as anthropomorphic animals and the only kid in school, Adan Lion (but his real surname is Lyon, which can be seen in the shows opening sequence) can go.Adam's best friend is a monkey who goes by the name of Jake Spidermonkey.He is self-centered,narcissistic,too emotional ect.Seem familiar,doesn't it?Well,that is because it's just one of those people who use their friends out,although they don't (usually) mean it.Other friends of Adam include:Windsor,the over intelligent and rather analytic gorilla,Slips, the "Dude-Guy",who's a snake.Also there is Lupe,an Latino inspired Pelican,and lastly, there is Principal Pixiefrog,the law suit avoider.Some other characters also appear regularly,but not worth to mention.To sum it all up,the show is mediocre,but only at times.In any other way it's rather bad.
  • This show is not that good, sorry

    5th review.

    I'm sorry but show is not really good of a show. well there are many reasons that is not good.

    Like the plot for instant,
    It's about a kid name adam who goes to has to go to an animal school because his last name is lyon? huh? what? that plot is so unriginal and it's pretty stupid too

    and this annoys me that jake always shakes his butt and he's addicted to his butt in every episode! and there are hints that jake is gay and he's into adam
    1. he wanted to date Adam in one episode
    2. he like this girl band call Grrrrrrl Power
    & 3. he wanted to be a cheerleading

    well somtimes it funny's sometime it's random and sometimes it's joke are not funny at all
    this is the reason I give a 4.2

    ok that's all I got to say, peace out!
  • Crappiest Show Ever!

    Okay, This review deserves the angry treatment. This Show Sucks!!! It's the worst cartoon ever. Worst than Pokemon, worst than any anime that sucks. Worst than Out of Jimmy's Head, Squirrel Boy, NBB, worst than even Jamie Lynn Spears. If it weren't for Ben 10, Ed Edd and Eddy, Naruto, Bleach, Blood+, Death Note, Chowder, Eureka Seven, One Piece, DBZ, Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Champloo, FMA, and Trinity Blood, Cartoon Network would be dead.

    The Plot? Well it's about a butt-ugly animated boy with a really crappy voice, who goes to a really crappy school for animals. This plot makes meat-eaters and PETA want to join forces to destroy this crappy show. The plot sucks, the animation sucks, the voices suck[excluding Phil LaMarr, Maurice LaMarche, and Brian Doyle Murray], and this is the worst show Cartoon Network has ever made. This gets a 0 out of 10, but since it needs a number, 1 out of 10, avoid unless watching really crappy shows[similar to AVGN playing crappy games], NBB[despite it's crappy storylines] is better than this piece of C.R.A.P.

    Gym partners a Monkey is a very generic cartoon hated and loathed by many , liked by some but generally hated and despised for it uninspiring simplistic plot, potty humor(disgusting humor)and stupid immature characters, this is just the point of view a majority of people believe heres my point of view which I must say I mostly optimistic in this review rather than negative in fact this is maybe the only more optimistic negative review about this show you will ever read. When I first heard about this show I thought this show was extremely stupid especially considering the fact the title has nothing to do with the shows plot, it does not fit the show since the show is not about a young pubescent having a animal (monkey) as a Gym Partner it feels like they just came up with any random title that had something to do with the show. In reality this show is really about a young kid named Adam Lion who gets transfered to a school dominated by animals because they thought that his name Lion meant that he was a animal sounds ridiculous right but since this is a cartoon I don't mine ..too much. the source of the comedy is really Jake spidermonkey from his abnormal types of humor such as tapping his rear , digging his nose . believe or not I think the show gives a scarce illusion to homosexuality from when Jakes desires to go to the prom with his male companion to when he secretly finds joy is touching his bottom there are some decent jokes here and there but nothing too special and a little morals for the kiddies the voice of reason is usually Adam Lion the freckled face orange haired protagonist of this show plot usually begins with the protagonist done some thing wrong and he has to fixed it their episodes that focus on newly introduced characters , some episodes that explore why the protagonist is even a school full of animals their some really disgusting episodes that revolve around Jake don't get me wrong I like sick humor but the sick humor in this show is executed terribly. any who this show is okay but by no means great so you are a fan of animation fan who likes stupid sick humor this show is for you but if you are looking for some thing new and not derivative this show is not for you .
  • Hated by alot but liked by those with a sense of Humor!!!

    For those who dont like this show along with the But Jokes, Get a Sense of Humor for God Sakes. You people know nothing about Humor. I like this show, Its funny and its enjoyable for me. My Friends all like it. Seriously Jesus! I liked it since I first watched it on December 26, 2005 while playing with my Thomas & Friends new wooden set with Thomas and Culdee and I found it mildly Interesting! Considerably I found the animation got better on the 2nd episode. Even so it got better and better within each episode, I especially enjoy the episode where Jake made his butt talk! So people who like this show, you know true Humor!
  • Why do people think this show is one of the worst I dont think it's that bad.

    A boy gets transfered to an animal school because of his last name being Lyon and his gym partner is a monkey and he cant stand him,honestly what is so bad about this show so Jake loves his butt well it's part of nature people in real life don't have problem with that but why this? This is entertaining at sometimes but at most of the times this show is not good but I still think this show is not that bad everyone I know hates this show so overall since I think this show is not that bad but not near good I give it a 4.3.
  • A show that tries but fails quicker than success reaches.

    Alot of people don't like this show from what I've seen and to me its average, the butt jokes were funny in the 90's and still are but not when it comes to most teens. The characters are average and the show does have some Angry Beavers influence by the fact that the gorilla, snake, toucan, and giraffe (Forgot their names) all show up at once most of the time and usually either have one quick usless thing to say or nothing, whats the point of having show up at once? And the theres the toucan, usless to the plot and a major uneeded character. Atleast in Angry Beavers whenever the whole group appeared they were more "lively". Adam's voice is somewhat irritating but his character design is what gets me, its like they just use the same animation cels\frames! And ofcourse Tom Kenny has to voice a random character and its dead obvious that the Armadillo side character has the SAME voice as Jake but with an accent, come on Tom Kenny I thought you could do better. All in all this show isn't bad but what makes it bland is the characters and the sit-comish feel since in most childrens cartoons theres supposed to be thrills, humor, actual adventure, wackieness and variety. This show isn't very wacky and the backgrounds are bland. The concept for this show is defenetly something most shows don't have but it could've been done much better.
  • A boy attends a school where the other students are various animals.

    My Gym Partner's A Monkey is about a boy named Adam Lyon who gets transferred to go to Charles Darwin Middle School after a mix-up with his last name. Apparently, someone saw "Lyon" and assumed Adam was a "lion" and figured he should be attending this school for animals.
    Adam finds this middle school to be just as bad--if not worse--than his old middle school. The bully is a shark, the cool kids stay in the arctic region of the school and Adam's best friend is a monkey.
    MGPAM is a pretty good show. Despite what a few people say: there aren't butt jokes in every episode! I really don't know why so many people loathe this program. There are a couple of episodes I dislike, but I generally find the show to be enjoyable.
  • The worst show on CN

    This has got to be the worst show on Cartoon Network. The plot, characters, everything is bad. Here's the plot: So, there's this kid named Adam. His last name is Lyon, same as my science teacher. And, according to his superintendent, because his last name is the name of an animal, he must go to an animal school. Wow, that blowed. First off, how many butt jokes are there per episode? 3? 4? More like 10. And, in addition, I CANNOT stand Jake's screech. It's the worst thing i've ever heard. Yes, worse than Usopp's 4kids voice. So, this show is terrible. I give this my lowest rating yet(and possibly ever), a 1.0
  • it's ok

    this show is alright but there are some corny jokes and sick humore and sometimes when you see the episodes alot it gets a little dull its alright there are some jokes that are a little funny but some are bad and corney and have been used alot in other shows and the butt jokes are too much there trying to make it funny but it's not working out so I have too give it a 6.9 out of 10 a fair rating for this show but to get it higher rating it needs to be more funnyer more fealing to the episodes to save this show they need more greater episode more funnyer humore mostly I say this shw should end at episode 52.
  • it's getting better....

    When I first saw this show I hated it. of course that was in season one and every episode gravitated towards Jake's butt, not a good thing let me tell you. Frankly I've had more than my fair share of butt jokes watching cow and chicken.
    But lately it's starting to get better with the jokes centering on Jake and Adam's weird relationship and the way the school is run terribly.
    it still hasen't reached the level of cartoony-ness as say lazlo and ed,edd,n'eddy in my head but its getting there.
    new episodes are airing here, and I'm gonna watch em' and laugh with my sister at all the jakexadam ghey jokes :P
  • hmmmmm......

    Well, what can I say? I'll watch it when it comes on, but when a new episode is coming out, i'm not like, "OMG!!! A NEW GYM PARTNER!!!!" and im not like, "NOOOOOO!!!!" but I like it. My favorite character is a tie between Jake and Lupe. My favorite episode is Prank Week. Tom Kenny definitely does a good job voicing Jake, and Nika Futterman does a great job voicing Adam. Not many women can do a great monkey screech! I have a feeling it's going to be around for a while and it doesn't bother me. Nope, nothing wrong here!
  • i don't know about this show but it gets me

    This show is off the wall and is trying to hard sometimes some episodes are horrible some are good and some hilarious. This show is very interesting not original i think. Where in a age where new cartoons suck like replacement the x's and this show. I'm serious mid good animation strange overbearing plots full of pop culture references. But this show is hilarious how they are trying to make it different with their stupid and strange episodes i want to see what will come next but the duo of Adam and Jake is on in million let me tell you. Well gotta fly.
  • Wow, this cartoon blows...

    This is one of the worst cartoons I have seen in a while. The characters are extremely annoying and most of them are fairly bland. Jake is an exeption, even though he is also a bit annoying. The concept is original but for the most part, it get's boring after a while, because it mostly takes place in the same locations. The humor is cheesy and corny. The animation is decent, not great, but I won't rant on about that. This show may be worth watching if there is absolutely nothing else on. Otherwise, pass on it. It's not worth your time or the electrons inside your tv.
  • in one of the episodes...

    jake had a problem cus everyone thought he luved his butt too much ok i just gotta say this...iv never seen so much monkey butts in one place and show how in the world did this make it past the CN censors i also noticed that none of the characters liked jakes butt jokes jake also mentioned how happy he was when they let him use his butt in the theme song now they are trying to take away ed edd n eddys fourth wall breakin thing cant people be original any more cus really now if jake loves his butt so much he should just cut it off and marry it
  • Thus show is good.

    This is a decent show, I only watch it when notning is on on Nick. I don't understand why somebody would get transfered to an animal school if their last name is Lions. Lots of peoples last name is Lions. It is not right to be transfered for that! As I was saying it is good and true. Talking animals are kind of classical. The show isn't good with the ratings, but its pretty good. Eating thar stuff at the cafateria there wouldn't be good. Bleeeeeeechh! They eat bugs and grass, eth! I would say not on top, but good and decent
  • Even though I have another show above this one, it's more better any season and funny!

    My #1 show Ed, Edd n Eddy is cool, but this one is funnier and kind of stupid. But even though many people hate it, I like it. The show is better every season, and now getting new episodes is making me happier and when it's the #3 on Cartoon Network's Top 5 cartoons and when it was greenlited to a season 4 witch is premiering in September's 3rd week. The more episodes, shorts, fans, new stuff, etc. will not make me disappointed than any other show (except EEnE). I agree with any other fans of this show, and even though I'm busy on other works, I always take my break on watching My Gym Partner's a Monkey.
  • Enroll me in Charles Darwin Middle School, please!

    This has to be one of the most underrated shows in animation history. My Gym Partner's a Monkey has to be one of the most unique cartoons on television. Adam Lyon was mistakenly enrolled at C. Darwin Middle because hey thought his last name was spelled "Lion". There he meets his gym partner and best friend, who is a monkey, Jake Spidermonkey. For Adam, he has a hard time doing what animals do, but with his gym partner, noting seems too hard for him.

    The animation is average. Nothing spectacular, but suited for the show. The characters could use some work. Adam's voice is very annoying for a 12-year-old and Jake sounds too much like Spongebob Squarepants (considering that Jake's voice is done by Tom Kenny, who does the voice of Spongebob).

    Overall I give My Gym Partner's a Monkey a 7/10. Good, but could be better if characters were a bit better and voiceovers were better.
  • What the heck is this crap?! Not only is it stupid and annyoing, but it's a bad influence on kids who watch CN!

    Okay, why is this show still on the air? The plots are unoriginal, boring, stupid, pointless, mind-numbing, and perhaps one of the best ways to waste your time rotting your brain. Why would the school's staff be stupid enough to let a HUMAN enroll in an ANIMAL school? So what if his last name is an animal? It's so obvious he doesn't belong there! Why the hell would there even BE a school for animals. They're all apparently going to live in a zoo when they grow up, so what's the point of educating them? They're all going to have zookeepers take care of them, which yet again defeats the show's plot. Plus, animals are supposed to have natural instincts, so this show makes no sense. It's teaching kids that animals are stupid for crying out loud! And it tells kids it's okay to screw up and do stupid things, because it all ends in some unrealistic consequence, which isn't even bad! Plus the plots are just horrible. It's always some random thing that pops up, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the purpose of this show. It's the kind of thing that could happen at home, or maybe a park or mall, and they could just as well happen to humans. And the show makes pathetic attempts to make the episodes related to animals! This show is so painful to watch, it'll make your eyes and ears bleed, and it will make you fail in school. I'm telling you, do NOT watch this waste of space in the television universe!!!
  • Why Cartoon Network? Whyyy????

    CartoonNetwork used to be my favorite show. They had classic cartoons like Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and, well, many many more. But as years flew by, CN started making new shows, cancelling some of its good, old ones, and replacing them with new ones that are simply not as good. They created the unorginal Juniper Lee. Then the also unoriginal Camp Lazlo. Then they made this insane piece of work that I cant stand! 5 words that describe a disgrace to CartoonNetwork. My Gym Partner's a Monkey. When it first came out I thought it was a good show. When I actually watched one day, the theme song already creeped me out. It was the stupidest theme song I had ever heard and seen on TV. The dumb Spidermonkey Jake can really drive you nuts with his screams of "Monkey Monkey Monkey!". Just when that song ended, I changed the channel. And that was only the theme song. Anyway, some days my little bro would watch the stupid show and I would see bits of the episodes. It was as stupid as the theme song. The principle of Jake's school was a frog. A. Frog. The makers couldn't have thought of anything better. I mean c'mon. That bullshark Virgil would have eaten him up by now. But nooooooooo. The makers of this crummy show did not realize about this mistake. Another reason why this show is unbearable is because it's so immature and filled with lame, cheesy jokes. I mean, a mOnKeY wHo Is ObSeSsEd WiTh HiS bUtT! HiLaRiOuS! Yeah, right. My brother thinks it's gross, and so do I. Oh yes, so do I. It's like the only thing Jake talks about on the show. It's so stupid. And not to mention retarted and immature. CN was so desperate for humour that they decided butts were funny enough. Wow, CN, you really made a good decision. I wonder if CN really did make this show on purpose with lots of hard work. Or maybe the makers of this show just hated animals and decided to make them look stupid. I just.... don't know. What bugs me the most is that the makers used Tom Kenny's voice for Jake, who's voice was also the voice for Spongebob in Nick's hit show, Spongebob Squarepants. I thought Tom Kenny knew better. He worked for a cartoon filled with great, funny jokes and worked for another filled with pathetic, lame ones! *sigh* Better shape up soon, CN. 'Cause you simply can't be a good channel with these kinds of cartoons. And this is all I've got to say. Plain and simply, this show is bad. With a big B. Do not watch this show unless you plan to waste 30 minutes of your life. Sorry for a long and dopey review guys. But it all tells the truth. If you don't agree with me, hey, this is my opinion. But heed my warning...DUN DUN DUN....XxX, LippGloss
  • Adam Lyon going from a normal school to a animal school

    My Gym Partner As A Monkey going over a normal kid that with a accident was placed in to a animal school

    In that animal school are the teacheres , director , director's assistant , kantine people , ... every one is a animal ,
    Adam Geel / Adam Lyon is the only human there
    and it is not so easy for it to do

    Gym from a Fish
    Director is a Frog
    Teachers are other animals

    He has a fue friends :
    - Monkey - another monkey
    - Snake
    - Elephant
    - ...

    He has some times problemes but one of his grandest problems :
    - animal-food to eat
    - not a normal school
    - not by his love

    MY GYM PARTNER As A MONKEY is a great show !
    MY GYM PARTNER As A MONKEY is on Cartoon Network !
  • hahaha. this show is funny!!

    hahaha. this show is funny!! If you have never seen this show...then i think you are missing out! It is very funny! Jake (the monkey) is wild BUT funny! he is immature BUT funny! Why wouldnt you like this show?!!! Its funny and sure sometimes the characters act stupid BUT they are funny! And the plot might be weird BUT funny! Now do you get my point? This of course is all my opion but, i like "stupid funny" and somehow cartoonnetwork made this funny! How? i dont know but they did! I mean think about it, a show about a monkey and his best friend, a human to make that funny is creative and its a Fanatstic show!
  • It's not fair I wanted to hate this show.

    Amazing. This is the first show that I thought was awful then I watch it. Maybe it was because my friend persuaded me to think it was ok. Apparently everybody hates Jake. This spider monkey who's butt is visible at almost all times. That's one of the characters I originally hated but then he reminded me alot like billy (from billy and mandy). The other characters are ok in fact some are just original. The show seems too be original. When was the last time you saw a show were a kid is transfered to an animal school in which your gym partner is a monkey. Sure beats 6teen by a long shot.

    But hey I never wanted to watch this show but for some reason the monkey gets to you!
  • If nothing else good is on.

    I like the show, but it's not a show that I would turn to unless the episode was new, or a personal favorite. It is really funny, but if something better was on I'd watch the other show. Of corse, like most shows, there are episodes that are exceptions to this. But for the most part, this is a show to watch if you really like it or if nothing else is on. It's not like most other show that have an aquired taste to them. This is a show that can be meet in the middle. I would recommend this cartoon to most people.
  • This is one of CN's worst shows yet!

    I remember when I saw the first preview and I thought it wouldn't be that great but then when I saw it, I saw that I was correct. This show is a cheap rip-off of 'Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends'. It is kind of a funny show sometimes (and I did really like the Alien Invaded special) and I'd probably really like it if it didn't have Jake the Spidermonkey playing with his butt and stuff all the time. Yes, almost every time I've seen this show, it's had Jake playing with his behind and that is very disterbing to me. I think 'Cow and Chicken' and 'I Am Weasel' had better butt humor since it wasn't as nasty and over-used as it is in this show. Trust me, if you don't want to see a bunch of gross butt humor then don't watch this show or you will be grossed out.
  • Well,I was a heavy basher of this show...

    I still am not a big fan of the show,but seeing as there is no chance of Dexter's Lab,Powerpuff Girls,or Johnny Bravo coming back,we should at least let the kids enjoy a few cheap laughs.Besides,it just shows your outgrowing CN,just let the kids enjoy it.They have enough of learning in school,so if the kids want it,by gum,let them have it.And besides I didn't have the right judgement to bash it anyway,it's for the 5-10 year olds,not us,so just let them enjoy it.It's not really your generic and rather repetitive children's show.I'll tell you this,there are far worse children's shows out there(NBB and Mr Meaty anyone)I don't know if it'll last long but just let the kids enjoy it.
  • Okay ... I used to like this show ... but things change ...

    When looking at this show on its first commercial, it was paired with a cool show and two other really lame shows. I thought "Meh ..." and then I forgot to watch it. Then when I heard from my friend it was a good show, I agreed with him and then watched a replay of it online. I thought "Okay ... this looks alright ..." even with the lame butt joke in the first episode. After seeing The Big Field Trip, my liking for the show started going down really fast, I realized how much of those lame butt jokes were in every episode ... if Jake Spidermonkey could just shut the heck up and stop getting Adam in trouble and if that dumb animal school got a little smarter (Who the heck considers Adam Lyon a "rare animal named Pants.") Yeah I understand the concept that "a perfect show is always boring" but Jake is a complete jerk most of the time. I usually watch the episodes that aren't centered around that stupid monkey though ... also ... he's a ripoff of Lazlo ... he's a spidermonkey too! Camp Lazlo's a cool animal show, and the characters aren't retarded. Just gotta say that ...

    Also ... props goes to Pixiefrog for the first one to realize that Adam is ACTUALLY a human. Only if he wasn't a money freak, he'd let Adam go back to that human school where he truly belongs ...
  • Even if the awful animation doesn't convince you to change chanel, the lame jokes will.

    The story is about a kid named Adam Lyon who's mistakenly sent to a school for animals because someone misspelled is last name "Lion", There me meets with a Spider Monkey names Cheeks and must live his everyday life at a school for animals. The concept may sound somewhat interesting, but it really gets old pretty quickly. I guessed they tried to add a little more houmor by making his best friend a monkey (animals often seen as being funny), but Cheeks is anything but funny, he's actualy really anoying.

    I can honestly say I only laughed ONCE, but could barey find any jokes that even a child might concider funny.

    The animating doesn't help either, all animals seem to have been drawn in 10 seconds, there really isn't any style in this show.

    I'd avoid watching it at all costs
  • The show's ok. I just don't like it that much because of the annoying animals and crappy animations. The animation is horrible. I mean, what is with Adam's stubby body and legs (He doesn't even have a neck!).

    Let's start with the voices, shall we? Jake's voice is Spongebob's voice, except it's deeper, so obviously, Jake's played by the overrated actor Tom Kenny (He also plays henry, Dicky, and pud'n tator).

    Adam's voice is so annoying sometimes when Adam's screams. Obviously, Adam's voiced by a woman.

    And Lupe's It's loud and screechy, she needs to quit yelling all the time!!

    Also in some episodes, a character would say a word for a long period of time, or say something that is Wayyy too long, just to waste some time.

    The animals are idiotic and annoying. They wouldn't even last a minute in the wild!!

    And to think, I thought the animals would know all of signs about growing up (Even Adam doesn't know about the sings of growing, and he should know, he's a human!)

    Adam going to an all animal school because of a typo is a pretty stupid reason to be going there, if you ask me.

    AND WHERE IS ADAM'S PARENTS?! They should know what's going on in Adam's life, including their son going to an animal school. Even if they do know about it, why don't they do something about it, huh?!

    Where is the Animal's parents? I thought that they would teach the animals all of the signs of growing up (Which they obviously haven't!)

    This show, like almost all of the shows on CN sucks. Whatever happened to the good shows in the old days?
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